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Why am I so Emotional? 10 Reasons You are Feeling Emotional All the Time!

If your emotional abilities are not in hand if you do not have self-awareness if you ain’t able to manage distressing emotions if you cannot have empathy and effective relationships, then no matter how smart you are, you are not going to get very far

Daniel Goleman, author and science journalist, NY Times

Sensing a wide range of emotions is part of natural human instinct. There is no shame, at all, in being emotional, especially when circumstances demand.

Nonetheless, when the normal emotions snowball into an inner beast, interfering and overlapping with relationships; it’s cause for worry. That said, when heightened emotions are out of the loop, it’s a sign of an underlying problem. You need to find the cause behind the oft-propping question – “why am I so emotional lately?”

Keep reading to know one of the possible reasons that make you unable to control emotions.

Why am I so Emotional? – The 10 underlying Reasons

Below are the 10 verified reasons that make you emotionally charged. Do consider each individually and reach out to the culprit in disguise.

1. Trauma or Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Trauma or post-traumatic disorder (PTSD) may be the likely reason behind your heightened emotions. You become reminiscent of all the past painful moments, and your present gets spoiled. For example, a rape survivor experiences a bout of emotions when seeing their rapist or hearing stories of rape.

Competent psychotherapists can cure PTSD by taking a couple of sessions.

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2. Sleep Deprivation

Take Regular Sleep

We cannot live sans sleep. Yet many adults have trouble getting the recommended seven-hour sleep. The longer one goes without sleep, the more likely she will be to have trouble thinking correctly and having your emotions in check.

Take regular sleep of seven-hour on a cozy terrain according to a fixed schedule, preferably at night. Changing sleep slots ruin the biological clock fitted inside you.

3. Mental Health Problems

Mental Health Problems

Some mental health issues also cause brimming emotions. For instance, depression, repeatedly, makes a person angry or sad. Moreover, Bipolar Disorder also causes swings between intense joy and anxiety.

Mental health problems are curable – reach out to your nearby psychologist.

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4. Physical Health Problems

Physical And Mental Health are Problems

Physical health problems also sway emotions. As underlying problems deplete energy, experience pain, and vent through emotions. People experiencing chronic pain are a case in point. Persons experiencing dementia also face bouts of intense emotions leading to inappropriate behaviors.

Your family physician has a final say in this regard. Hopefully, by fixing that particular ailment, your emotions will again come down to normal.

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5. Stress Factor

People experiencing stress also depict high emotions. They find it difficult to cope even with minor stressors like a child interrupting the conversation. The by-product of stress, in the form of emotions, also triggers conflict with dear and near ones.

There are hundreds of go-to stress managing techniques. You just need to surf a bit, and the online treasure trove will be before you. However, if you can’t manage stress on your own, you can also seek professional help.

6. Hormonal Shifts

Hormonal Imbalance in Human

Hormones are the messengers of the body’s emotions. If there is an imbalance, it causes sudden spikes in emotions too. For example, hypothyroidism, an ailment of the thyroid gland, causes emotions to surge. Some health conditions such as puberty, menopause, pregnancy, or testosterone levels also affect emotions.

Hormonal changes might be genetic or circumstantial. A physician can diagnose and treat accordingly.

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7. Socialization and Cultural Mores

Socialization and Cultural Mores

Cultural norms also set the threshold for which level of emotions is normal. Heightened emotion in one society might be just “okay” in another region. This way, an individual’s socialization also defines the emotional pattern. Gender stereotyping also affects interpretations of emotions. Hence, a person needs to ponder, whether their emotions are intense or is it just a mismatch with environment and culture.

There are only two ways out: try to adjust or relocate. If you find it next to impossible to assimilate in the heightened threshold of emotions, you need to cut off the streak of stressors by simply moving away. That society is not worthy enough to have your precious presence. Live life!

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8. Unmet Desires

Watch Your Unfulfilled Desires

The mind and bodywork are in sync. Physical or mental desires vent out as intense emotions. For example, hunger often causes anger. Unmet desires make people down in an idiopathic way.

Yoga, meditation, thwarting triggers, medication, and blah blah. There is a long list, pick one, and reign in the cravings.

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9. Gut-brain connection

Stomach and Brain are Interconnected

You often experience a disturbed stomach while feeling emotions taxed. The gut is in constant communication with the mind. Gut bacteria also affect emotional well-being.

Always eat healthy food – a happy stomach ensures a happy mood.

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10. Poor Eating Habits

You Are What You Eat

Gulping down junk food while feeling sad or stressed is a poor antidote. As our minds are wired to desire foods high in sugar and fat. But in the long run, poor eating choices enhance the risk of obesity and cognitive issues.

Junk food makes your mind a junkyard of emotions. You need to cut off the supply from the very moment. Please, throw away the burger you hold right now! 

Let’s Recap

You might be asking yourself often “why am I so emotional all of a sudden”? Every problem has a solution, so do heightened emotions. We have elaborately listed the 10 major reasons for uncontrolled emotions. Moreover, we have also delved deep into the quick fixes with the hyperlinked articles for deep research. It is pertinent to mention that long-term heightened emotions can ruin your mental and physical health. You need to fix it as soon as possible. Halt this ticking bomb, lest it tears you apart!


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