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12 Toyota Prius Facts That Explain Why It Is The Best Hybrid Car!

The Toyota Prius is a true giant and one of the most popular models on the market for hybrid cars. This is nothing new because the Prius has always been about making history and taking the industry in a different direction.

Here are some key Prius facts. In 1997, when it hit the Japanese market, it was the first hybrid vehicle to get a real push for success. By the year 2000, it had gone global, and countries like the United States fell in love immediately with this game-changer.

In September 2022, the Prius reached a very impressive milestone by becoming the top-selling hybrid car in the world. It sold over 5 million units.

This incredible success is not random, and over 20 years after it first arrived on the market, the Prius is still ahead of the pack. The strong sales can attest to this reality.

To some extent, the Toyota Prius has become a synonym for a hybrid vehicle. There are clear reasons why supporters are so adamant about the virtues of this car.

They talk proudly about the ample legroom that is great for comfort. The safety ratings, exterior design, and fuel economy all tell the same story.

This is a car that deserves all of its laurels. Moreover, the reasonable price cannot be dismissed. Interestingly, the Toyota Prius is not done growing and reaching new people.

To do this, brilliant features appear when a new generation hits the market. In November 2022, the fifth generation of the Prius (XW60) made its debut in Japan.

For some car enthusiasts, it was the right time for a real facelift. The heads of the company opted to surprise observers by making a few fundamental changes that were necessary. The result is aesthetically pleasing.

12 Surprising Toyota Prius Facts

With the recent changes, it makes sense to cover some top facts about the Toyota Prius. As the car prepares to turn a new corner, it is essential to remember what makes it so unique for many.

Prius Facts: First Generation (XW10; 1997)

First generation Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a real engine behind a true revolution in the industry.

1. Toyota Prius is a green car

When it appeared on the market, it was the world’s cleanest car because of its focus on reducing CO2 and other harmful emissions. The years have passed, but the Prius has stayed the same in this area.

The Toyota Prius Prime was named the Greenest Car in the world by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) in 2022.

It is a huge accomplishment because over 1,000 cars were reviewed for the study. The Prius remains the leader of its lane twenty-five years after starting this spectacular journey.

2. Prius gets lighter

For the Prius, things like weight cannot be ignored. Since the very beginning, Toyota has made a concerted effort to cover as much ground as possible and to leave little to luck.

The company worked hard to reduce the weight of the cars from the first generation. For example, the rear window glass was thinner, and high-tensile steel was used quite a bit.

In the past two decades, the weight variation from the different models has never gone over 10%. This illustrates a particular commitment to the issue that is more constant and linear than with other companies.

Second Generation (XW20; 2003)

Second generation Toyota Prius

The Prius has always had the environment as a top priority.

3. Prius impresses in terms of emissions regulations

Thanks to the generation, Toyota took this commitment to the next level. Moreover, with this era, the Toyota Prius cemented its place in the industry and proved that its initial success was never a fluke.

This Prius was the first car to be in compliance with the tough emissions regulations in countries like the US and Japan. It also hit the mark in Europe.

4. Prius keeps you cool in the summer

The second generation of Prius introduced an air-conditioning system that was revolutionary at the time. It turned the page on the old way of doing things.

2003 marked the end of Toyota’s reliance on the petrol engine, and the hybrid battery came into the picture. The first air-conditioning system meant the vehicle’s interior could remain cool when the engine was off.

Toyota is not backing down when it comes to improving this technology. The Prius models from 2010 to 2015 are considered some of the best cars to stay cool in hot summer weather.

Third Generation (XW30; 2009)

Third generation Toyota Prius

The innovation continued when this generation arrived on the market in 2009.

5. Prius reduces maintenance costs

The drive belts for the powertrain were abandoned for this era. This means fewer maintenance costs and more reliability.

The brake regeneration system also took the brake pads to a new place. This kind of feature is very popular with Prius owners. Most of them say that they can go over 100,000 miles without needing to make a change.

The 2023 Toyota Prius stays true to the creative spirit and makes braking even smoother through the advanced adaptive cruise control. Jumpstarting the Prius has also become easier than before with the standard battery now located under the hood.

6. Prius has longevity

Thanks to the third generation, the Prius became the go-to hybrid vehicle for Toyota. After the launch of this new era, the Prius represented 70% of the 1.7 million units sold around the globe. That number eventually grew to 3.5 million.

This generation left an indelible mark on the automobile industry. It came out on top of the “Best Value” category, according to Consumer Reports. This was done two years in a row, in 2012 and 2013.

Although a few years have passed, the reports still tell the same story for the Prius. To back this point, in 2019, American drivers ranked the Toyota Prius as the second longest-kept car.

Fourth Generation (XW50; 2015)

Fourth generation Toyota Prius

This generation first hit the market in 2015 and went through a facelift in 2018.

7. Toyota Prius lowers the center of gravity

This is the first series to use the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) modular platform.

This change corresponds to more rigidity and a lower center of gravity. Toyota values this progress a lot, and it still plays a central role in newer models.

8. Toyota Prius opts for smaller batteries

The period also opened the door for nickel-metal hydride batteries, which are smaller and more powerful. They also charge way faster than their predecessors and can last longer.

This new direction confirms Toyota’s intentions to stay way ahead when it comes to progress and the advancement of technology.

Fifth Generation (XW60; 2022)

Fifth Generation Toyota Prius

This era marks another major shift for the company with even more focus on the things that work.

9. Prius focuses on results

The new Prius will be available in Japan, US, and Europe. It will be replaced by the Corolla Hatchback Hybrid in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Poor sales in those areas are responsible for this move.

However, supporters can still count on Toyota to deliver. The price tag remains reasonable at around $29,000.

10. 2023 Prius is really smooth

The Toyota Prius is not giving up on being one of the smoothest hybrid vehicles on the market. In order to make your rides as comfortable as possible, the company came up with new suspension parts in several places.

It also retooled a few structural elements. The steering is not a hassle and is entirely on point.

11. This Toyota Delivers Outstanding Fuel Efficiency

This Toyota Delivers Outstanding Fuel Efficiency

Thanks to its ingenious hybrid system, the 2024 Prius achieved remarkable fuel efficiency, delivering over 56 MPG on a combined cycle. This made it an excellent choice for individuals who had long daily commutes. As is typical with hybrids, the Prius was also highly efficient in city driving, where lower speeds allowed for more battery-only operation.

This feature made the Prius especially attractive to urban commuters looking for a hybrid vehicle. On longer highway trips, efficiency dropped slightly as the engine had to assist the electric motor. However, this series-based operation provided the Prius with enough power to be comfortable on freeways as well. The fuel efficiency makes it a perfect choice for camper conversion using different Prius mods.

12. Versatility Is One of Its Greatest Strengths

The Prius came in different body styles called the Prius V and the Prius C. This made it adaptable to various needs and preferences. The V version was for those needing more space than the standard Prius, while the C version was for those preferring a smaller car. The range of variants ensured there was a Prius for everyone.

This broadened its appeal, boosting sales significantly. However, not all body styles were available in every market. Availability was based on anticipated demand. Markets needing larger cars received the V version, while those with narrower roads received the C version. This strategy made Prius a global product, suitable for all markets.

Bottom line

Those Prius facts reaffirm why it stands apart in an ever-changing market. Toyota embraces progress and forward-looking technology faster than many of its competitors.

This focus on the future helps set trends with the Prius instead of following them. The customer is a big winner thanks to this unique sense of innovation.

With the fifth generation, the Toyota Prius continues on the same path by making an attractive and faster car that focuses on fuel efficiency.

The brand is also embracing a new identity by trying to be a “cool car” and relying less on being serious. The changes prove that there is always room to grow, even when you are ahead.

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