Mahogany furniture is popular everywhere in the worldwide. Many interior designers here in Australia too, use Mahogany furniture to create exquisite interior spaces. For instance, Hudson mahogany furniture Sydney has a wide variety of handmade mahogany furniture including finest custom made pieces that last long. With so much variety in stores now, selecting the right arrangements and colour schemes can be a little tricky. Here are a few things you should consider.

Colour Schemes

Mahogany furniture typically has red undertones. So, if you want to create maximum contrast, green toned walls are the way to go, as red and green are complementary colours or colour-wheel opposites. Mahogany furniture adapts well to all kinds of colours. It creates warm-tone coherence when placed with warm wall colours and an equally smooth visual when mated with cool blue tones. While choosing wall shades it is essential to consider colour combinations and shades, as mahogany furniture generally radiates dark shades.

Eggshell Blue or Cool Slate Gray

Slate gray or blue-gray, when combined with mahogany furniture, provides a cool-tone, charming colour combination. If your slate-gray walls have a greenish undertone, it can be accentuated with bright green-blue items, like pillows and vases.

Green-Gray, Olive or Mint Green

Green walls form a natural, complementary background for mahogany furniture. Take a living room with light green-gray paint for example. It forms maximum tonal contrast when combined with mahogany furniture pieces. While the light green-gray drapes will blend well with such walls, a dark-olive mahogany sofa will help ground the room. Mint-green or light-olive wall paints also work with dark green-gray accents.

Warm Gray and Mahogany

Just like Mahogany furniture, warm gray has a red undertone; therefore, the former is naturally related to warm-gray walls. Light warm gray walls and dark warm gray curtains and chairs work well together. You can add many other things to the room if it has warm gray walls including a rug with warm gray or mint green accent, a light warm-gray sofa, mint-green lampshades or yellow ochre with a green undertone. Tan, coral, peach and orange-tone backdrops combined with mahogany furniture give a warm ambience to the space.

Furniture Ideas

Below are a few furniture arrangements and combinations you can consider:


If you are looking to remodel a mid-sized contemporary dining room, you can go for green walls with porcelain floors. You can also apply wallpaper having a slight pattern on the dining room side wall. The interior space gets a more traditional feel with mahogany furniture and custom cabinetry. You may also match the furniture with dark hardwood floors. Strategically placed mirrored wall and neutral colours could keep the room feeling light and spacious when contrasted with dark mahogany antique furniture. Contemporary art over the sofa or the dining table complements the colour scheme and maintains a fresh look.

Floating shelves above the fireplace with decorative paint finish give the room a sharp and clean feel. The prominent horizontal lines on these shelves can be repeated in the mahogany ceiling beams. If you don’t like the rustic look of old beams, the crisp look of these mahogany beams would be pleasurable for you.

You can add a classic touch to your kitchen with mahogany custom cabinetry. You can get raised-panel dark wood cabinets with granite countertops and beige or stone tiled backsplash. Mahogany paneled appliances and dark hardwood floors together add character to the room.

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