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Shockingly Weird Obsessions that will Make you Question People’s Sanity

Have you ever been called weird for eating chalk in your childhood? Wait till you hear people doing the weirdest things and getting away with it. You may have some weird obsessions that you keep hidden from the world not to get judgmental stares. If so, you are not alone because half of the world is guilty of pulling off strange stunts.

A Girl With Weird Obsessions

We made sure to look in every nook and corner to find our people’s weird addictions. You will be shocked by some revelations, to say the least. After reading this article, if you have been questioning your sanity for doing crazy stuff, you will question people’s sanity even more. So, let’s get the fun started!

Strange Addictions that are Too Weird to be True

Some people have a weirdly obsessive nature to the point where you think they aren’t normal. Fun fact, most people are addicted to something that they are too guilty to reveal publicly. However, we dug deeper to spill some tea about people’s weird addictions. Here are some:

1. Sniffing Baby Powder

Baby Powder Being Thrown Away

You must have heard about drug addiction in athletes or people snorting coke which may seem normal to you. However, what blows people’s minds more than people taking cocaine is snorting the baby powder. Baby’s smell is addictive, we get that, but snorting baby powder up your nose is no way near normal. Some people say it is as addictive as a drug, and they can’t go even a day without doing it. We find it one of the crazy obsessions of all time; what do you think?

2. Eating Drywall


You may have heard about the weirdest traffic rules, but we bet there is nothing crazier than consuming drywalls. We thought only mites are obsessed with eating walls and taking down the damn thing in a week. However, some people reportedly eat drywalls faster than mites. Some people are so addicted to eating walls that they leave large holes in them.

3. Punching Walls

A Person Punching The Wall

One of the painful and strangest addictions people have is self-harm. Usually, people with mental disorders such as anger management issues, depression, and anxiety are inclined towards it. People stimulate happy hormones when they punch the walls. Their happiness depends on inflicting some pain on themselves. The obsession can become so unhealthy to the point where people punch walls and bruise their knuckles out of habit.

4. Drinking Hot Sauce

Weird Obsession to Drink Hot Sauce

We all love our famous hot sauce as it spices up any bland food. Would you drink the whole bottle of hot sauce in one go? If you do, we judge you because that’s straight-up weird. When searching for weird celebrities, we got to know Shay Mitchell is obsessed with hot sauce. She can’t let go of her obsession even when she is traveling. She likes to carry a good amount of hot sauce in a ziplock in her bag. In her tweet, she expressed how she is the woman that carries her hot sauce stash everywhere she goes.

5. Chucking Nail Polish

Obsessed with Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of the bizarre products that the whole female population is obsessed with. Correction, the female population, and some men are obsessed with putting it on. Can you believe that some weird people like to drink it also? Well, it is one of the weird and funny addictions that can make you end up in hospital. A female named Berth admitted that she likes to consume five to six bottles of nail polish a day. We are gutted that she spends so much money on nail polishes rather than Gatorade.

6.   Plastic Surgeries

Surgeons doing Plastic Surgery

The soaring beauty standards get you questioning your looks multiple times a day. However, the obsession with looking beautiful does not take over people to the point where they spend millions of dollars looking uglier than they used to be. Some people are obsessed with getting plastic surgeries to the point where they look like weird animals. It is an unhealthy obsession that needs to be medically treated before losing its sanity.

7. Getting Tattoos

A Tattooed Girl with Weird Addiction to have Tattoos

Tattoos are fun and cool when done in moderation. Some people are just straight-up obsessed with getting themselves inked. The obsession with tattoos is driven by insecurities that hide people’s bodies. Getting a few small tattoos is normal, but even hiding your eyeball with ink is not the most normal thing.

8. Eating Glass

Broken Glass

You may have seen or heard of strange buildings made with glass, and they seem so cool. How would you react when you know people are obsessed with eating glass? There is a medical term for obsession with eating glass called Hyalophagia. Some people end up sustaining bad injuries because of it. Medical experts say people who eat glass are in desperate need of attention.

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Are people with weird obsessions insane?

People with the strangest obsessions are not insane, but addictions cause them happiness. It is not dangerous to have weird obsessions until and unless you prioritize your health. However, it’s best to seek medical advice and check to get rid of your obsession. It’s best not to depend on anything to stimulate happy hormones.

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