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22 Unusual Buildings in the World You Might Not Know

Two types of buildings catch your attention. Either they are the most aesthetic ones or the most strange ones.

The weird (sometimes ugly) buildings have their own cult. Whether you like them or not, you can’t ignore them.

When it comes to strange buildings, people have stretched their creativity to the last mile and created the most noticeable designs. For instance, there are buildings that look like ducks or shoes, upside-down buildings, a transparent building, or buildings that look like stone.

Here, we have collected the top 22 weird architectures you might not believe without actually seeing their images.

World’s Most Unusual and Strange Architecture | Top Weird Buildings

Almost every prominent country has one or two crazy architectural wonders that attract tourists worldwide. The following are the weirdest buildings you must visit to believe them.

1. The Crooked House at Sopot, Poland

The Crooked House at Sopot Poland
Photo by abhijeet.rane

This house has been built since January 2003 and was completed by the end of the year. This finished architecture was based on Jan Marcin Szancer, the famed Polish drawer with children’s book illustrations as a part of the inspiration. The House has been constructed on the illustrations of a Swedish painter based in Sopot. It is a much-celebrated twisted-looking house with pictures and paintings of all kinds being placed there.

2. Forest Spiral, Hundertwasser Building, Darmstadt, Germany

Forest Spiral, Hundertwasser Building, Darmstadt, Germany
Photo by wikimedia

This is another unusual house, rightfully named “Forest Spiral.” This building was built in Darmstadt between 1998 and 2000. This was made by the famed architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who is also an Austrian architect as well as a painter. He is renowned for his revolutionary as well as rich and colorful designs that created stirs.

Different kinds of organic forms of shape and structure come through this form, bringing about interesting sides and edges to it. The incorporation of inordinately unshapely patterns brings a living edge to the whole style. There are about 105 apartments, a total and widespread landscape and a courtyard for the running stream within. There is a turret and a restaurant at some corner of the cocktail bar.

3. The Torre Galatea Figueres, Spain

The Torre Galatea Figueres, Spain
Photo by wikimedia

Spain, which has some of the world’s best beaches, also has some of the strangest buildings. The Torre Galata is a unique tower with huge eggs designed on its top. It is one of the strangest buildings surrounded by a magnificent enigma. Visitors from all across the world come actually to believe it. It is one of the most important and most visited places in Europe.

4. Ferdinand Cheval Palace or the Ideal Palace, France

Ferdinand Cheval Palace or the Ideal Palace, France

This is one of the most important places in France, located in Hauterives. It is an enchanting palace with one of the most magnificent architectural works ever. It is a remarkable masterpiece that comes along with the starting foundation back in 1879. The architect is hailed to be one of the most amazing talents to have been produced by France. Cheval was also a poet, so his writings have been engraved and chiseled at different places in the Palace and on different facades. This 4-sided castle was made from lime, concrete, and wire.

5. Basket Building, Ohio, US

Basket Building, Ohio, US

You might have heard people talking about weird sports like underwater hockey. But have you ever seen a Basket building? Yes, the Basket building in Ohio is one of the most interesting buildings in Newark. It is the Longaberger Basket Company office building and would be, perhaps, one of the weirdest official buildings that have been known. Dave Longaberger has persuaded experts to make this building look one of a kind. He wanted the slants and planes of the building to be created in a way that turned it into an exact replica of the real thing. The supremely famed market basket cost about $30 million in total and took two years to be completed.

6. Kansas City Public Library, Missouri, US

This is one of the most interesting-looking libraries that anyone would ever come across. This is a rather unique design that is enchanting for its great architecture as well as very innovative and awestruck features that inspire people to utilize this downtown Central Library. The Kansas City Library has helped increase people’s general interest in reading and books with the great bookbinding titles as its wall structure. The parking garage is one of the most exclusive places to be reckoned with and it is one of the greatest project locations taking place with revitalization themes.

7. Wonderworks, Pigeon Forge, TN, US

Wonderworks, Pigeon Forge, TN, US
Photo by wikimedia

This is a greatly interesting building. It is one of the greatest wonderworks of the world with all the indoor attraction that brings interactive action. It is the perfect place to come and hang out with or just dine. This is the perfect place to hang out with mind and body. This brings you great choices to have fun with and enjoy a great time. There are many packages and price listings that allow you to enjoy the thrill within of this building.

8. Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

Habitat 67, Montreal, Canada

This is one of the most important universal expositions that have housing as its central theme. It happens to be one of the greatest housing complexes that bring about different systems of cubing through the symbols of wisdom, truth and moral perfection. This brings greatness to the civilization of the different magnificent cubes and structures of the world, all into one. The 146 residences stay nestled within the sky and earth with the gorgeous scenery and greenery.

9. Cubic House, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cubic House, Rotterdam, Netherlands

This is one of the greatest cubic houses of the world which was developed by avant-garde architecture, Piet Blom. It got developed through the ideas of different houses in Helmond. Rotterdam was asked to design the housing with the top pedestrian bridge that came to exist. The cubic houses brought exact ideas with the whole village coming to be brought into a representative forest. The recreation of the house makes for the most amazing abstraction that one can see from different angles.

10. Hang Nga Guesthouse or the Crazy House in Vietnam

Hang Nga Guesthouse or the Crazy House in Vietnam
Photo by wikimedia

This is one of the weirdest buildings that brings a lot of different conventions about different house-building processes. The twists and turns of the roofs and rooms are totally unique. It makes for the looks of a fairy tale around a castle. The weird-looking animals installed in the building’s prelim are giraffes and spiders. The windows bring magnificent views and a rectangular and even round-shaped place. It looks like a magnificent museum with different geometric patterns and shapes.

11. Chapel in the Rock, Arizona, US

Chapel in the Rock, Arizona, US

Hailed as one of the most interesting Catholic chapels with its rather interesting built, it is called to be one of the greatest spiritual places in the world. The spiritual experience that this place brings is immensely beautiful. It is located in the South of Sedona amidst the beautiful red rocks of the area. It stands as a pristine and peerless beauty of its own. It is beautiful in the most amazing ways.

12. Dancing Building, Prague, Czech Republic

Dancing Building, Prague, Czech Republic

This is also known as the Dancing House which was brought through Neo-Renaissance style that came about from the 19th Century. The neighboring house to this interesting building has also been one of the sources of attraction for visitors to this area. The house is a remake though as the original was badly destroyed through bombing and the globe on the co-roof got made later the whole place got removed and rebuilt again in the 90s.

13. Calakmul Building or the La Lavadora or the Washing Machine in Mexico

Located in this modern state in New Mexico City the city got developed over its ruins and in stark contrast to what it previously was, this place has improved in a lot many ways. The place got multinational and Mexican companies alike with headquarters that towered all over the place. This building stands as one of the most interesting developments in this region.

14. Kettle House, Texas, US

Kettle House, Texas, US
Photo by ryder

The Kettle House in Texas is one of the most interesting houses in Texas that has been visited by generations with enthusiasm. This house has survived the great hurricane infected Texas. The great engineering of the house remains to be applauded as it was meant to survive heavy storms and floods.

15. Manchester Civil Justice Centre, Manchester, UK

Manchester Civil Justice Centre, Manchester, UK
Photo by wikimedia

This building also comes to head one of the most unique buildings in the world. This is one of the most interesting architectural structures to be designed by Australian architects. It was constructed between 2003 and 2007.

16. Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo, Japan

Nakagin Capsule Tower, Tokyo, Japan

Japan is famous not only for its weird traffic rules and sushi but also for its strange buildings. This is a mixed-use residential building with an office tower. It was designed by Kisho Kurokawa, with some of the greatest examples of post-war architectural creativity coming with it.

17. Mind House, Barcelona, Spain

Mind House, Barcelona, Spain
Photo by flickr

The entrance to this enchanting building is one of the most interesting, with the entrance like Parc Guel. This certainly remains to be one of the most interesting houses to visit in Spain. It is said to be the work of Antoni Gaudi.

18. Stone House, Guimarães, Portugal

Stone House, Guimarães, Portugal
Photo by Feliciano Guimarães

This is also one of the most unusual houses that have been present in Portugal. This is private property now but still, people come from far and distance to come over to visit. This is made of Lyme and has some of the strongest architectural setups. It is typical in its traditional Portuguese looks.

19. Shoe House Pennsylvania, United States

Shoe House Pennsylvania, United States
Photo by wikimedia

This house is shaped like a giant shoe and is one of the greatest houses to be looked up to through generations. It is a shoe house built in 1948 and is as flamboyant as ever. Haines was the original builder of this spectacular building.

20. Weird House in Alps

Photo by flickr

Are you obsessed with visiting crazy buildings? The Weird House in the Alps is named one of the most popular weird-looking buildings present in the Alps with a very interesting shape to it. It has one of the most intriguing architecture and is one of the strangest buildings in the world of all time.

21. The Big Duck, New York

The Big Duck, New York
Photo by Wikimedia

The Big Duck, as you might have already guessed, was created by a Long Island duck farmer to sell more ducks and their eggs. It was constructed in 1931 and gained massive popularity over time due to its uniqueness. Its design theme is closely similar to Quonset hut structures.

This architectural landmark is fun for visitors to stop by, click some photos, and shop for souvenirs. Even if people are visiting the central city of New York, they happily drive to the countryside to spend their summer weekends here.

22. Transparent House, Japan

Transparent House, Japan

The transparent house in Japan is, in fact, literally transparent. While residents can enjoy plenty of sunlight during the day, they won’t have privacy. However, it looks super-aesthetic and attractive in the neighborhood.

It was designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects, known as House NA in Tokyo. It has massive glass windows and no walls. Like any typical home, it has almost everything, from libraries to kitchens and living spaces. Its vertical design makes it a perfect treehouse for adults.

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