A good press release is very useful tool. Not only does a good press release impress the average layman, but it also interests other people such as investors and potential customers. Therefore, a good press release is of utmost importance to anyone, be it a celebrity trying to make a comeback, or a company trying to introduce their new product. Here are some tips as to how to write a good press release, some thing which makes people come back and know more about the product or the theme of the press release.

One of the basic requirements of the press release is relevancy. If the press release is for a company, it should speak about some of the recent changes the company has gone through, or any future changes that the company wishes to implement. If the press release is for a person, it should highlight something that has happened or done by the individual in the present. More often than not, a press release with an ‘announcement’ as its title raises the interest of journalists as well the average layman. The recent activity can be anything, from a recent collaboration or a recent product that has been launched by the company.

The presentation and formatting of the press release is something that should be taken into consideration. The press release should not look too desperate, as in, not every word of the release should be in bold. Similarly, one should keep in mind the bolding and underlining while prepare a press release.

Take care that the press release is grammatically correct and check it for any spelling errors. The copy should be compact and to the point. One should avoid any kind of flowery language while preparing the press release. It is better to have a bit of a non-corporate feel in the press release, because after all it is not a business plan. It should be friendly, everyday language that people can relate to.

The body of the press release itself is very important, because it will help the reader to decide whether the press release is worth a read or not. People like nicely formatted, clear and concise data regarding anything. So you must make every effort to give it to them. Do not use language that will scare them; instead, be friendly with them. The friendliness should not just be in the language, but also the overall formatting of the press release.

Keep in mind that your press release is meant to give out some news about the topic under question. Hence, you should be factual as much as possible. Include all the events that have led the press release to be made. For example, if the press release is about the inauguration of the retail outlet of a business, you will have to mention all specific details about it that the reader will want to know about. Answer all questions in your pres releases “ the what, why, how, when and where kinds “ so that the reader does not need to look at other avenues for answers. In short, your press release should give out all needed information to the reader.

Also, remember that your press release is not an article. It has to be as close to journalistic copy as possible. There must be a real or a human-interest angle to every press release. Write about the people involved with the thing. If your press release is about a new fast food outlet opening in downtown Manhattan, write about what the local people there feel about it. Try to put in one or two quotes. These go a long way in making your press release authentic. If you cannot put in quotes, especially if you are ghostwriting for someone, then you can at least imagine the kind of public opinion and write about that.

While writing the press release, always keep in mind what kind of people will be interesting in reading about it. Is it targeted mainly at women, or at children? Will it be liked more by some minority community? So, you must find your niche. Even press releases have niches, and these niches are the very same ones that the product or service you are writing about have. You must take every precaution to address to these niches in particular. Speak with their colloquialisms and dialect. That way, your press release will connect with them in a much better way and will have better impact.

Finally, keep the purpose of your press release in mind. You are writing not to promote the business, but to inform people about something. Do not hype about the product incessantly. Just write the facts, and let the people decide. It is not good to make an assault on the people’s intellect with your press release.

Do not forget to include all relevant contact information beneath the press release. Also include a website link, if possible, where readers can go to seek more information.


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