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How to Wake Up Your Foot? Causes and Ways to Wake It Up Faster

The question, “how to wake up your foot,” might be surprising to some. However, it is at the root of a common and abnormal sensation known by medical experts as paresthesia.

Let us set the scene to something slightly more familiar. You have just spent a lot of time sitting down or standing in the same position, and suddenly you feel like your foot is falling asleep.

This might be the first time this is happening to you, or it has happened before, but you do not really remember what you did to fix the issue quickly. Well, this is how you get to the initial query.

In general, paresthesia is associated with a certain degree of numbness or itching. Some people say that they feel like their skin is crawling.

Paresthesia usually occurs when you put pressure on a nerve, and body parts like arms, legs, and hands can also be affected.

However, the focus will be just on your feet in this piece. Before we answer how to get rid of a sleepy foot, it is essential to understand why do your feet fall asleep?

Why Do Your Feet Fall Asleep?

Feet Fallen Asleep

When the sensation of numbness and tingling comes and goes, experts call it transient paresthesia.

For example, the fact of sitting on your foot for some time can cut the connection to the brain.

Therefore, the transmission of messages becomes difficult.

Moreover, the same thing can happen if you have your feet in an elevated position. The alteration of nerve function is the main explanation behind temporary paresthesia.

However, some medical causes cannot be taken out of the picture totally.

While the so-called sensation of pins and needles in feet is more or less normal when it is temporary.

Paresthesia raises some questions when it happens too often and lasts too long.

Health professionals blame things like constricted nerves, vitamin deficiencies, and systemic diseases. For instance, diabetes can be a major factor in some cases.

How to Wake Up Your Foot?

Many people want to know, how to get rid of a sleepy foot? Well, there are different ways to wake up your foot that gets sleepy. The main idea is to address the issue of reduced circulation.

Ways to Wake Up Your Foot

  • You can get rid of a sleepy foot by changing the position of your leg. This is especially necessary if leg crossing is the culprit. In a matter of minutes, the leg should start getting a little warmer.
  • Standing up can do the trick in a rapid manner because it accelerates blood circulation.
  • While standing up, moving the sleepy foot around can also help speed things up.
  • Walking is also helpful in getting rid of a sleepy foot. However, it is important to make sure that the foot is not asleep for hours. In that case, it might be dangerous to walk it off immediately.
  • Wearing the right shoes is a step that can be useful. This is not something that many realize, but it is essential to wear shoes that fit you properly.
  • You may also reduce muscle tension by getting a leg and foot massage. It is advised to start this process from the toes and go up from there.
  • Practicing yoga and meditation has many great benefits. This method is more about prevention. Even beginners have reported some improvements.
  • Using a warm compress on your sleepy foot for seven minutes could be beneficial. This is an excellent way to increase blood flow in this specific area.

If you are looking for additional tips that you hope may work faster, please continue reading.

Stop Pins and Needles in Feet Quickly

  • Nerve aggravation can lead to pins and needles in the feet sensations. Therefore, the problematic nerve is sending a lot of signals, and that is very unusual. The first thing to do here for quick relief is to remove the pressure. You can try not leaning on your feet. This might be enough to restore normal blood circulation.
  • Secondly, moving around can do wonders here. In a way, it is crucial to shake things up a bit to get your body back in its normal rhythm.
  • Thirdly, wiggling your toes can get the blood flowing again faster. This is unavoidable if you want to improve circulation more quickly.
  • The next tip involves staying cool in hot weather because it tends to exacerbate sensations and increase pain. Moreover, hot showers and baths are not your friends in this situation.
  • Wearing compression socks may help stop pins and needles in feet fast by reducing their occurrence. Here, prevention is the main focus.
  • Improving your sleep is also a decent way to prevent pins and needles sensations from having too big of an impact on your life. This can be part of a larger plan to change lifestyle, which can come with a lot of benefits.
  • Making healthier choices like dieting will improve your overall health and reduce instances of pins and needles in your feet sensations.
  • Smoking is probably not helpful in this situation, so stopping could probably make you feel better.

Final Thoughts!

It can be a scary thing for some when a foot falls asleep. However, if it is temporary, there is not much to worry about.

If the pins and needles in the feet sensations start to last longer and appear more often, it might be time to see a health expert.

A foot doctor can help identify the cause of the problem and give you clear answers. In some cases, a few healthy living tips might be enough to make a huge difference.

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