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How to Get Spoiled Milk Smell Out of Car’s Interior?

Spoiled milk smells terrible, and if you are a family person, it is quite possible that your child may have spilled some milk somewhere in the car.

The situation gets worse when the summer heat makes it unbearable to breathe in the car. It requires serious efforts to remove the rotten milk smell from your family car.

Some people prefer to do it themselves, and others prefer to get professionals on board to get the job done. Carpet and upholstery cleaning services have now become an industry in the US. But, if you want to do it by yourself remember to entirely get rid of the odor, it is necessary to pinpoint the location where the milk spilled and clean that area.

Just doing air freshener spray won’t help, also leaving it unattended for a long time can attract certain kinds of pests making the situation even worse.

Car interior

Here are some quick tips to make your car’s interior odor-free and remove all the milk spills effectively.

1. Pat Dry the Rotten Milk as Soon as Possible

Use a towel or microfiber cloth to wipe out the spilled milk as soon as you see it dripping from the kid’s bottle. Just make sure that you dab the surface instead of spreading it or rubbing the spot because it will then absorb more into the carpet.

Constantly dab the surface until you are sure that the microfiber cloth has absorbed all the liquid content. Materials that you can use to absorb the spoiled milk in the car include.

  • Sponge: It can readily absorb the liquid and will not allow it to seep into the carpet or seat covers.
  • Paper towel: It will not leave the papery residue behind and effectively absorb the spilled milk.
  • Steam Cleaner: You can use a steam cleaner as well. It is better to rent it from any hardware store or rental shop and it will significantly reduce the disgusting odor.

2. Take Out the Milk-stained Stuff if Possible

The spoiled milk will get sour and smell bad if you do not remove the seat covers, seat belts, floor mats, or compartments where the milk spilled. Plus, washing them will help a lot.

Studies show that while hot water can, in some instances, speed up the cleaning process, for most modern tasks, cold works just as well which means using good quality detergent and water will get the half job done.

Here are some tips for washing the accessories properly according to their material and the nature of the fabric.

For Smaller Accessories

Use good quality household detergent and water to wash them properly.

For Rubber Floor Mats

Soak them in liquid detergent for a little while and then; rinse them with cold water. Don’t throw them into the washing machine.

Floor Mats Without Rubber or Plastic Backing

You can spray good quality stain remover on the floor mat. And then wash them in the regular household washing machine. After rinsing them, let them dry in the open air and under the outside sun.

Remove Seat Covers

If the spoiled milk is spilled on the car’s seats, remove their covers immediately and then wash them properly according to the directions given by the manufacturer.

Follow the guidelines for washing the fabric and how to maintain its quality. Moreover, it is also necessary to read the instructions mentioned on the laundry powder or liquid to know whether the product is suitable for washing the car accessory or not.

Make sure that you take the action as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the smell will linger all over. Depending on the odor, you can use other techniques as well.

3. Baking Soda

Baking soda is probably one of the best cleaning hacks for almost anything. Besides its effectiveness, it is cheap, easy and convenient.

To get the spoiled milk smell out of the car, spread a thick layer of baking soda on the area where milk was spilled or rotten. Just ensure that the affected area is dry completely before doing so. Then, rub the baking soda lightly using a microfiber cloth or soft brush. After that, just let it sit there for a few days. If the smell persists, move on to the other ways.

4. Coffee

Yeah! You read that right. Coffee can not only refresh your mind, but it can refresh your car’s interior as well by removing the super bad smell.

You can use it as a substitute for baking soda. The only difference is that it will leave a lovely smell of coffee behind. Fill the cookie trays with crushed coffee beans and leave them under the front seats for about one or two weeks. It will act as an absorbent and will soak up any spilled milk smell.

These were the hacks and tricks to get the spoiled milk smell out of the car. But if the smell persists, it is time to use more effective and high-level methods.

5. Enzyme Sprays

The enzyme sprays work far better than white vinegar as they have many effective ingredients. You can leave the enzyme spray for one to two days. And it will make the smell residue vanish. After that, the spray will dry. Or you can pat dry it as well. It will leave a refreshing smell behind.

Summed Up:

Finally, it is necessary to note that before opting for any technique to get rid of the rotten milk smell from the car, use it in a small area first to avoid any damage. It can be hectic to remove the disgusting smell. But by the appropriate techniques and by utilizing best practices; you can get it done.

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