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Worried about theft & burglary at your business? 6 Ways to Protect Your Business!

Small business owners are probably conscious of the catastrophic consequences of thefts and burglaries on their revenue, even if one or more staff members cause them.

Business.Org reports that in 2021, burglary affected a staggering 89% of small enterprises. In 2020, regulated retail fraud cost businesses a median of over $700,000 per $1 billion in sales, by more than fifty per cent over the previous five years, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Although burglary can’t be prevented entirely, you can avoid the devastating consequences with these 6 tips mentioned below. Let’s get straight to it!

1. Install CCTV cameras

Purchasing a complete set of surveillance cameras to monitor your company’s exterior as well as its interior is crucial. If you’ve recently been a target of robbery or vandalism, you must make it safe and take pictures of the “offense scene.” What better way to do this than with security camera installation? These gadgets will give you comfort and capture the crucial things.

You’ll have the power to guarantee your employees’ output. You won’t be concerned about the security of your off-site facilities. Suppose you’re one of the long beach moving companies providing move-in/move-out or long/short distance moving services. In that case, you should also take care of your crucial company’s documents by installing CCTVs inside or outside the office premises.

2. Monitor your keys

Keep track of each valuable key and document given to staff members and ensure they surrender them when they depart their jobs. Restrict the number of individuals who possess keys that grant entry to costly machinery. Your company is more vulnerable to dangers depending on how much staff it has on hand.

Additionally, consider setting up an access management system with customized key tags that regulate which parts of the facility particular staff members can access. Like your company car, if you let one of your employees drive your range rover, the range rover immobilizer must be there to secure your vehicle.

3. Protection Against Cybercrimes

In 2022, almost 30% of US companies are the victim of data security incidents, surging the number of cybercrime incidents overall. It depicts that you must take some serious measures to fight cybercrimes and protect sensitive data.

Hackers, distant employees, and even executives are involved in data breaches. So, to protect your and your client’s information, there are some key steps you must take to stay safe online.

  • Always have a reliable backup of your important and sensitive information, whether on the cloud or hard drive. It is preferred to utilize both options in case there are issues in any one of the storage sites. 
  • Track the employees’ activity and only give limited access to them. You should know who is accessing your data and why.
  • Use authentic anti-virus and anti-malware and remember to upgrade them from time to time. It will help you against the latest threats and breaches. However, be aware of the fake notifications and offers. They often ask you to call them or money transfer that can be damaging for your company.

4. Set Clear Contracts With Clients

If the potential client or business (in a B2B setting) is not communicating or maintaining abusive behavior all through the way, these are the major red flags. These clients can cause late payments and unrealistic project goals and expectations.

If you are a mid-level company or a startup, these hiccups can hinder your cash flow, resulting in the gradual decline of a successful business.

5. Recruit proficient security personnels

When security professionals are present, thefts can be considerably inhibited. Additional safety in the case of a burglary is offered by security personnel, who have received appropriate instruction in response to emergencies.

Combining security personnel with a trustworthy alarm system is an excellent way to safeguard your business from burglary. For example, if you operate an exhaust hood cleaning company, you should hire adequate safety personnel to obtain maximum safety from burglary and intrusions.

Operating a company of your own is likely to take time, regardless of the stage of its growth. The last thing you’d like to consider when doing anything is the possibility of robbery or theft, whether it’s organizing, carrying out, supervising your staff, or coming up with ideas. Nonetheless, there are suggestions for preventing burglaries, such as publishing too much information on social media, monitoring staff access cards, and considering hiring security guards to put off robberies.

6. Protect Paper Documents

If your business has a lot of paperwork and your employees always have documents in their hands, you must have policies in place to handle the important documents with care. Use digital backups or physical safe to protect the essential files. You must design these policies even before starting a new business.

You can also use off-site storage solutions for your documents that are not used on a daily basis. They cannot be accessible to the public or employees who do not have any work with these papers.

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