Secret to Having a Great Career

If you study hard, never miss a day at work and volunteer to take on the most challenging projects, you might be named the employee of the year in your great career, but you may also be miserable. Quite a few job types have surprisingly high turnover rates, and it’s not because the work is dissatisfying or particularly difficult for employees to perform. One example includes recent M.S.W. online graduates who have entered the field of social work and immediately pondered what they have gotten themselves into. Social work is challenging and a lot of people are getting overwhelmed, panicking and can end up quitting their jobs before they even get used to them. There’s a way that you can go into social work or any career and thoroughly enjoy your work, and the secret is beginning to get out.

Having a Job You Look Forward to

No one studies for four years just to go into a career that is going to leave them feeling like they’ve made a grave mistake. It can be easy to underestimate the challenges you will be faced with in any career. Social work requires you to put your clients first, always be aware of your actions and demeanor, and strive to do better each time you go through something different. You have to know what kind of social work you really want to do in order to have a great career. If you prefer to work with seniors, taking a job with children won’t help you to feel fulfilled to the point where you really are enjoying your work.

Handling Work Issues Off the Clock

Sometimes social workers can be involved in a really emotionally draining case and not be able to get the details off their minds. Seeing a few young children who are in foster care and need a loving family might make you want to step in, but as a social worker, all you can do is work to find a good foster family for them to be placed with. If you are a social worker who has completed a masters of social work online, you don’t need anyone to tell you that you’re going to be having some sleepless nights. Having unresolved cases can make it difficult for you to get back to your regular life once you have left your place of employment for the day. Remember that your free time is valuable, and if you always remain stressed out you won’t be able to properly service your clients.

Meeting Personal Expectations

Others might have lofty expectations of you but all that matters is that you are making yourself happy. Should you need to adjust your personal goals, don’t feel that you need to explain your life or choices to any outside parties. It’s one thing to study to become a social worker and make assumptions on how your career is going to go, but it is different when you start working full time in the field.
You don’t experience great things professionally without work and sacrifice. The real secret to being happy in your career is being happy, period. If you aren’t satisfied in life, nothing that you do professionally is going to change your outlook. Put yourself first, and being content in your career will no longer be a question.


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