Ducati has been producing the world’s greatest bikes ever since 1926. Most likely, you’ve seen one speed past you on the highway. One of the models you may recognize in action movies or video games. Ducati produces 55,000 units per year. Every year, new generations and models are introduced to give the family a wider range.

Ducati lovers are not like those ordinary people who love nothing except family cars, they relish working on their machines by themselves without thinking about clothes getting ruined by grease stains. We are curious about the 10 greatest models that Ducati has ever made. We’ll answer this question and provide the prices for Ducati’s finest models.

The Vintage Beauty – 1959 Ducati 250 Desmo Twin

1959 Ducati 250 Desmo Twin

A young, passionate, and enthusiastic British rider named Mike Hailwood looked like to have his destiny in his favor in 1959. His dad Stan Hailwood, a highly-skilled rider, and entrepreneur, provided him with the connections he needed in the bike world and the financial support he required.

Mike started his legend with Ducati when the 250 was built. This brings his fate to the utmost high level and made him one of the most famous racers ever. At the request of Mike’s father, Taglioni created a twin cylinder with a stroke of 55×55.25 and a bore that was similar to the 125 desmo gear.

The distribution features a central gear train and is driven by this smoothly. The bike has 37 horsepower at 11,600 revs. It also features a twin-tube cradle that keeps the ride flawless. The classic 250 Twin was one of the top-tier Ducati models priced between $3,800 and $5,200 at its debut. This is one of the best classic bikes of all time.

The Classic Stunner – 1970 Ducati 750 GT:

1970 Ducati 750 GT

Although origins are often a mystery, the Ducati 750 is still able to trace its exact history. The exact date of the Ducati 750’s twin bevel gear cylinders with a 90-degree V configuration (nicknamed “Ltwin”) is 20 March 1970.

Fabio Taglioni created the first sketch for what is considered to be his most beloved and most loved engine, the big pump. It was one of the best bikes when it comes to balancing. It features a longitudinally-arranged twin-cylinder in a ninety-degree V configuration that keeps you comfy during motorcycle road trips. The original price was $1,995, but it can be purchased for between $5,000 and $8,000 today.

The Super Ravisher – Ducati 900cc SuperSport Twin:

Ducati Superlight 900

Ducati comes with an elegant and sleek Sport & SuperSport Desmo after the introduction of the magnificent round-case twins 750. After realizing that they didn’t have a superbike in their catalog, this masterpiece was manufactured to settle the rivalries. This was the first approach that the company adopted for introducing a superbike.

They come with an exquisite yet sportier model, the 900 SuperSport, which has peculiarities like an 860cc engine derived from the original L twin engine. This motorcycle is now available in showrooms for purchase at prices ranging from $4,200 and $12,800.

The Impressive Marvel – 1987 Ducati 851:

1987 Ducati 851

The 851 Classy was introduced by Ducati in 1987. It boosts and revitalizes the brand’s image and impresses testers with its power-packed features and engine.

The bike was a combination of the brand’s design and technical know-how and became the best four-stroke motorcycle in its class. The 851S was an upgrade to the original and went on to be one of the most desired motorcycles on the roads. The 851’s asking price is $5,000.

The Riders Dream – 1994 Ducati 916 SBK:

1994 Ducati 916 SBK
Source: Wikimedia

The 888 could not be buried by a motorcycle as powerful and impressive as the 916 SBK. It had two of the most important characteristics professional riders seek in a motorcycle: it was lighter than other bikes and more powerful.

The 916 was easy on the eyes, with an ageless grace and a speed that was equal to fine wine and an engine that was comparable in power. A clean model is worth $7,000 today.

The Firebreather – 2004 Ducati Desmosedici RR:

2004 Ducati Desmosedici RR

This beauty set the standard for race reps and had an interesting history that reflected its value. The Desmosedici RR, if you’re willing to spend $52,000, is one of the best motorcycles for MotoGP rep.

The Desmosedici RR was designed with the GP6 MotoGP (which Sete Gibernau & Loris Capirossi raced in the previous model years of 990cc beasts, before being reduced to 800cc).

The only road concessions regarding the bike’s engine were to guarantee reliability. The RR’s V4 989cc motor had a 42.56mm bore and 82mm bore. It was boosted with a desmo drive system and twin-pulse firing order.

The Track Winner – 2005 Ducati 999:

The cool and innovative design of this bike proved it was able to win on tracks all over the world. Even when it is resting, the Ducati 999 seems to be moving. It was designed to be a Ducati Superbike that would have a stunning design, enhance rider ergonomics, offer exceptional performance, reduce complexity and make maintenance easy.

Before styling, the running gear, chassis, mechanical & electronic parts, as well as aerodynamics, were all developed. These engines are a reflection of the machines’ sporty personality.

The twin-cylinder engine brings incredible performance to all equipment versions. These attributes were possible without compromising environmental considerations: every twin-cylinder engine meets strict Euro2 regulations. Ducati 999 is available for purchase from $7,800 to $15,800.

The Powerpacked – 2007 Ducati 1098 S:

Source: Wikimedia

It is undoubtedly the most powerful Ducati ever built. This is due to the extensive use of racing components and weight savings that have further enhanced the record-breaking project. The 43mm FG511 Ohlins front suspension ensures the bike meets the highest performance standards. It also compensates for road imperfections with its fully adjustable 43mm FG511 Ohlins fork. This gives you top riding control. The 1098S currently costs $18,995.

The Charismatic – 2008 Ducati 1198S:

2008 Ducati 1198S
Source: Flickr

There is no second Vtwin 168bhp with data-recording and the exceptional Ohlins suspension. It’s unlikely they have one, and it would likely cost more than the $19,000 Ducati1198 S. Furthermore, the chassis has more personality than Gandalf in Lord of the Rings. This is one of those bikes that everyone should have the opportunity to ride at least once to enjoy the greatest V-twin ever made! It is available for $16,495.

The Exquisite – Ducati Multistrada 1200:

Ducati Multistrada 1200
Source: Wikimedia

Unlike a 3-wheeler the Ducati Multistrada1200 can adapt to all road conditions. This ensures safety, comfort, versatility, and top performance. Front-line technology is used in the bike. Multistrada 1200 is unrivaled in flexibility because it adjusts to rider preferences and riding conditions. Current price: $19,695.


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