Plants can not only make your room bright, it can boost up your mood too, help you to relax and it also can clean indoor air too. There are various toxic chemicals present in our homes and to get rid of the toxic air, it’s not very easy to do so. Though, there are various options available in the market, however to keep indoor plants is one of the easiest and cheapest options to get fresh air and also make your indoor space brighter.

Air Purifier Indoor Plants

Let’s have a look to the list of indoor plants for making the air fresh and clean:

Peace Lily

peace lily

Image by Pixabay

Among other houseplants, peace lily is comparatively smaller in size but contains some vital air purifying abilities. This plant is very easy to take care of, but make sure you are placing them under a shade & don’t let the soil get over heated. Try to keep them moist always. Though it can provide some flowers during summer, however like other flowers, these flowers also supply some scent as well as pollen too.


indoor palms

Image by Wikimedia

The palm, also quite popularly known as Palmae or even Arecaceae is well known name as an air purifying plant. It takes very little effort to grow it indoors and can easily enhance your mood in a grey environment. Palm has the ability to expel chemicals like carbon monoxide, benzene & formaldehyde. By placing this plant in your home, you can effectively get your air clean, especially if you have family members with a smoking habit.

Golden Pothos

Golden Pothos

Image by Flickr

For a new indoor gardener, this plant is a perfect choice. It doesn’t need much caring, it can easily digest every kind of negligence but on the other hand help you to purify your indoor air and improve its quality. Sometimes people buy philodendrons as Golden Pothos, which is also a same kind of house plant.

English Ivy

Image by Pixabay

This outdoor plant has a strong ability to harm the outside of your house as well as damage the gutter. However surprisingly the moment you place them inside your house it turns into an air purifier. Because of its climbing feature you can use this plant to add some extra touches to your indoor living space. Part shade and part sun light is English Ivy’s characteristic. During winter infrequent watering will help it to stay healthy. According to NASA, English Ivy is one of the best houseplants which can purify your indoor air quality.

Aloe Plant

Aloe plant

image by publicdomainpictures

We all know about the healing properties of aloe. When you apply it on burn, cuts etc., it will give you some soothing effect. Nevertheless it can also have a positive influence on the air quality of your home too. It’s able to remove harmful chemicals from air and give you a fresh purified air. Make sure you put the plant under sun light, which is the best option for its healthy growth.


Indoor Fern

Image by Wikimedia

Fern has a reputation of being a very common type of plant. However people have no idea that this extraordinary plant has been surviving since the prehistoric period. Their feathery, smooth soft leaves are something people really love to have in their homes. On the otherhand fern is able to remove toxic chemicals like xylene (which are common in glues, nail polishes and in paints) as well as toluene from air.



Image by Flickr

From a long time this plant has been quite famous as an indoor garden plant. It has two varieties, vining and non-climbing. Except under extreme sun, you can grow it anywhere in your home. Along with air purifying quality, their extraordinary color is able to put some extra touches to your room. They are extremely capable of removing xylene from air. To keep them healthy you need to store the moisture in the soil, however don’t make it completely wet or even fully dry.


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