“Short girls DO NOT like out of fear to be picked up.”

Being a short girl seems to be the wrong thing in some societies. Beyond all doubts, nobody has control over being short or tall. It is entirely a natural phenomenon.

But, on the other hand, the people have their own philosophy of looking at things. They are undoubtedly on a wrong-side.

Whoever is short has to do a lot of struggle to look tall as to escape from people’s hurting remarks.

Some Problems of Being a Short Height Girl

Some annoying struggles a short girl has to make in her life more often.

1. Everyone makes fun of a short height girl

Being a short height girl in this world is very insulting to some extent because people keep on reminding short people that they are too short to do some tasks. A short-height girl always suffers from an inferiority complex.

2. You need to walk twice as quick as your tall friends

Stop! Please wait for me I got little legs!

One of the biggest and annoying problems of a short girl starts when she has to walk with her tall friends. She has to make a dash because of her short legs. Her friends simply walk but she runs almost runs a marathon to be parallel with them.

3. You need to apply effort to reach anything.

Effort to Reach Something

Because of short height, one feels trouble to reach the cabinet without using step-stools. Step-stools are a blessing for a short height girl.

4. Wait-gain of a short girl is very noticeable indeed.

Fat storage in such a little body is very limited, but even then tummy is clearly evident. You know short girl problems are comparatively very fond of ice cream that unfortunately causes obesity which is continuously ridiculed.

5. A short girl all the time keeps on jumping up and down while watching a movie etc. in the cinema-hall

A short height girl has to face lots of problems. Maybe, we are ignorant of them because it’s her pains, not ours simply. Whenever she makes a program of watching a movie or a concert, she almost drains away her money because she is unable to see properly what is going on in front of her seat. A movie ends but she could see just some of its glimpses.

6. Pants are very long enough to look like an endless tunnel.

Being a short height girl, you need comparatively perfect outfits. The normal size of jeans for a short girl seems an endless tunnel. If she wears as it is, it becomes a tent for her. As a result of it, she will become a laughing stock. This problem for a short height girl is unavoidable.

7. A short height girl gets much irritated on being called “Cute.”

A short girl always gets ridiculed as being remarked as:

  • Tiny
  • Adorable
  • Dwarf
  • Little
  • Midget
  • Small fry
  • Shorty

All these titles don’t seem awkward and ridiculous at first, but after some time this ridiculously starts boring. On the other hand, a short girl dreams of looking smart and hot, but mostly dreams don’t come true in this world of insensitivity when you look as small as a baby of 7-8 years old.

8. Everywhere you are treated as a carded.

Getting carded at the bar seems not awkward because the people think you are a college student, so you are not allowed to be here. A short girl despite being mature looks too younger gets fed up of being called like a child.

9. You are driving, but nobody in the car is seen driving from the outside.

Grumbling about this is useless undoubtedly but auto-industry can be complained about not manufacturing a pedal-car. Thanks to auto-industry, short girls are facing all while driving.

Patting a Short Girl's Head

10. Patting a short girl’s head by elders is normal

No short girl feels excited after being patted on her head. Patting on your head gives you a feel of a small girl. Whenever she goes to attend a function like a wedding ceremony, her relatives treat her like a small girl. This is one of the problematic issues a short girl is habitual of tolerating mostly.

11. People always like to pick you up like a small child.

Loved ones really feel entertained to pick you up on their shoulders; however, it’s very forceful and awkward. This problem is very embarrassing for a short girl who is helpless indeed.

12. A short height girl is not born to do exercise on exercise equipment.

Doing exercise on equipment is really very healthy and exciting. But a short girl is not born for this, unfortunately. She rather can’t go to the gym too. For her, all these exercise equipment are made for Giants…

13. While hugging your friends, their bellies touch your head.

When you are going to hug with your 6’4 friend, it looks cool but really, really awkward because he will have to bend his back at practically 90 degrees to embrace. Hugging with a short-height girl is really something strange to look at. It just creates fun.

14. Taking selfies with tall friends needs endeavouring.

Such kinds of selfies are often seen with head-cut pictures. Tall people when trying to shoot selfies with short people get their heads cut-off mostly and avoid attempting again.

Short Girl Sitting

15. A short height girl is always offered the kids menu.

One of the worst things a short height girl is going to face when visiting a hotel is to be entertained with the kid’s menu first.

16. Standing next to your long-legged friends hits your self-esteem.

Don’t become a sandwich by standing in between your long-legged friends. You are certainly not a potato but you are trying to be serious if you take an attempt standing next to your long-legged, elegant, and graceful friend.

17. Everybody is always trying to lean on you.

Being short is actually not your fault, but people try their level best to make you feel like that. You are not made for an armrest. Often, they put their one arm leaning on you simply. It becomes inconvenient for a short height girl.

18. Sun visors are discovered not keeping in mind short people.

One of the problems of a short girl arises when she is sitting in a car. She tries to escape from the sun-rays reflected from the car’s windowpanes in spite of using sun visors. If you are sitting on the front seat, you have to struggle to see over the dashboard.

19. You are hurt to know you would never be able to become a model.

A short girl at an early age is confirmed when listening to people giving remarks about her. She very well knows what she can do or what she can’t. Actually, people make up her mind by their satirical and hurting remarks. Becoming a model is like a wool-gathering for her.

20. A short girl’s problems can never be ended. In crowds, she is almost lost.

Short Girl Lost in Crowd

Short people in crowds sometimes get injured. They should avoid going into it. In the case of a stampede, mostly children and short people get injured or die. On top of that, it becomes difficult for them to discover their friends in crowds.

21. You’re constantly downgraded to the middle seat on road trips.

Or on the other hand, even better, you get the chance to be the assigned “lap-sitter” if sufficient seats are not available. A short girl deserves not a full seat anywhere expectedly.

22. A long-strap purse hangs low.

Short girl problems start when she tries to hang a long-strap purse on her shoulder. The purse sometimes touches the ground or her ankle possibly. People when catching a sight make a fool of her.

23. Utilizing your satchel/sack as a footstool on a plane so your legs couldn’t be numbed.

If you have to travel by air, you will even face some problems because of your short height. You will be a little shocked to know that the seat of a plane is also not made for you. Your legs are left suspended to be numbed. To prevent numbness, you need your bag as a footstool to support your legs.

24. Seat-belt may choke you while driving.

For a short girl, no peace is expected anywhere. A poor girl when driving needs to use a seat belt but it is for long and average people not for short people. Short people know how to drive, but while driving they are not exempted from using the seat belt. On the other hand, seat belts may choke them to death. Who is responsible?

25. A short girl has to dive into a washing-machine to get dirty clothes out of it…

What a tragedy she has to face when getting stuff out of the washing-machine bottom! She needs to plunge into it. How awkward it looks!


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