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8 of the Best MAC OS X Apps to Kick-Off

You need a variety of apps to improve your productivity and do things more efficiently. It isn’t always the case that you have to spend a lot of money to increase the efficiency of your Mac OS X system.  Many of the apps mentioned here are free or have a very affordable price. You can take a look at the following 8 best Mac OS X apps for 2016 that are useful and do not cost too much to afford.

Best MAC OS X Apps

1. Pocket

Pocket is an app that you can use to save all your favorite online content including web pages and videos. This allows you to access the content offline in a place that does not have Wi-Fi, for example when you are on a plane or train.

2. Flycut Clipboard Manager

Flycut Clipboard Manager is a clipboard manager based on the Jumpcut open source app. It will automatically save everything that you copy in history so that you can later paste it by pressing the command Shift + Command + V. You can go to the preferences to make changes to the hotkey.

3. Unarchiver

The Unarchiver allows you to unarchive all kinds of archived files and it works better than the default OS X app. It is able to open formats such as Zip, 7 Zip, Bzip2, Bzip2 TAR, RAR, TAR, and Gzip. It can also support old formats such as LZH, ARC and StuffIt. You can see the full list of the supported formats on the homepage. This app can properly encode file names that have foreign characters and open them without any problem.

4. Things to do

Things enables you to become a more organized person by allowing you to manage your to-do tasks. Whenever a to-do comes into your mind, you can enter it into your app. With Things, you will find that it is easy for you to fulfill one to-do at a time.

5. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a media player that can play all kinds of media files such as Audio DVDs, VCDs, and Audio CDs. The VLC Media Player will come in handy when Quicktime Player is not able to open your video file.

6. Movavi Mac Cleaner

Movavi Mac Cleaner is a powerful tool for maintaining your Mac and keeping it in good condition. It can detect and clear away the junk files on your computer so that you can free up more disk spaces. It can find junk files such as caches, and large files and safely delete them. When you launch the Movavi Mac cleaner, it will automatically scan your hard drive for files that you did not use for a long time. After it has scanned your computer, it will let you know what condition your Mac is in and whether it needs cleaning. It will let you know how much space these unnecessary files have occupied on your hard drive. In this way, you know the number of spaces that you can recover after you execute the cleaning process.

Additionally, it can also uninstall the unwanted apps that you are having difficulties uninstalling from your hard disk.  An Uninstaller is a handy tool when you face a problem in uninstalling a program from your Mac computer. You can use the Uninstaller to uninstall any program that is installed on your Mac system. The Uninstaller can scan 3 types of apps on your computer including User Apps, OS X apps and Leftovers. To uninstall an app, you simply select it with your mouse cursor and press the Remove button.

7. Data Rescue 4

Data Rescue 4 is used for recovering files that you lost when there is a crash on your Mac system, file corruption or you accidentally formatted the hard disk. It can help you to recover all kinds of files including photos, videos and documents.

8. Libre Office

Libre Office is an office suite that comes with a word processor, excel spreadsheet, and PowerPoint presentation. The best part is that it is open-source software so it is free for you to download. It supports a large variety of file formats and is able to open drawings that you have created by using apps such as AutoCAD, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Office and Quattro Pro.


In conclusion, you can try installing the above apps to improve your productivity for this new year. If you often use your computer, make sure you download the Movavi Mac Cleaner and make use of this tool to clear up your Mac system. Clearing up the Mac will free up a lot of space and reduce the time it takes to start up the computer.

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