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12 Best Rooftop Restaurants That Are Worth a Trip Across the World

Rooftop restaurants offer more than just good food; it is a whole experience. They are attracting a wider public looking to try something entirely new.

There is a great feeling that comes from eating at one of these restaurants. The rooftop experience takes you to a different dimension where everything seems possible.

Some even say it is a magical way to clear your mind and spend time with friends or loved ones. The sophistication associated with rooftops makes them hard to resist. The attention to detail also sets those restaurants apart from the rest of the competition.

The view over the ocean or a big portion of a city during summer is priceless. That is the reason why these locations welcome a lot of people when the weather is warm.

While the COVID-19 pandemic affected the restaurant industry in a serious way, 2021 was the year for a comeback.

However, 2022 also has a new challenge for the sector, inflation. Soaring prices are forcing customers to make other choices, and fine dining restaurants are not immune to this reality. Despite the obstacles, things are trending up for top-view restaurants.

According to research by the National Restaurant Association, the food service industry is forecast to reach $898B in sales in 2022.

So, what makes a rooftop restaurant really unique and special? Is it excellent food? Is it the location? Does the view really count?

The answers to the questions are not simple, but you need a mix of everything to get the most perfect and enchanting setting. The best rooftop restaurants in the world mix those different elements and add some others to stay ahead of the pack. Here are 12 of them.

1. SUSHISAMBA in London, England

SUSHISAMBA in London, England
Image Source: Sushi Samba

This is a restaurant chain that started in Manhattan in 1999. Some twenty-two years later, the group is present in many major cities around the globe. The brand has made its mark in Miami, Las Vegas, and Tel Aviv.

However, the location in London is simply on another level for those ready to try this delicate fusion of Japanese and Latin American cuisines. Visitors get an extraordinary view of London from the outdoor terrace. Moreover, there is also a bar where you can have a nice drink.

The staff is professional with excellent service. The food is great, and sushi lovers cannot go wrong there.

2. Skye Bar & Restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil

Skye Bar & Restaurant in São Paulo, Brazil
Image Source: Hotel Unique

When you think of sophistication and architectural ingenuity, Skye towers over the competition. It is on the eighth floor of the Unique Hotel, which looks like an old boat.

While in the lounge, it is possible to admire the São Paulo skyline. The bar has great drinks, especially the local cocktails. Moreover, there is a DJ that will play your favorite hits.

It is almost impossible to forget about the food. After all, Skye restaurant is in the MICHELIN Guide, the century-old French culinary guidebook that can make or break establishments.

You can enjoy sushi, sashimi, pizzas, and other international dishes with an obvious Brazilian feel.

3. Quince Rooftop in San Miguel, Mexico

Quince Rooftop in San Miguel, Mexico
Image Source: Quince Rooftop

San Miguel is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet. People love to live there, and visitors always leave with a smile.

Travel and Leisure and Condé Nast Traveler have ranked San Miguel the #1 city in the world to check out in recent years. Quince Rooftop restaurant might not have contributed to this success directly, but it probably did not hurt.

This Quince location has been named the “No. 1 Rooftop Restaurant in the World” by Robb Report Magazine.

The chef simply does wonders with a menu that has a lot of appeal. It contains lobster and a Texas steakhouse filet. The view cannot simply be described with words; that is just how amazing it is.

The music will also get you moving. In short, this hip establishment is the place to be for a great time, if you are thinking about a relaxing travel destination.

4. Red Sky in Bangkok, Thailand

Red Sky in Bangkok, Thailand
Image Source: Red Sky

Sitting on the 56th floor of the Centara Grand at CentralWorld, RedSky is genuinely one of the most incredible rooftop restaurants out there. The menu contains a lot of variety, from seafood dishes to steaks.

The food lineup was designed with a Western crowd in mind while not leaving the local flavor behind. Moreover, the staff goes above and beyond to deliver a great experience.

The 360° panoramic view of Bangkok’s skyline is just the icing on the cake. If you are preparing for a trip to Thailand, You would be wise to add the RedSky to your itinerary.

Since it is very popular, a reservation in advance is certainly a good idea.

5. 71above in Los Angeles, CA, USA

71above in Los Angeles, CA, USA
Image Source: 71Above

Do you want to experience fine American cuisine while close to 1000 feet above ground level? Please, look no further than 71above in Los Angeles, California. The name says it all because it is located on the 71st floor of the US Bank Tower.

New York does luxury well, but with a location like 71 above, the West Coast can definitely stay in the game.

While the menu for this rooftop is a bit limited, the food is totally spectacular. The view makes eating in the cloud a reality. Moreover, it is impossible to resist looking at the ocean (Malibu and Laguna Hills) from that vantage point.

6. Tomo in Dubai, UAE

Tomo in Dubai, UAE
Image Source: Tomo

Tomo lets you experience Japanese cuisine at its best. Chef Tomo Takahashi has become a real celebrity for those looking for authentic Japanese food.

This is a restaurant that also has a bar. It gives you a front-row view of Dubai’s new skyline. The atmosphere is romantic and charming. You even have the choice between indoor or outdoor seating.

The cocktails also have a legion of supporters from Japan and other countries. Tomo is a destination that stands out, and it is not afraid to do so.

Moreover, those who decide to try this rooftop often come back for more fun later.

7. Mezzaluna in Bangkok, Thailand

Mezzaluna in Bangkok, Thailand
Image Source: Mezzaluna

This rooftop is situated on the 65th floor of the State Tower in Bangkok, above the Lebua Hotel and Resort. In terms of food, guests have different options.

Some even say that East and West cuisines live there in perfect harmony. It covers European (primarily French) and contemporary cuisines. Moreover, customers with specific requests can enjoy vegetarian and gluten-free items.

With two stars in the famed MICHELIN Guide selection, Mezzaluna is one of the top destinations in the Asian capital for food enthusiasts. The view is splendid and completes the romantic atmosphere.

It is modern, but there is no kind of excess in the way that it is done.

8. Asmani Restaurant in Antalya, Turkey

Asmani Restaurant in Antalya, Turkey
Image Source: Asmani

The establishment blends a dash of luxury with Turkish and world cuisines. Asmani Restaurant sits on top of the Akra Hotel. The food is exquisite and makes you want to ask for more. Even the plates at this fantastic location will leave you impressed and will make you want to return for a replay.

The view is just charming, covering the city’s skyline, the Mediterranean, and the Bey Mountains. Contributing to the enchanting atmosphere is a DJ playing great music.

The entire package aims, for one thing, to make you feel special. It seems that time after time, the team is able to surpass this worthy goal.

9. Coq D’Argent in London, England

Coq D’Argent in London, England
Image Source: Coq d’Argent

This French restaurant in London has been leading the way for a while when it comes to rooftop restaurants. Its location makes it attractive for an upscale clientele, especially bankers because it is next to the Bank of England. You can also find the Mansion House and St Paul’s Cathedral nearby.

The terrace is awe-inspiring, and there is even a secret garden. While it is not really known outside of London, Coq D’Argent has a lot to offer because it stands out thanks to its unique position.

Moreover, it is difficult to find better if you are looking for rare French wine.

10. Baba Nest in Phuket, Thailand

Image Source: Baba

With a fantastic infinity pool that overlooks the ocean, the Baba Nest has a view that puts it in a whole different league. However, there is more to this incredible scenery; you can also admire beautiful trees and mountains.

While it has other pluses going for it, many visitors decide to book just for the extraordinary view. It is understandable; for example, a summer sunset at the Baba Nest is hard to beat.

Food-wise, it serves Mexican cuisine. The list of drinks is also an asset for this rooftop. Thailand is a great destination, and Baba Nest is one of the most exciting experiences the country has to offer.

11. Forest Bar at RIMBA by Ayana in Bali, Indonesia

Forest Bar at RIMBA by Ayana in Bali, Indonesia
Image Source: Ayana

The Ayana Hotel offers visitors a 5-star experience in Bali. The Forest Bar is a crucial element of the luxurious setting. It is more or less a stunning bar and restaurant in the middle of the Indonesian jungle, which means you are surrounded by a lot of greenery.

Bali has already built an excellent reputation in terms of tourism, and the Forest Bar makes it justice. The drinks are hard to forget and make enjoying a sunset there even more impressive.

With a menu that covers food from different countries, it is clear why this is one of the most sensational rooftop restaurants in the world.

12. Le Grill, Hotel de Paris in Monaco

Le Grill, Hotel de Paris in Monaco
Image Source: Monte.Carlo

The word iconic is not a term that gets thrown around easily in the hospitality industry. However, the Hotel de Paris in Monaco fits that description. There is an eatery that sits on its rooftop (8th floor) with its own unique aura and mythical touch.

Le Grill restaurant is MICHELIN-rated, which means the food is truly impressive. There is a great deal of attention to detail in every corner of this restaurant.

Moreover, there is a view over the French Riviera that you can never get enough of. When the weather allows it, it is even possible to see a bit of Corsica island.

Bonus: Top Mountain Star in Wurmkogel, Austria

Top Mountain Star in Wurmkogel, Austria
Image Source: Wikimedia

While it is not exactly what some would consider a rooftop restaurant and bar, Top Mountain Star fits here because it offers a rooftop experience like no other. That is the reason why people cannot stop talking about it.

It is situated in the Austrian Alps and is a favorite spot for skiers in the area. Interestingly, it looks like an air control tower. Do not be fooled by this element; it is one of the most interesting views that you can enjoy.

The images will be with you for a very long time. You can even see Italy from there.

Bottom line

Just like for an excellent meal, you need many ingredients to have a great rooftop. The best rooftop restaurants focus on the small things in order to make the entire experience even more remarkable for the visitor.

The restaurants on this list excel at getting everything right for the customer. When you are aiming to be the best, nothing can be neglected.

Of course, there is a price to pay for that excellence, but you almost never regret it.

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