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Top 10 Accidental Inventions of the World

These happen to be the voted top ten inventions that the world has ever received. They have definitely influenced the shape and stature of the world in differing ways. Without these, the world would not have had half the fun it has now.

1. Popsicle:

This got discovered by Frank Epperson who was indeed making the soda pop by the mixing of popular drink with soda water powder mixed in water. As he forgot midway and left the soda out on the porch all night, he found out the next morning that the frozen soda pop sitting on a stick.

This was the accidental invention of the first icicle as reported. 18 years later he started selling them with the patented name to it. This was then known as the Popsicle.

2. Microwave:

Louis Pasteur once said that chances favor the prepared minds and it has been no surprise with this invention or any of the inventions of the microwave as we explore. As an American engineer got busy with the working of magnetrons and other devices through radio signals, the microwave came to be formulated with radar signaling.

This came to be an incredibly powerful invention during the World War. This was one of the greatest accidental discoveries in the world.

3. Ice Cream Cone:

To the delight of all the ice cream cone came to be another accidental discovery that only came about in 1904. Before that ice creams were served in boring dishes only. It was at the 1904 World Fair that so many ice creams were sold that the place ran out of dishes and was thus being served in thin waffles.

These rolling cones came to be served with ice cream popping on top and thus came about as one of the very first ice cream cones in the world.

4. Champagne:

Much of the world’s celebrations would have remained incomplete without the accidental discovery of the champagne. This was in fact a sudden 17th-century discovery brought forth by the Benedictine monk’s crazy mistake of making wine with bubbles. He had in fact spent two years trying to make bubbly wine while the poor winemaking brought in one of the most original as well as unique tasting drinks.

The champagne was born out of loaded bubbles with carbon dioxide that came to gain popularity soon enough.

5. Brandy:

Another of the world’s greatest drinks also came to be born accidentally. This was discovered by a sailor quite by accident. Most wine merchants of the medieval age would be boiling water out of wine to create better cargo space while they would be traveling at sea.

At this storage work, the particular sailor must have forgone the reconstitution stage in bringing forth the invention of the brandy.

6. Post-it Notes:

Post-it notes came into existence with the accidental work between frustrated churchgoers and 2nd rate scientific work. The American corporation with 3M had formulated some of the greatest adhesives known so far and this glue could never be removed easily. To promote this they brought up many bright ideas while no one took note of them. 4 years later some church choir members used this adhesive to stick together some hymn pages that churchgoers would be constantly losing and complaining about.

These sticky mark notes became the savior and hero of the day with the collaboration of the great adhesive companies and the great thinking later brought the idea of post-its in a major, commercial way. Now we cannot even imagine our lives without them just like most of the other efficient discoveries enlisted here.

7. Potato Chips:

Who would ever think that this quintessential part of life could have gone unnoticed at some point in history without an accidental discovery? Well, that is what would have happened if the fussy diner, Cornelius Vanderbilt, would not be refusing fries at his meal. As the fries were found to be repeatedly done in a soggy way he tried to have his own frying done.

He was inexperienced enough to cut the potatoes too thin and grease them enough to fry in a crispy fashion. This is how he came up with the idea of chips which became instant hits and found itself to be on menus of several restaurants.

8. Penicillin:

This was another important turning point in the history of the planet with Alexander Fleming behind it. Fleming discovered the strain of bacteria called staphylococci got researched upon. But he did not know that this bacterium would indeed be an important part of creating cultured veggies in order to discover some of the greatest surrounding fungal molds that would be helpful in the process of digestion.

This was not even given much attention to as and when it got discovered. But it was much later in 1945 that the true importance of culturing of food came to take its place of esteem and greater importance. Right after this penicillin was taken to be one of the most important parts of understanding medicines in a different way, once and for all.

9. The Pacemaker:

This has been one of the breakthrough inventions in medical history with a rather accidental twist to its inventive process. This still continues to save the lives of thousands but unbelievably just like penicillin, this major medical enthusiasm got brought about with the working of a gadget that measured the irregular heartbeats of the wrong type of registered invention coming to take place at the right time.

The work on the circuit pulsed in with regular pulsing in coming back on order. This unintended invention brought about some of the greatest discoveries of implantation ever with the cardiac pacemaker coming to exist in the process of invention. Later of course the simple framework got developed better.

10. Superglue:

This happens to be another glue invention that came to happen accidentally with the adhesive value being increased. Superglue came to exist in the world as Dr Harry Coover accidentally brought in clear plastic with absolute precision of gun sight and handheld weaponry.

The cyanoacrylates soon polymerized with the contact with moisture that came to cause one of the greatest strong bonds of chemicals ever bringing in the chanced discovery of the Superglue.

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