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Electric Car Maintenance and Repair Tips – A Driver’s Guide!

Electric cars make up about only 1 percent of all vans, cars, SUVs and trucks. However, the trend is about to change soon. Car lovers will have dozens of electric car models to choose from according to their preferences. The private sector, as well as the public sector, are speedily electrifying even their dirtiest fleet.

Car electrical repair Dubai and car sellers believe that the EV revolution is upon us. The International Energy Agency reports electric car sales hit almost 14 million in 2023. That’s an 18% slice of the worldwide car market, up from 4% in 2020. The IEA forecasts electric car sales could reach about 17 million by 2024. This signals ongoing robust growth in the sector.

Top 4 Electric Car Maintenance Tips

But an electrical car system has its fair share of wear and tear. If your electric car is looking old and worn out, it might need some maintenance work. Here is how you can tweak your old electric car to make sure it’s as good as new. Simply follow these quick maintenance tips:

1. Focus on the Tires

One of the primary reasons your car is not performing well or is losing out on power is because of the tires. As is often seen on the roads of Dubai, with time the tires of the electrical system cars bear the brunt of the work. So, you should check their conditions regularly. A car tire without proper grip is worthless on the roads. In case you are changing the tires of your electric car, you have to ensure that the new tires are of the best quality. If you put on a poor quality, it will wear down in no time.

2. Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory of the US, it predicts that present electric cards will have a service life of 12-15 years when used in moderate climates. So, it falls to 8-12 years when you use the electric car regularly when used in extreme weather conditions.

Irrespective of that, batteries of electric cars need too little maintenance throughout their service life. Many drivers do various things to extend the life of the batteries.

Make sure that you steer clear of extreme temperatures. This is because extreme temperature serves as Kryptonite to batters. Also, do not use fast chargers at all times. Even though it is convenient, speed charging can degrade batteries at a quicker pace.

Batteries tend to degrade more rapidly when charged to their full capacity or when drained of their energy. So try not to fully deplete or charge the battery.

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3. Check Spark Plugs

Check Spark Plugs

You might not even have considered checking the spark plugs. But spark plugs can enhance the performance and fuel efficiency of your car. This is because new and better sparks offer better combustion. They need to be checked during the process of regular servicing by an EV vehicle repair. Even though sparks are made of different materials, it is better to choose Iridium spark plugs since they are more durable. You can give a word of advice to your car mechanic to handle the change instead of doing it all by yourself.

4. Keep an Eye on Brake Pads and Fluids

EVs rely on brake fluid when it comes to modulating their binders. Replacing and flushing the fluid regularly is an essential service, regardless of the vehicle’s powertrain. Though replacement times vary between manufacturers and the distance covered by the vehicles, it is important to replace the brake fluid every three years.

Another thing that you need to watch for is the brake pad. What’s good is that EVs eat rotors and pads at a slower rate than gas cars. This is due to the regenerative braking function of the EV that allows the matter to slow down the vehicle by recovering its kinetic energy. Even though EVs still depend on their mechanical brakes, at times they use this brake. Thus, it puts less wear on rotors and pads.

Electric vehicles usually need less maintenance than internal combustion vehicles. However, they are still complicated machines, which need regular maintenance and service. These above-given EV maintenance tips can help keeping them in top shape.

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