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Nutrisystem vs. South Beach Diet: 2 Healthy Diet Plans

Nutrisystem vs. South Beach Diet

A healthy lifestyle is your ticket to a prolonged and sickness-free life. All you need is a balanced diet, sufficient calories and daily exercise. However, as easy as this process sounds, it’s hard keeping a track of calorie intake and deciding the meals to consume on daily basis. Many fitness enthusiasts try to maintain a sound diet but give up after a year or two. Luckily, there are some diet delivery programs that can ease your struggle for fitness. Nutrisystem and South Beach Diet are such reliable diet solutions that can provide pre-packaged, ready-to-eat meals right at your door step. Now you must be wondering how to make a choice between the two. Here is our Nutrisystem vs. South Beach Diet comparison.Let’s see what these online diet programs have in store for you!

1.    Easy-to-Follow Food Plans

Each program is subdivided into different plans to ease your dieting schedule. Let’s talk about South Beach Diet first. It comes with a slow and steady three-phase approach:

  • Phase 1: Your Body Reboots

This phase guarantees you prominent results within two weeks. The main focus is on fully-prepped healthy items to reduce your sugar cravings and save your time. Bad carbs from bread, rice, pasta and potatoes are off-limits. You are strictly advised to stay away from alcohol. Gluten-free foods top the menu for quick satisfactory results. If you aren’t overweight and have to lose 10 pounds or less, you can directly start from phase 2 and skip this one.

  • Phase 2: Steady Weight Loss

More food items are reintroduced including good carbohydrate rich meals, vegetables, fruits and low unprocessed sugar desserts to slow down your weight loss process in this phase, so that it doesn’t have a bad impact on your health. This phase continues until you reach your ideal weight.

  • Phase 3: Lifestyle Phase

Phase 3 focuses on continued moderation of food throughout your life without deprivation. You can now enjoy all the food items staying within the South Beach Diet principles. Treat yourself with indulgence occasionally and try to maintain a good balance to have a glowing skin, healthy mind and great physique.

While South Beach Diet comes with a single plan that is divided into three optimal phases, Nutrisystem provides you with three different plans to choose from. Let’s see what these plans are:

  • Basic Plan

A pre-selected pack of nutritious foods is includedin this plan. These foods are enough to cover 28 days, following the Nutrisystem’s instructions.

  • Core Plan

What’s lacking in theBasic Plan is that it doesn’t let you choose your own meal. The core plan gives you a choice of over 100 foods with an access to their counselors, dietitians, tools and trackers.

  • Uniquely Yours Plan

This plan offers a customizable menu like the core plan along with an extensive choice of over 150 foods. A proper schedule is provided, so that you could consume the right amount of calories with additional snacks for your midnight cravings.

Special diets are also planned for diabetic patients, vegetarians, men and teens to cater to individual needs.

2.    Menu Options

Both of these ground-breaking life changing diet programs have got millions of approvals. Not just because they are effective, but because they don’t feel like a diet. All your favorite scrumptious foods are now accessible while you lose weight! They offer a variety of nutrients perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner times.

South Beach Diet can ignite your sweet tooth with mouth watering desserts. Its daily menu includes three balanced meals, two snacks and a dessert. Indulge yourself in peanut butter and jelly cookies, apple crisp, chocolate shake, cherry almonds bars, muffins and other sweet items that you would surely love. Main meals are loaded with your favorite proteins, cheeses and greens.

The foods provided by Nutrisystem are guaranteed to have high protein, high fiber, zero trans-fat, no MSG, low GI and no artificial preservatives or sweeteners. You get a choice from 100+ of your most-loved food items plus a fulfilling meal every 4-5 times a day with a right mix of nutrients to keep your energy-boosted. And it’s not just a bland and boring diet menu, but filled with chocolate chip cookies, ravioli with meat sauce and other guilty pleasures to keep the carb-lusters satisfied.

3.    Affordability

Get snacking with South Beach Diet on the most affordable prices of almost $11 per day (custom add-ons come with additional costs) and free shipping. Nutrisystem is a really inexpensive program considering the benefits and services you get. Generally, you can expect to pay between $8 to $11 approximately per day (including the grocery bought items) depending on the plan you selected. The price range also varies;for example, ifyou have signed up for auto-delivery feature, the cost would be less.

4.    Delivery

Both the diet food delivery programs support auto-delivery and deliver pre-packaged scrumptious meals with complete instructions right at your door step.

5.    Additional Perks

The diet programs come with a lot of amazing perks such as discount vouchers and freebies. With your very first plan on South Beach Diet you can get $25 off along with free tips and weight loss info. Nutrisystem Coupon Code are also available for you to have an amazing dieting experience.

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