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Banishing the Bad from Your Life

Life is full of good things. The abilities to chase dreams, to fall in love with and marry whoever, to have and raise children, are only a few of the good things about it.

Life is not made up of all good things, though, as it does come with its fair share of bad. The bad is draining. It’s toxic. It’s unhealthy and makes you think you can’t find back happiness. It’s everything that holds you back in life. It’s everything that makes you like any less than the one-of-a-kind person you are.

But, fear not, because you can banish the bad in your life, and when you do, you’ll be happier than ever. To find out how to do it, make sure to read on.

Clear Negative Energy

Whether you’re a believer in Fengshui, karma, or any of the other things in life that we can’t see but some say they can feel, or not, there are still positives in clearing negative energy from your life. There are positives in it because, when you clear negative energy, you clear your mind too. And when your mind and conscience are clear, you’ll have a far clearer insight into who you are and what you want from life. After all, life is all about mindset.

With it lacking a physical form, negative energy can be hard to believe, let alone clear, but there are some signs which signify that you need a clear out. These signs include feeling emotional and exhausted after doing the simplest of things, such as having basic conversations; feeling claustrophobic without having too much surrounding you; only ever hearing abuse directed towards you, or straight criticism, when nothing of the like is issued; and feeling wrong for being yourself or saying what you feel. If you feel or think any of this in a certain situation, you need to banish that situation from your life or change it as best you can.

Sometimes, when it comes to clearing negative energy, all you need to do is give your surroundings a clear-out. Yes, this means giving your home a renovation, that you’ve long been promising it. When you do, don’t be afraid to embrace the way of the minimalist; you’ll create for yourself a stress-free, uncomplicated living space that will help to keep your head clear of all negative energy.

Whether you believe in negative energy, and the part it can play in your life, or not, it doesn’t hurt to give it a clear every now and again.

Banish Negative People from your Life

Sometimes, the bad things in your life will have nothing to do with energy or even with you, and everything to do with others and their actions. Sometimes, the bad will be brought into your life by negative people, who could even be your friends, who want to drag you down. They will drag, pull and sap at your energy until you are as bitter and unhappy as they are. Now, it’s time to stop them. Now, it’s time to banish these negative people from your life, either for good or until they show a distinct change in their behavior.

How do you spot a negative person? There are a number of signs to help you do so, the telltale one being that they try to tell you what to do without having any authority to do so. This is because it is much easier for negative people to tell people what they think they should be doing, rather than actually doing it themselves. As well as this, negative people tend to be pessimistic, especially when it comes to something that excites you. They are ‘energy vampires,’ and they would squash your dream if they thought it would keep you on their level and benefit them.

How do you banish a negative person or their negativity from your life? First of all, you have to cut out the gossiping. Negative people are very much interested in the lives of others, and not entertaining the gossip they try to embroil you in is the first step you have to take in banishing the negativity. Second of all, you should always refuse to accept others repeatedly discussing a problem without them doing anything about it. Nothing comes from a constant string of moaning, and it is only done to evoke sympathy, so don’t entertain it.

Banish the negative people, or get them to see the error of their ways, and you’ll take huge steps forward in banishing the bad from your life.

Overcome your Addictions

Addiction, no matter what it is to, is bad. Whether it’s an addiction to drugs, an addiction to alcohol, an addiction to working, an addiction to gaming, an addiction to worrying or an addiction to another human being, it is bad, and it is unhealthy. So, whatever your addiction is, overcome it. Overcome it before it overcomes you.

Addiction is a disease; there’s no denying that. Unlike most other diseases, however, you can control it. To control it, you have to have the ability to look at your life subjectively, and the strength to take a step back from that that you think you most desire. If you ever find yourself addicted to alcohol or drug intake, for example, because you have begun driving while intoxicated or have had medical advice telling you to stop, but you have no plans to stop, then you need the strength to take a step back from your life and to check yourself into rehab.

And, if you ever did have to do such a thing, you wouldn’t have to worry. Rehab isn’t about straitjackets and syringes. It isn’t about tough love and even tougher rules. It isn’t about hiding away from the sunlight for months on end until you are corrected. It isn’t even about correcting yourself. Rehab is about dedicating a portion of your present in aid of bettering your future. Regardless of your addiction and if it is bad for your health or not, you should face it in that same vein. You should treat your addiction and your period of overcoming it as if you were in rehab, either cutting yourself off from it or by weaning yourself off it over time.

Overcoming your addictions will leave your life feeling more like your own. So, get overcoming.

Don’t Let Work Take Over

Are you the type of person to check your emails five times an hour? Do you seem to bring your work home with you every single day? Are days off a thing of the past? Do you see more of your ‘work wife’ or ‘work husband’ than you do your actual partner? Are you more bothered about checking the company books than checking your child’s homework? If so, then that could be what is bringing a whole lot of bad to your life. Simply, don’t let work take over, take off that suit and put that business phone down at dinner time!

Yes, it is important to work hard, but if you work hard all the time, fatigue will set in and benefit neither your work nor your personal life. Yes, it is important to answer calls, but they can and will wait if they’re important enough. Yes, it’s important to take opportunities when they present themselves, but there will always be opportunities out there. Yes, it’s important to build those important business relations, but it’s not as important as spending time with your relatives.

You have to accept that allowing work to take over, no matter the financial benefit, does not benefit you. More to the point, it does not benefit the time you spend being you. You are not a man or a woman that lives and breathes for that next big sale, you are the person your children look up to, and you’re the person your significant other calls their lover. There is more to you than wearing a suit and attending board meetings, and don’t you forget it.

If you have no choice but to invest your time into your work, then you have to make allowances for it, and you have to find a better balance. What this means is, to save your time after your working hours, you have to get up early. Get up early and attack each day, using the energizing early hours of the day to help you as you do. Of course, this might mean getting a bit of an earlier bedtime, but after a long day at work, that should be a blessing.

Life will always be full of bad things, and you will encounter something bad in your life at some point, but you can banish the badness. You can beat the badness, and you can bruise it, you only have to find the strength to do it yourself, because nobody will do it for you. So, get beating, get bruising and get banishing that bad for good.

Ana is an internet entrepreneur and one of the founders of iGuides, she loves to give adequate time to her passion which is writing. She holds a PHD in English Literature.

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