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List of 8 Flowers in Movies: How Important They Were in Shaping Up the Plotline

Movies and flowers are synonymous with each other, giving filmmakers and scriptwriters scope to showcase their creativity. That’s why you will see that in movies, the aesthetics of flowers allow artists to use them as metaphors in the film. That way, you can increase the creative aspect of the film and build a film within a small budget.

Furthermore, the color of each flower helps adjust the film’s tone. More so with the fact that you can showcase various human emotions like hope, sadness, love, and grief. Also, you can set the film colors and then depict various human emotions in the film.

Therefore, you will see more and more people who are coming from film school use flowers to sync with humans and depict a story. Consequently, we will show the aspirational filmmakers how flowers complement the film’s aspects. So, let’s start the discussion in the next part, as said by My Global Flowers. They send flowers to Los Angeles.

Flowers in Movies – Flowers Play an Important Part in Making the Plot

As discussed earlier, movies and flowers are synonymous with each other. That way, as a filmmaker, you get the leverage to adjust the color and theme of the film. You can do that with the imagery of Bertolucci’s films, where you can add flowers to showcase the philosophy of the film. That way, there are other films where you can see how flowers play an important part in making the plot.

1. Daffodils In Big Fish

We all love our Obi Ben Kenobi. Arguably, one of the best British actors, Ewan Mcgregor, shows the magic of flowers in the film Big Fish. The use of daffodils was different from that of Wordsworth’s poems and showcased the symbol of love and hope the flowers carry. Flowers are metaphors that help to showcase the blurred lines between real and abstract life. No wonder it fits in well in the plot.

The scene where Sandra opens her windows and sees Edward standing in the middle of a garden full of daffodils. That reflects the love and care Edward has for Sandra. It builds the scene of pure love and fantasy coming out of the book that shows the purity of love and care that one expects from their partners. Furthermore, we also come to know that Edward planted flowers for her to showcase his affection and true feelings for her. The whole scene makes the film a watchable treat for the eyes.

Hence, you can see how the flowers play an aesthetic role in the film, which adds depth to the plot. Moreover, it helps the actors to add more layers to their acting skills and make the scene a memorable part of the film. Consequently, the bright daffodils add colors to the scene. That way, you can adjust the color palettes or leave it as it is. In simple words, you can get the leverage to use your creativity in a better way.

2. Mustard Flowers In Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

Shahrukh Khan, the most popular actor in the world, presumably the film that made him the superstar of Indian Cinema. The scene among the field of mustard flowers is one of the iconic scenes that, to date, Indians have tried to replicate. However, if we analyze the film properly, we will see that Yash Chopra was a genius in showing the flowers in the film.

This is because mustard flowers in Indian tradition reflect courage, bravery, and hope. It synced with the film, as Raj, the protagonist, was doing a similar thing. He went to Punjab from the UK to marry Simran, even though he knew that her family preferred an arranged marriage. He went against all odds to marry her, and the mustard flower scene started the process.

In terms of film analysis, it showed how to use simple things to add aesthetics and color in the scene. The mustard flowers are indigenous flowers in Punjab, the director took the leverage to show the love and care one has for the other. Also, it brews the hope and courage in the hearts of both lovers to stand up for their love. Hence, you see an aesthetically pleasing scene ever made in the world of cinema.

3. Flowers Underlying Tone Of Harry Potter Series

When you watch Professor Snape, you go through an emotional roller coaster. The love he carries for Harry and his mother sets the tone for the film. The use of flowers throughout the series showcases the hallmark of Rowling’s creative skills. For example –

  • The use of Monkshood and Wolfsbane in the film. Snapes asks Harry the difference between the two, as Monkshood stands for chivalry, which was his mother’s lily, and wolfsbane stands for dislike for others, which ushered the character of Snape. Ths subtle hint shows the love Snape had for Lily Potter throughout.
  • Lily and Petunia suggest the contrasting difference between the extraordinary and ordinary.
  • The implementation of the story plot through the language of flowers like the mention of asphodel and wormwood. Asphodel is a kind of lily that shows his love for Lily Potter, and Wormwood shows deep regret, especially the way Snape feels about Lily’s death

Therefore, as a filmmaker and as an actor, you get the leverage to be creative and develop something beautiful and engaging. Furthermore, it adds more depth to the plot and also in character building. In addition, you can get audiences guessing and figure out the underlying tone of the film. Consequently, you can create a mystery by adding the flower language in the film.

4. Daisies In You’ve Got Mail

You’ve Got Mail is another film that showcases the beautiful on-screen chemistry between Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Even though the film revolves around the bookstore and email, flowers play a key role in making the film. Hence, it has made daisies one of the iconic flowers to give your partner. Also, with Valentine’s Day coming up, you can surely gift daisies to your better half.

From Hamlet till now, daisies have shown the power of innocence and new beginnings in human life. Similarly, the film shows the friendly nature of Meg Ryan, who is content with her normal life and traditional bookstore. That is why she can connect with the white aesthetics of the flowers.

Furthermore, it shows the joy and cheerfulness of Meg Ryan, which attracts Tom Hanks. Later, that unfolds into a beautiful love story.

Therefore, you can see with one choice of flower, and you can showcase the character traits of the film character – thus, you can put more life into it. That way, you can embrace the creative nature of flowers in setting a dialogue between actors or developing a scene. In any way, you can showcase the true nature of the film and let the audience participate in it.

5. Roses In American Beauty

Another versatile actor on the list is Kevin Spacey. Despite his heinous role in Seven, he depicts the suburban American lifestyle in the film American Beauty. In simple words, a mid-life crisis one goes through when one follows the same routine throughout. The flowers showcase the lust and desires that one seeks to excite in his life. That’s why the filmmaker uses roses in the film to showcase the love and lust Lester seeks.

Lester’s obsessive nature over her daughter’s friend is the reflection of the crisis and boredom he gets from his life. That resulted in the birth of desire and lust in Lester, which was shown through the American Beauty flower. It is a type of rose. Also, the flower showcases the beginning and ending of desire and lust. And perfectly, the film depicted it through it. The rose in the hand of Lester portrayed the end of the obsession cycle he had for his daughter’s friend.

Therefore, you can showcase the creative genius of the filmmaker as they seek to use the symbolism of flowers in the plot building. Consequently, as a filmmaker, this gives you the leverage to use flowers to create a gripping tale and give the right tools to actors to implement their skills.

6. Daisy In The Great Gatsby

One of the greatest tragedy writers is Frazer Scott Fitzgerald. The man was an absolute genius in the way he wrote his characters. Similarly, his famous work The Great Gatsby was given a visual touch and released on the big screen. The film revolves around the lives of Gatsby and Daisy. Even though they both love each other, it is a tragedy that keeps him away from her.

The touch of corruption and innocence can be seen through the utilization of Daisy in the film. The character shows both innocence and love, yet the yellow part shows the corruption, which led to the tragic fall of Gatsby. The whole revolved around it and marked the significant brilliance and end of the great man. Hence, Fitzgerald proved the point that the human heart does not have the capacity to hold as much hurt.

Yet, the two characters’ grandeur shows the life cycle of human life and that even the most beautiful things are corrupt. Therefore, the symbolic nature of flowers plays an important role in the film and adds strength to the story. Consequently, as a storyteller, you can take the approach and look to build a tale around the flower and see the magic. You can create a masterpiece like the last leaf.

7. Cherry Blossoms In The Last Samurai

Cherry Blossoms played a significant role in samurai culture. This is because it depicted their cycle of life as short and beautiful. Therefore, the cherry blossoms in the film The Last Samurai showcased the different cultural emotions of humans. Each character in the movie added their perspective to the film and showcased the magnificent artistry skill of the director.

For Katsumoto, cherry blossoms depicted the samurai culture, honor, discipline, and close relationship to nature. This will help them to garner themselves and build their samurai culture. Also, it showed Algren’s transformation, especially when he started the eternal beauty of the place. Lastly, for Taka, cherry blossoms were the way to bridge the culture between Algren and samurai culture.

Therefore, you will see movie makers show cultural transformation and build people’s hope. The ending of the film showed the renewal of hope and trust in people. Also, they showed the loss of beauty and fading Samurai tradition in Japan. That way, the filmmakers were able to deplete samurai tradition against the Western culture in Japan.

8. The Enchanted Rose In Beauty And The Beast

One of the greatest uses of flowers is Beauty and The Beast, as it shows the importance of enchanted roses. The rose plays a significant theme of love, care, and redemption, making the film iconic. Also, it showed the importance of inner beauty and outer beauty, which play a great role in the formation of relationships.

The enchanted rose signifies the life and death situation for the beast who has gotten the love of his life to live a happy life. That way, the film shows the importance of a rose and a life hanging in the balance. Furthermore, it has been a symbol of sacrifice and loves to add more depth to the film. That way, it became a popular tale among the kids and adults.

Therefore, as a director, you can create a brilliant plot and center your whole story around it. Consequently, you can use flowers to give an essence to your film and build your characters around it. So, you can easily use your creative skills and add aesthetics to the film.


In the end, we can say that movies and flowers sync with each other to give us a series of good moments. Furthermore, their essence and colors allow directors to give actors a tool to act properly. That way, you can garner better flexibility and create a better plot for people to enjoy on the big screen. Lastly, you can also use them for Valentine’s Day.

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