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10 Toyota Prius Mods That Are Functional and Elegant

The popularity of the Toyota Prius is unmatched among mainstream consumers. However, regardless of sophistication and craziness, Prius is a renowned family car because of its spacious interior, practicality and affordability. While it retained its position as the best miles-per-gallon car for a long time, it couldn’t improve much in terms of design.

But it can be altered and modified to a great extent just like the ford fusion. There are some individuals and organizations that continue to challenge the norms with dramatic modifications to the Prius’ body. You can check out some of the crazy Prius mods here along with some vehicle performance-optimizing hacks.

1. Prius Camper Van

You read that right! Camp-Inn modified the Toyota Prius and gave it a camper van look. If you’re a true fan of the Toyota Prius, you will be happy to know that it can also be driven for camping adventures. You can get incredible fuel economy for your country’s adventures. You have some camping plans but don’t want to spend a lot of money on a camper van. The camper Prius is an alternative. This car is just as bizarre and fascinating as it sounds. You can use this car to live in and spend some quality time.

2. Supercharged V8 Prius

Most of you know Prius because of its hybrid technology which makes it an economical car overall. Well, 50 miles per gallon is cute but this rebel is packed with a 4.5 L long block V8 Hellcat crate engine mated with a 6-speed manual transmission instead of a CVT. It’s called the PriuSRT-8. It’s owned by Nick Phillip co-owner at American Racing Headers. This thing makes 800 horsepowers with the help of a bigger supercharger.

3. Sleeping in Prius is Fun

Being the hilarious one, this mod is somehow comforting as well. It will be done with the help of seat modification inside your Prius. The seat beside the driving one and the back seat are removed and replaced with a narrow bed-like structure with foam on it. This modification can be done in any Prius model due to its spacious structure and compatibility. So, opt for it and enjoy taking a rest in your Prius.

4. Turn Prius into a UV

If you are a fan of old utility trucks and want to boast about driving a hybrid as well, this car modification is for you! Although, this mod is an expensive one. This is done by joining an SUV back with your Prius. This mod sounds senseless but it isn’t. You can enjoy the experience of driving an SUV car without spending big chunks on purchasing it.

However, the engine remains the same and you can take the benefits of the hybrid car as well. The fuel efficiency does not remain the same but the functionality will be increased. It also looks incredible and eye-catchy and gives a seamless experience.

5. Magnificent and High-End Prius

Toyota Prius with Wald International Body Kit
Source: Wald International

Prius is known for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and eco-friendliness. However, many people associate it with the word “humble”. Japanese auto detailing company Wald International has made the car’s body more luxurious thanks to its innovative design. This body kit is designed to keep the brand’s philosophy intact while giving the Prius more confidence and boldness. But taking care of your car is necessary to keep it in its best shape.

6. Toyota Prius Convertible

Source: motortrend

Do not let anyone stop your dream of a Prius convertible! They will most likely try. We can’t believe that this convertible modification was done and definitely, it is not an economical one. You can enjoy this mod if you love sports cars but don’t have enough budget to get one. Go for a drive with your loved one and enjoy the winds without any discomfort.

7. Elegant, Sporty Prius

Source: popsci

Rowen presented their PR body design for the Prius PR at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2017. This body mod looks sporty and elegant. This body gives a marvelous aesthetic appearance to the car and uplifts its visual aspects. It has a front spoiler that can be fitted with LED spotlights that can win hearts. The rear spoiler’s diffuser shape has been identified as Rowen’s original design. The sidestep creates depth without increasing the car’s width. This body mod provides a lot of performance and aesthetic enhancements for the Prius.

8. Redefining Hybrid

Source: pixabay

It looks almost like a Pontiac! This is because the car’s body is entirely made from a 1967 Firebird. It is, however, a Prius inside. Although this body mod is extreme, it was a great way to bring the old and the new together. Pontiac’s rich history is something that everyone would love to keep. The Firebird appeared in many classic films from the 60s and 70s including Smokey and the Bandit by Burt Reynolds.

9. Toyota Prius GR

The Toyota Prius GR stands out as a performance car, featuring significant aesthetic enhancements influenced by the GR010 Hybrid Le Mans race car. Despite its discreet appearance and distinctive cosmetic alterations, it surprises as a high-performance vehicle.

Performance upgrades for the Prius involve aerodynamic adjustments, a lightweight carbon fiber hood, a wide-track suspension, and premium tires to enhance cornering capabilities. Additional lights contribute to its Le Mans-inspired look.

Transformed into a swift errand runner, the Prius GR boasts an additional 100 horsepower, achieving a remarkable 0-60 mph in just 6.6 seconds. This feat is noteworthy for a hatchback typically associated with environmentally conscious drivers, challenging stereotypes and showcasing the potential to outshine traditional sports cars.

10. Prius Limo

Why not elevate your prom experience with a stylish Prius limo? It’s not just about making a grand entrance; it’s about making an eco conscious statement. Imagine a six-door, eight-seater Prius tailored for those who value sustainability without sacrificing sophistication. This isn’t your typical prom ride – it’s a chic, green journey that distinguishes you from the crowd. If you’re keen on turning heads and showcasing your commitment to both style and the environment, the Prius limo is the ultimate choice!

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