Frizzy Hair is the Bane of Many Women – Here’s How to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair Quickly!

Frizzy hair causes significant distress to women every day. It is perhaps the number one hair problem that afflicts people all over the world. Though, some people are more prone to it due to their particular hair type. Yes, frizzy hair is persistent, looks awful, and can ruin your entire day. However, dealing with frizzy dry hair is not as difficult as you think. Here’s how you can save a big day by knowing how to get rid of frizzy hair quickly in a few simple steps.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Hair and fashion have an impact on your self-esteem. There’s nothing awful than having puffy, frizzy hair on a big event like your wedding day! Except, maybe to have it immortalized in pictures. So, let’s first understand what frizzy hair actually is in order to combat it.

Your hair is made up of cuticles on the outer layer that protect the hair strand. Usually, in the case of healthy hair, these cuticles should lie down flat and smooth over the surface like fish scales. Nonetheless, when hair is damaged and dry, these cuticles stand up on the edge, leaving the hair shaft unprotected and dry.

So, in simple words, dryness is the culprit. Your hair gets frizzy when it’s dry. There is a number of factors that can dry out your hair, some of them are:

The Weather Conditions: Yep, weather, especially the humidity is the number one culprit in making your hair frizzy. Humidity means there’s an excess amount of moisture in the hair. Naturally, moisture travels from the environment into your hair because they are drier, causing them to swell up and change shape. Good luck taming your frizzy hair in humid weather. There’s generally no remedy for it.

Level of Curls: People have different levels of curls. Some are slightly wavy while others are full ringlets. Your hair might get more or less frizzy depending on your curl type. In this case, you’ll have to devise a special frizz hair treatment for your unique curly hair type.

The amount of Damage: Another thing that makes your hair frizzy is hair damage. Usually, this is caused by continuous neglect, use of heating products like flatiron and hair dryers as well as a lack of nourishment.

10 Best Ways to Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Here are the quickest ways to fix frizzy hair that doesn’t require much effort. So, put on that workout outfit and get ready to slay with beautiful, silky-smooth hair!

1. Give Them What They Need! Hydration

Frizzy hair absorbs moisture from the environment so the quick fix here is to moisturize your hair. You can hydrate them using an air diffuser, which is not only good for your hair but also your skin. Since dry air and humidity have the same effect on your skin as it does on your hair. Other ways to hydrate your hair include hair masks which are further explained below.

2. Use Hair Serums to Tame Frizzy Hair Instantly

Hair serums contain silicones, which are super effective at taming frizzy hair instantly. Silicones help align the cuticles of your hair to give it that smooth look. Beware though, serums or hair cosmetics work differently depending on hair type and ethnicity. Make sure to consult a dermatologist before using any hair product. It’s better than having to test out everything on your own, further worsening your condition.

3. Hair Masks Provide Essential Nourishment

Hair masks are as essential as face masks. They hydrate your hair and replenish important nutrients. It is better to opt for natural DIY Hair masks than to buy chemical-based ones as they might worsen your condition. On the other hand, the only risk of using organic masks is that they might not work.

Not to mention, organic hair care is budget-friendly, while hair cosmetics can cost thousands of dollars.

Try this Avocado hair mask to control frizzy hair.

  • Mix a medium-sized avocado (mashed) with 2-4 tablespoons of coconut oil until it is homogenized. You can add any other ingredients that work for you as well such as aloe vera, honey, or argon oil.
  • Apply the mixture to your scalp as well as hair strands liberally.
  • Leave it on for at least half an hour and then rinse.

4. Spray Apple Cider Vinegar on Hair After Shower

Apple cider vinegar is known to be effective against dandruff and frizzy hair since it balances the pH of your head due to being acidic. Simply dilute some apple cider vinegar with a 1:2 ratio and spray it on your hair.

5. Apply Egg and Yogurt Mask

Both egg and yogurt have multiple benefits for your hair. They are rich in proteins which your hair needs to repair the damage. Applying it directly as a mask results in quicker results. Make sure to incorporate some hair oil into the mixture for better application.

6. Coconut Oil Works Miracles for Frizzy Hair

Coconut oil helps binds the damaged cuticles to the hair strands, giving it a smoother look. Using a little amount of oil is excellent in controlling frizz. Furthermore, it provides essential nutrients and hydration to your hair.

7. Better Use Conditioning Shampoo

Regular shampoos tend to dry out your hair. That’s why avoid using them if you suffer from frizzy hair. It is recommended to use 2-in-1 or conditioning shampoos for that glossy, sleek look.

8. Microfiber Towel Prevents Your Hair From Getting Frizzy

Likewise, regular towels can be hard on your damaged frizzy hair. In contrast, microfiber towels are more delicate and prevent your hair from further damage. Always keep in mind to pat your hair dry rather than rub it to prevent hair breakage.

9. Steam Hair After Shower

Hair tends to get frizzier and drier after showering. This is because they contain more moisture than the air which escapes, leaving your hair parched and rough. Giving your hair steam after showering makes up for the lost moisture and prevents frizz.

10. Style Hair When It is Still Wet

Particularly, this is important for people with curly hair. Because curly hair is more frizz-prone, it is important that you style them while it’s still wet. Some experts even recommend styling them in the shower. Moreover, products go on more smoothly on wet hair as compared to dry hair. So, before you dress up, style your hair.

How to Prevent Hair from Getting Frizzy on a Daily Basis?

Additionally, doing the following things on a regular basis can prevent frizzy hair from coming back.

  • Avoid Blow Dryers because the heat damages and dries your hair. Instead, let your hair air dry naturally.
  • Go for Satin and Silk Pillows as they are softer on your hair and don’t break it due to its rough and irregular texture.
  • Excess washing makes frizzy hair worse so try washing your hair only 2 to 3 times a week.
  • Rinsing hair with cold or lukewarm water is better than using hot water which aggravated frizziness.
  • Eat a Diet that is Good for your Hair and provides necessary nutrients.

Key Takeaways

Hair gets frizzy due to dryness so the best method to get rid of frizzy hair permanently is to hydrate them. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to moisturize your hair and prevent them from getting frizzy, which are described above. So, use any of them to get luxurious, glossy hair almost instantly and be happy again!

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