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Things you Need to Know about Cats and Dogs

Are you thinking of getting yourself a dog or cat? It really sounds exciting, but do you have the knowledge that would allow you to take care of your new companion. Getting yourself a new pet is a challenging commitment; you need to consider so many things when it comes to keeping a cat or dog at home. These include their personality, lifestyle compatibility, and feed times, amongst others. Today, I will help you get familiar with the essentials of becoming a cat or a dog person.

1. Get A Pet That Suits Your Lifestyle

Whether you’re getting a dog or a cat, make sure it suits your current lifestyle. If you already have a dog, there’s no guarantee that your new cat will take a liking to the companion at home. It might be challenging to make both the pets stay happy together under the same roof.

Before you buy yourself a cat or a dog, make sure you study and observe their behavioral traits and personality in detail. If you think only weird animals do weird things, you’re wrong my friend! Sometimes dogs and cats can also behave in weird ways like you might have seen cats making biscuits on soft places and dogs digging in dirt and poop.

Research the various dog and cat breeds and ask yourself, how you want to spend time with the new pet. Do you want to take it out for a walk, jog with it, or do dog sports? Ensure you understand how it will affect your current lifestyle and routine before bringing a new pet inside your home. Understand breeds and their activity preferences & needs to get yourself the best domestic animal.

2. Cat or Dog Companionship

If you already have cats or dogs at home, how would you bring the new pet in without any hassle? There’s a possibility your dog might not like the new cat or vice versa. It is an excellent idea to introduce your new pet to the resident pet and give them some time to get acquainted with each other.

Go for scent-swaps, so they get familiar with each other’s smell and are comfortable getting around. Have them spend time together once they’re done with the introductions. Moreover, look up some fun activities that they could both be engaged in like water sports, walking sprees, and exercises.

Understand that every breed has its own particular set of characteristics that define their personalities. They will have their own way of reacting to a new pet. It’s wise to pick a pet that is an ideal playmate for your resident pet dog or cat based on their individual disposition. Cats and dogs prefer having animals around that behave like them. So, getting a cat-friendly dog or a dog-friendly kitty is your go-to option.

3. Financial Costs For Healthcare, Food & Upkeep

Once you’ve bought yourself a nice hound or a kitty, bear in mind that you’ll need money for the new pet’s upkeep. This money will take care of their food and other expenses. Aside from purchasing litter boxes, food supplies, toys, and clothing essentials for your pet, you’ll have to stash some bucks for medical needs, as well.

A regular visit to a veterinary professional is necessary every three months. Therefore, you should have a clear idea of how much it would cost you. As per a 2018 survey by the Humane Society of the United States, pet owners have to pay around $890 for cats and almost $1,386 for dogs, as part of vet bills and care costs.

When it comes to nutrition, you’d want to make sure that you buy only the best food for your new pet. Quality food suppliers like kitty mix and rawhide dog chews are costly, so you must factor these in when planning your pet budget. Healthy dog chews are great for a pet. There are different types available such as dog chew sticks, bones, and other forms that your pet will take an instant liking to. Have your vet recommend food types for the cats and the timings for feed, so you have a healthy pet roaming around your place that’s both jovial and friendly.

4. Create A Pet Space Inside Your Home

Whether it’s a beautiful little shed in the corner of your garden or a cozy spot with baby gates inside your lounge, pets love their personal space. Understand that your new pet will want to spend time with you and require his or her own space to de-stress.

Therefore, you’ll have to make changes to your existing space to create room for your pets. These could include setting up a particular play area or a hiding space for them. You may have to shift a sofa, rearrange the furniture, or move the TV a bit to make space for your new pet. That’s important if you want an amiable kitty or dog to bond with you well.

5. Extra Attention To Cleanliness

Apart from providing your pet cat or dog with a separate bathroom, you’ll need to devise a regular cleaning routine to ensure they’re pest-free and healthy. Buy yourself a toolset and cleaning accessories for your pet’s proper hygiene. Looking for a cat grooming brush? Need a scrub for your dog? Check out eBay, Sleekez, or Amazon.

Make sure you give your pet a full wash 2-3 times every week. Clean the fur, claws, and other parts with top-quality cleaning products. Furthermore, take care to keep food bowls away from the play area. Give your cat training on the litter box, bathroom, house, and food bowl to make sure it stays clean, and you don’t catch any allergies.  Happy Pet-time!

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