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Looking Classy While Being Thrifty

Seeing a stunning brand dress in your favorite store selling at a discount can be tempting. In such a situation, you may find yourself grabbing it on a budget and heading out to checkout without caring whether it’s too big or small for your fashion to do.

But did you know that you can buy stylish and quality-looking clothing without spending too much? Below, we look at tips for looking classy while being thrifty.

Decide on the Fashion You Want

When shopping on a budget, two things are likely to happen when you find fancy clothing that requires adding a few bucks to your set budget. One, you can ignore the expensive dress and fill your cart with more inexpensive items. Two, you can dig deeper in your pocket and purchase that brand piece and forego the lesser items.

When presented with such a situation, the best thing you can do is resist the temptation of impulse buying. Although it’s not easy, you can make a plan to buy more beautiful things that will make you feel comfortable. For example, if you love wearing t-shirts because they are comfortable and easy to pair with jeans and sneakers, having a collection of graphic tees can add some color and design to your wardrobe. It’s a perfect piece for your everyday use.

Brushup Your Closet before You Continue Accumulating

It’s easy to hold on to stuff even if you don’t wear them anymore. However, if you want to stay fashionable, you must make up your mind to declutter your closet. Since you already know what fashion you want on a budget, go through your wardrobe and remove everything that doesn’t match your taste anymore.

In case your closet is already full, you may need to set several hours trying everything in there and tossing away;

  • Clothes you haven’t worn in years or several months
  • Clothes that you are waiting to wear once you lose a few pounds on add weight

The good thing about trying everything is that it gives you an idea of what you currently have and what you want.

Try Black Pieces

The good thing about black is that it’s neutral and coordinates with all other colors and patterns. Ensure you have a black piece of everything including:

  • Ankle boots
  • Black tailored pants
  • Heels in Black
  • Black blazer

With black pieces in your closet, you can get numerous outfit ideas while having counted items in your wardrobe. You can keep it classy by wearing black and white. Some people see this scheme as dull, but the truth is that it is a timeless chic choice.

Invest in Blazers

Wearing a blazer gives you an instantly polished look. Blazers are versatile meaning you can wear them with a pencil skirt and white top, with a dress, and with jeans and a t-shirt. The secret is to invest in different colors and designs such as blue, black, pink, and striped.

Keep Off Fake Bling

No matter how much you love wearing bling, avoid buying pieces that have fake gems. It’s easy to get tempted to purchase jewelry with fake diamonds, but it makes you look cheap. As a result, you end up giving away the secret of your low-price fashion.

Instead of these faux sparkles, go for solid coated silver or gold jewelry. With these, you only need to make sure you polish them regularly to prevent them from tarnishing quickly. Another good thing about coated jewelry is that they’re inexpensive, hence, making it easy to get a new set once what you have fades.

Always Pay Attention to Details when Buying

Most of the inexpensive things have some mini-features that cater to the bargain price you pay. These features are well hidden and require you to be a little cautious when purchasing. Some things to look out for include;

  • Uneven stitches
  • Crooked zippers
  • Cheap plastic buttons

The point is to confirm some of these quality issues aren’t too glaring that they distract your overall classy look.

Always Wear Clothes that Fit Properly

Even when on budget, make sure that you purchase clothes that fit well and show off your curves. If you are a little conscious about your weight, ensure you buy clothes that conceal the areas you want. Whichever your size or figure, make sure that you avoid buying clothes that are too loose or are too small.

Resist Chasing Trends

You may be tempted to chase a trend, but as the name suggests, these fashions come and go. Therefore, spending all your money chasing after a wave of fashion is a lifestyle you can barely sustain when you’re on a budget. Before you invest in that fancy dress, remember that it’s in the market just for a while and then another design will replace it.

If you must buy a trendy item, invest in jewels or unique designs that can be easily associated with you. The good thing about trendy jewelry is that it can be traded later, unlike clothing.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself by Buying Everything All at Once

When living on a budget, accept the fact that you can’t afford to buy everything at once for fashion. However, you can still manage to buy expensive-looking pieces by purchasing one piece at a time. Also, focus on buying quality pieces and always wait until the item is on sale.

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