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How a LASER Technology Has Revolutionized Our Lives

Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiations aka LASER was first built in 1960. Since then it has been utilized for many purposes and its application is seeing a boost with every passing day. Furthermore, there is not even a single field in which laser technology doesn’t find itself applied in a number of ways.

How is it produced?

LASER produces when the matter used is excited by providing an energy source. Then, the electrons of the used material get excited and jump from low energy orbits to higher energy orbits. They then combine with the photon and emit rays. Additionally, these rays then internally reflect to generate more intense light.

Types of LASER

LASER is divided into 4 categories based on the type of medium used for its production:-

  • Solid LASER
  • Liquid LASER
  • Gas LASER
  • Besides, Semiconductor LASER

Benefits of LASER Technology

We have summarized some of them for your knowledge and information. However, the uses and applications of this technology are far more than this.

1. Industrial application

Laser beams focus as well as coherent and intense. They could further be intensified as per the requirement to produce high-temperature beams. These are then used in the industry for the following purposes:

a) Cutting

Accurate and precise cutting without definite measurement products is not possible. Only specialists can bring doubtless results.

b) Welding

With the introduction of laser technology, industrialists can easily create precise, controlled joints using different metals, which they were unable to do before. Moreover, the laser has made it possible to develop automated assembly lines, revolutionizing the manufacturing industry the world over. In order to ensure the desired results, you need accurate measuring solutions as well.

c) Repairing

A lot of repair work has got easy to be done just because of the use of lasers in industrial circles.

d) Engraving

Laser engraving machines are there to ensure customized engraving, branding, and personalization of various industrial items. Nowadays, great industrialists are using laser marking systems with automation features and energy-efficient technology for the sharpest laser engravings.

2. Uses in the field of medical

It finds its uses in both diagnosing as well as managing diseases.

Laser Eye Treatment

A. Use of LASER for Diagnostic Purposes

a) Identifying malignant tumors:

It uses to differentiate malignant from benign lumps. Hence it minimizes the need for an open biopsy.

b) For biopsy of rectal polyps:

Removal of large rectal polyps via combining laser with colonoscopy is used to take polyps samples to check whether they are potentially malignant or not.

B. Therapeutic uses of laser

a) Treatment of retinal detachment:

Photocoaguative property of laser finds its use in repairing the retinal detachment.

b) Lithotripsy:

Kidney stones broke down by focusing laser and converted to fine grit. The grit then removes via urine. Hence open surgery is avoided

c) Hair treatment:

Image by Flickr

It is used for the permanent removal of hair by burning the hair follicles. Furthermore, it is used in hair transplant surgeries.

d) Refractive error correction:

Nowadays one can get rid of wearing heavy spectacles and irritating contact lenses. Using LASIK, vision corrects in no time. Myopia and hypermetropia can be corrected.

e) Tumour excision:

Giant tumors can excise with precision and accuracy, using more focused laser instruments in labs.

f) Treatment of cancer:

Even the minor and invisible tumor cells could burn on spot.

3. Uses for Military Purposes

Aiming Gun

a) Aiming and shooting:

Precise and accurate distant aiming, as well as shooting, is owed to the invention of the laser.

b) Communication between submarines:

These rays can easily travel through water and are hence used in underwater communication by the navy.

c) Guiding projectiles:

It is used in guiding the projection of missiles.

d) Disorienting the target:

It sometimes merely is used to disorient the target.

4. Printing and Scanning

One of the most common applications of LASER is its use in printers and scanners. They produce good quality images as compared to those printers that use toner.

5. LASER Mouse

Laser Mouse

A modern computer mouse is cordless and uses laser technology. Also, they provide better control and are more sensitive.

6. Modern Scarecrows

The laser could aptly be called a modern scarecrow.

  • You can deter birds from runways at the airports with its help.
  • Moreover, you can keep the birds away from fields and hence save them from destruction.

7. Recreational Uses

  • Dancing fountains at amusement parks use laser technology.
  • Moreover, it is also utilized to project videos on giant cinema screens.

8. Surveying

Surveyors use this amazing technology to measure the ranges as well as to access the places that are physically inaccessible.

9. Bar code scanning

Laser Bar Code Scanner
Image by Pixabay

Billing in the superstores is so easy now. Hence, the bars code scan against the scanner and the price of the item automatically display on the screen. Hasn’t it made the job of cashiers so easy?

10. Pointing made easy

In many departments, the presenters have now thrown the sticks away and adopted simple laser pens to point at the objects. This not only looks so smart but also saves space and energy.

11. Telecommunication

Telecommunication has revolutionized by the advent of this miraculous technology. Through this, data could transfer to far off places via fiber optics. The benefits are:

  • Lasers are monochromatic and use a single wavelength.
  • As the rays are more focused, communication is faster.
  • Also, a very less amount of data loss on its way to the receiving end.
  • It also requires small antennas.
  • They have less weight on their own.


The above roles of laser in various industries have remarkably revolutionized our daily lives without our being aware of it the foggiest.

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