When your body is happy, you are happy. This is because you aren’t struggling with fatigue, or from lower organ function. Your brain is alert, it is active, and you feel energized. With this increased energy you can go out and do more of the things that you enjoy.

New Lifestyle Habits

It is only when we find that right balance, after all, that we can lead a fulfilling life. Just as your life requires balance, so too do your efforts towards leading a healthy life.

Your Diet is Your Cornerstone

healthy diet

When you want to start your health journey, you must always look at your diet first. Your body uses what you put into it as fuel to keep you going, but unlike a car, your body requires a vast array of different substances in order to function at optimal levels. What this means is that vitamins are just as important to your diet as macronutrients are. Vitamins, or micronutrients, are what support our internal systems, from eyesight to our immune system. Macro-nutrients are what we burn as fuel to keep going. Without both, we cannot thrive, so it is best to cull all bad food choices from your life and replace them with healthier alternatives.

Make Exercising Fun, Make it a Habit

Exercising Fun

Next, is exercising. What is important to note here is that if you have so far not had success with going to the gym, then you likely won’t find the will to go now. Thankfully, there are so many different ways for you to get your exercise and have fun while you are at it. Start first by picking up some cute athleisure clothing to compliment your workouts, and then start by trying different activities. If you have always wanted to learn self-defense, try one of the martial arts or mixed martial arts sports and take a class. If you already have a preference, like hiking, or swimming, commit more to it. Get your friends involved so it becomes a social activity and you’ll be well on your way to make exercising a fun, regular habit.

Beauty Habits for Long-Lasting Looks

Long Lasting Looks

Next you should look at your beauty routine. If you consistently wear a lot of make-up and forget to take it off before bed, stop. Go on a make-up detox while you work on improving your skin’s natural health and glow. This also applies to your dental and hair health. Work on improving them naturally, so that you can feel more confident while making significant steps towards prolonging your youth.

See More of Your Friends

Social ties

Last but not least, see more of your friends. Social ties are a critical part of our health and happiness, and the modern, busy lifestyle that we lead is often antithesis to a healthy social life. Rather than become disparaged, make more plans. It will take a while for hanging out to become a habit, but that’s okay. So long as they say yes to meeting with you and you enjoy their company, there is no reason to stop being the first to invite them out.

Starting a healthy lifestyle might seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Focus on your health and what is fun, and you can improve your life, starting today.

Most of us don’t visit our doctor unless we think there’s something wrong. It makes sense, after all, there’s no point popping in for a chat if you feel perfectly well – or is there? Some health problems have very few if any symptoms, so unless you have a routine health check-up, you may not even realize you’re ill.

Health Checkup

Of course, it could be spotted when you visit the doctor about a problem you are aware of when tests for the symptoms you have described reveal there is something else going on as well. But it’s better not to leave it to chance or fate and get yourself checked over regularly.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure

This is probably the most well-known illness that has virtually no symptoms to alert you to a problem. Considering how harmful the condition can be, it seems surprising that it’s not more obvious there’s something wrong. It will almost certainly go unnoticed unless you get a check-up, or use a self-service blood pressure machine if there is one available to you.

Although it can cause heart and circulatory problems, high blood pressure can be treated successfully with medication, so it will make a big difference to your future health if you get it diagnosed earlier. To find out more about high blood pressure treatments, click here.


type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common, especially in older adults and those who have weight problems. It isn’t symptom-free like high blood pressure, but the symptoms often present themselves so slowly that you can fail to spot them, or just put it down to the normal aging process. Feeling thirsty more often, needing to visit the bathroom more frequently, and sometimes feeling tired, lethargic, or a bit lightheaded isn’t the kind of symptoms that would have most people racing for the doctor’s surgery. That is what you may experience in the early days of being diabetic, and again, the earlier you get treatment started, the better your prognosis.

Heart Failure

Heart failure

Often the first sign that there’s anything wrong with your heart is the excruciating pain of having a heart attack. This is obviously not the best way to get a diagnosis, so having a regular check-up will enable you to keep track of how well your heart is functioning and allow your doctor to spot any early warning signs.

Having a heart attack can prove fatal, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. Even if you look after your heart and lead a healthy lifestyle, you aren’t immune to heart disease, so just because you feel well, don’t assume your heart is functioning well and that you aren’t at any risk.

The chances are good that when you have your check-up, everything will be fine. If that’s the case, you can be happy and relaxed knowing all is well. If the check-up does identify any problems or potential issues, you’ll be much better placed to be able to deal with them and get treatment before they get any worse. So, don’t delay, get yourself an appointment and put your mind at rest.

Life is full of good things. The abilities to chase dreams, to fall in love with and marry whoever, to have and raise children, are only a few of the good things about it.

Life is not made up of all good things, though, as it does come with its fair share of bad. The bad is draining. It’s toxic. It’s unhealthy. It’s everything that holds you back in life. It’s everything that makes you like any less than the one-of-a-kind person you are.

But, fear not, because you can banish the bad in your life, and when you do, you’ll be happier than ever. To find out how to do it, make sure to read on.

Clear Negative Energy

Whether you’re a believer in fengshui, karma or any of the other things in life that we can’t see but some say they can feel, or not, there are still positives in clearing negative energy from your life. There are positives in it because, when you clear negative energy, you clear your mind too. And when your mind and conscience are clear, you’ll have a far clearer insight into who you are and what you want from life. After all, life is all about mindset.

With it lacking a physical form, negative energy can be hard to believe, let alone clear, but there are some signs which signify that you need a clear out. These signs include feeling exhausted after doing the simplest of things, such as having basic conversations; feeling claustrophobic without having too much surrounding you; only ever hearing abuse directed towards you, or straight criticism, when nothing of the like is issued; and feeling wrong for being yourself or saying what you feel. If you feel or think any of this in a certain situation, you need to banish that situation from your life or change it as best you can.

Sometimes, when it comes to clearing negative energy, all you need to do is give your surroundings a clear out. Yes, this means giving your home that deep clean, or even renovation, that you’ve long been promising it. When you do, don’t be afraid to embrace the way of the minimalist; you’ll create for yourself a stress-free, uncomplicated living space that will help to keep your head clear of all negative energy.

Whether you believe in negative energy, and the part it can play in your life, or not, it doesn’t hurt to give it a clear every now and again.

Banish Negative People from your Life

Sometimes, the bad things in your life will have nothing to do with energy or even with you, and everything to do with others and their actions. Sometimes, the bad will be brought into your life by negative people, who could even be your friends, who want to drag you down. They will drag, pull and sap at your energy until you are as bitter and unhappy as they are. Now, it’s time to stop them. Now, it’s time to banish these negative people from your life, either for good or until they show a distinct change in their behavior.

How do you spot a negative person? There are a number of signs to help you do so, the telltale one being that they try to tell you what to do without having any authority to do so. This is because it is much easier for negative people to tell people what they think they should be doing, rather than actually doing it themselves. As well as this, negative people tend to be pessimistic, especially when it comes to something that excites you. They are ‘energy vampires,’ and they would squash your dream if they thought it would keep you on their level and benefit them.

How do you banish a negative person or their negativity from your life? First of all, you have to cut out the gossiping. Negative people are very much interested in the lives of others, and not entertaining the gossip they try to embroil you in is the first step you have to take in banishing the negativity. Second of all, you should always refuse to accept others repeatedly discussing a problem without them doing anything about it. Nothing comes from a constant string of moaning, and it is only done to evoke sympathy, so don’t entertain it.

Banish the negative people, or get them to see the error of their ways, and you’ll take huge steps forward in banishing the bad from your life.

Overcome your Addictions

Addiction, no matter what it is to, is bad. Whether it’s an addiction to drugs, an addiction to alcohol, an addiction to working, an addiction to gaming, an addiction to worrying or an addiction to another human being, it is bad,and it is unhealthy. So, whatever your addiction is, overcome it. Overcome it before it overcomes you.

Addiction is a disease; there’s no denying that. Unlike most other diseases, however, you can control it. To control it, you have to have the ability to look at your life subjectively, and the strength to take a step back from that that you think you most desire. If you ever find yourself addicted to alcohol or drug intake, for example, because you have begun driving while intoxicated or have had medical advice telling you to stop, but you have no plans to stop, then you need the strength to take a step back from your life and to check yourself into rehab.

And, if you ever did have to do such a thing, you wouldn’t have to worry. Rehab isn’t about straitjackets and syringes. It isn’t about tough love and even tougher rules. It isn’t about hiding away from the sunlight for months on end until you are corrected. It isn’t even about correcting yourself. Rehab is about dedicating a portion of your present in aid of bettering your future. So, should you ever need to, make sure to view here for more information on the best rehab facility for you. Regardless of your addiction and if it is bad for your health or not, you should face it in that same vein. You should treat your addiction and your period of overcoming it as if you were in rehab, either cutting yourself off from it or by weaning yourself off it over time.

Overcoming your addictions will leave your life feeling more like your own. So, get overcoming.

Don’t Let Work Take Over

Are you the type of person to check your emails five times an hour? Do you seem to bring your work home with you every single day? Are days off a thing of the past? Do you see more of your ‘work wife’ or ‘work husband’ than you do your actual partner? Are you more bothered about checking the company books than checking your child’s homework? If so, then that could be what is bringing a whole lot of bad to your life. Simply, don’t let work take over, take off that suit and put that business phone down at dinner time!

Yes, it is important to work hard, but if you work hard all the time, fatigue will set in and benefit neither your work nor your personal life. Yes, it is important to answer calls, but they can and will wait if they’re important enough. Yes, it’s important to take opportunities when they present themselves, but there will always be opportunities out there. Yes, it’s important to build those important business relations, but it’s not as important as spending time with your relatives.

You have to accept that allowing work to take over, no matter the financial benefit, does not benefit you. More to the point, it does not benefit the time you spend being you. You are not a man or a woman that lives and breathes for that next big sale, you are the person your children look up to,and you’re the person your significant other calls their lover. There is more to you than wearing a suit and attending board meetings, and don’t you forget it.

If you have no choice but to invest your time into your work, then you have to make allowances for it,and you have to find a better balance. What this means is, to save your time after your working hours, that you have to get up early. Get up early and attack each day, using the energizing early hours of the day to help you as you do. Of course, this might mean getting a bit of an earlier bedtime, but after a long day at work, that should be a blessing.

Life will always be full of bad things, and you will encounter something bad in your life at some point, but you can banish the badness. You can beat the badness, and you can bruise it, you only have to find the strength to do it yourself, because nobody will do it for you. So, get beating, get bruising and get banishing that bad for good.

It can become a bit of an obsession when it comes to purchasing clothing for your baby, but what many parents fail to take into consideration is the functionality of the garment, rather than the visual appearance. If you are a new mum or are currently expecting a baby, it is easy to become drawn to whatever may appeal to the eye, rather than what you really need when it comes to baby clothes shopping.

While Buying Baby Clothes

If you are unsure on what you should be purchasing as a new mum, here are 10 top tips to bear in mind on your next baby-clothing shop:

1. Buy the Correct Amount

It may be tempting to buy a whole range of newborn clothes;however, it is worth mentioning that your baby won’t stay newborn size for very long. Also, if your baby isn’t born yet, it isn’t a certainty as to what size they will be. Therefore, start off by purchasing small amounts and build on their clothing collection over a period of time.

If you are in any form of doubt, always buy larger sizing which they can grow into. Babies develop very quickly, so whatever size garment you purchase will be put to good use eventually. However, do bear in mind the seasons when buying in advance; especially if you are looking at months ahead of time.

2. Look for Soft Fabrics

Soft Fabrics

Babies and children have highly sensitive skin, therefore investing in suitable materials is essential to avoid irritation. Also, as your little one will be wearing their clothing garments fairly often as a newborn, the quality of the garment is another factor to bear in mind. Fabrics such as cotton, silk and cashmere are the most appropriate options; all of which are high quality and smooth on the skin. This factor is especially important between the ages of 6-12 months, when your baby’s skin is at its most sensitive.

3. Purchase Clothing that is Easy for Changing

Although you cannot avoid every miniature detail when purchasing baby clothing, features such as buttons can make the changing process more difficult than necessary. Zippers and snap fastenings are perhaps the most convenient closures for a newborn baby. You may also wish to consider stretchy materials, especially around the neckline which can make it easier to slip the garment over the head without too much fuss.

4. Purchase Upmarket Brands

upmarket brands

Purchasing items from upmarket brands would be recommended due to their durability and resale value. As mentioned previously, your baby will grow in a very short space of time, therefore if you are going to spend large amounts on clothing, it would be worth making an investment.

Inexpensive clothes from typical high-street stores don’t hold their price and after a few washes, need to be thrown into the garbage. If you are on the lookout for luxury children’s brands on the other hand, shop here for Dior’s new Spring/Summer 2018 children’s collection to view their extensive range.

You may be a little strapped for cash, but have the desire to own a luxury clothing item for your little one. If so, one top tip would be to invest in a coat or dress, which can be worn out or for special occasions, rather than a baby grow which is more likely to get spoiled.

5. Sizing

It is important to purchase clothing items that are appropriate for your baby’s current size, rather than the age specified on the tag. Standard measurements usually apply, however, these are estimated at an average and do not fit all babies of the stated age.

Other influences may affect the size of your baby- for example, height and weight, so make sure you inspect the individual garment and take into consideration such factors. You may find that your baby needs to size up or down from the standard measurement sizing.

6. Footwear


Ensuring you purchase the correct footwear for your little one is essential to their foot development. The most suitable material and an accurate fit will need to be considered when purchasing their very first pair of shoes.

Fabrics such as soft canvas and leather are ideal for newborns, a slip-resistant sole is needed for crawlers,and confident little walkers will need a sturdy pair which provide the correct support. Newborns, however, need the element of flexibility and breathability within their footwear and should be secured with safe and convenient popper or Velcro fastenings.

7. Sleepwear

As your baby will be sleeping for most of the day, it would be best to purchase a large selection of baby grows and pajamas over other garments to start off their wardrobe. Always be certain that sleepwear is flame resistant – an element usually stated on the label. When it comes to washing their sleepwear, refrain from using fabric softener, as this can decrease the resistance ability within the garment.

8. Easy Maintenance

Easy Maintenance

As your baby will need changing on a regular basis, it would be most convenient to choose clothing items which are suitable for machine washing. Spending precious time hand-washing and dry-cleaning garments will be of high inconvenience when you have a little one to take care of.

9. Safety

When purchasing clothing, try to avoid embroidery or embellishments of any kind; both of which may have severely dangerous impacts on your baby’s skin and health. Buttons and bows, fringing and tassels, for example, are at risk of being pulled off by little fingers and placed in the mouth, therefore if you have any inclination that they may be coming loose, aim to remove them with immediate effect.

10. Buying Online is the Way Forward

Unlike shopping for your baby’s clothing in a store, choosing to shop online gives you the freedom to research each product and their materials before making a purchase. Well-known brands should include all the necessary facts in terms of compositions and detailing, so you can be sure of what you are spending your cash on.

Everyone is living a busy life these days. While little kids need to wake up in the morning and prepare for a tiring day at school, adults need to deal with all kinds of responsibilities and unexpected life challenges besides the usual day at work. All of these factors can take a toll on your mind and body if you are not careful and you don’t know when to stop. Even though it might be tempting to force the human body to keep going, every once in a while you will need to relax and take things slowly. In order to do so, people need to realize how important it is to live a peaceful life. Although it sounds daunting to some or nearly impossible for others, it is good to keep in mind that anyone can change their life for the better if they include a few peaceful habits in their day-to-day life.

Find Peace In Your Life

Living in anger is not an answer in this case. People who decide to do so tend to overlook the beauty and peacefulness of life. It is impossible to see the “bright side” if you keep criticizing or hating everything that is around you. You need to stop that for a moment and make some small changes that you’ll be grateful for on the long run.

Stop Overthinking

This is an aspect that many individuals have in common. Unfortunately, it does not add any value to your life. On the contrary, all it does is to “kill your happiness”. That said, if you want to be happy, you need to stop worrying about aspects that you cannot change. If you were to think that everything happens for a reason, your life would improve considerably. After all, overthinking does not even have a solid foundation. In other words, people who overthink tend to see every aspect of life from a bad perspective and keep asking themselves “what if” questions. Yet, most of the time they are wrong to do so. Each time you feel that you are about to overthink you need to pull yourself together. Put yourself in a positive state of mind by doing something that makes you happy.

Give Yourself Free Time

As already mentioned above, the human body has a limit. It signals each time that limit is surpassed. For example, the human body needs to sleep for about seven to eight hours each night. If not, it will eventually give up on you. All you can do is turn off your phone for a couple of hours and think about your well-being. Go to a quiet place such as your backyard or even your bedroom. Embrace the inner peace by observing the beauty of nature.

However, many people tend to believe that alcohol is a better alternative. While it might sound like a good idea to have a drink and forget about the world, that is not always the best option. This is because it causes addiction and many other unwanted problems. If you suffer from any kind of addiction and you’re looking for drug addiction treatment, you should keep in mind that there is always a way out.

Let Go of the Past

Your past defines who you are as an individual. Although it plays an important role in your life, sometimes it tends to haunt you for a long time. It is important to reflect on certain actions in the past, but not entirely focus or obsess about them. If you see it as a lesson and you learn to move on, you’ll be a lot happier and obviously your life will be more peaceful. Moving on from the past can take some time. Nonetheless, it is actually possible to make this change in your life. Take all the time you need and learn to let go of what hurt you. This is the only way to move forward. No one says that you should “erase” your memory, but you should at least try to let go on memories that still haunt you.

Walk away from Negativity

People live in a world where negativity is everywhere. They see it on television or in real life. Negativity and drama only bring you down and don’t give you the chance to feel true peace. Walk away from negative situations and people that bring you down. There are a lot of negative influences in this world. On the other hand, there are a lot of positive influences as well, that can bring a smile on your face no matter what. All you need to do is find those people. It might take a long time, but knowing that there are some kind people in your life who care about you is the best feeling in the world.


Sometimes, when people feel overwhelmed with problems and stress they tend to forget the simplest way of relaxing their mind and body – breathing. This technique works wonders each time. It is true that it is a subconscious practice that allows us to live, yet focusing on your breathing for just two minutes can turn your day around. If you want to bring peace in your life and you don’t have time to go to the spa or even for a walk in the park, all you need to do is take a short break from everything that you are doing just so that you can focus on your breathing. Concentrate on the air that is going in and out of your belly. Preferably, it has to be fresh air. Open the window or go on the balcony for a minute and you’ll come back a changed person.

Don’t be afraid to take a step back each time you feel overwhelmed. In order to bring peace in your life all you need to do is relax your mind and body. Remember that there is always another day where you can solve your problems. Be kind to yourself! At the end of the day, if you are not looking after your mind and body, no one else will!

A recent news story from the Sichuan province of southwestern China finally prompted a much needed rubbish removal action on an illegally fly tipped pond. For years, the residents in the area had complained about the smell emanating from the 66,700 square metre area, piled five metres high with waste removal, and infested with hoards of mosquitoes.

Rubbish Removal Stories

So, to emphasize, years went by while citizen suffered over the lack of rubbish removal. Then, one day a news story about the situation breaks, and the very next day more than one hundred workers arrive on the scene with rubbish removal excavators! Wow! The news media has the power to move mountains…. even mountains of rubbish! They have the power to cause dramatic and immediate change! The only problem is that all too often they don’t cover the rubbish removal stories that need covering the most.

This begs the question:

What can everyday citizens do to increase the media exposure of our rubbish removal crisis?

You don’t have to be a full fledge activist to take a simple “activist move!” As the millennial generations mature, the social consciousness about problems like fly tipping and pollution is changing. People are beginning to develop more of a moral responsibility to take it upon themselves to pitch in and help however they can, even if they only have time to take small actions.

Social media has changed the way news is spread around the world. No longer is the news almost exclusively controlled by a few major media outlets. However, the mass media still has the juggernaut of influence within the news market. The difference is as citizens we have more power than ever in influencing what they cover.

Here are a few ideas about how you, as a private citizen, can put pressure on the news media to cover rubbish removal stores that matter!

Become a Citizen Journalist On Vacation

If you love to travel, consider visiting places off the beaten path, to learn how the local citizens really live. In this quest, you’ll likely encounter rubbish removal problems that need media attention. Take the time to snap pictures and even record (with permission) interviews with local citizens. You can post these to your own travel blog and social media pages and then send a link to your favorite reporters at major news outlets. If you don’t have time for that, you can send these materials off to several news media outlets and hopefully one or more of them will use these materials in a story that will reach thousands or even millions.

Let Your Money Do the Talking

If you live in the United States, you can let your money do the talking by designating that your pledge money go toward certain programs on National Public Radio (NPR). Let them know that you support programs that cover important rubbish removal stories and related sustainability topics. When you pledge your money, don’t just talk about shows but mention specific stories on these programs that you liked. Tell them you would like to hear/see more stories in the same vein as these. You can do the same with online news shows that depend solely on donations to stay afloat.

Write to the Advertisers of Your Favorite News Outlets

Okay, this is where you as the consumer can play hardball! Take the time to call, email, or tweet your favorite media outlets and let them know if they don’t start running more stories on our rubbish removal crises, you’re going to contact their advertisers and ask them to pull support if they don’t! Ouch! This will hit them where it hurts and they may actually take note, especially if you can get a whole network of people banning together to deliver a similar message to them. After all, most major players in the news media are funded primarily, if not exclusively, by advertisers.

Start a Boycott of Certain Companies or Products

If you sincerely feel a certain company is engaging in an unethical practice that is causing, or significantly contributing to, a rubbish removal crisis, consider starting a boycott of that company. Once you have a significant number of people on board with your boycott, contact the media and let them know in a clear and concise way why your group is boycotting the company. It will be even more effective if you also spell out a specific action the offending company can take for your group to call for the boycott to be lifted.

Show Some Love For Feel Good News Stories About Rubbish Removal Too

While most rubbish removal stories are negative, many shockingly depressive in fact, there are some amazing feel good stories out there too! For example, many artists have taken it upon themselves to create beautiful works of art out of rubbish removal. If you see a local artist who is doing this without media coverage, you may want to take it upon yourself to snap a picture and email it to the producers at your local television stations and to the editors of your local newspapers.

There are many ecofriendly businesses that are making wide scale efforts to solve our rubbish removal crises. For example, Clearabee is a private rubbish removal service in the UK that aims to divert all types of rubbish removal from landfills. To this end, Clearabee has developed an extensive database of way stations where different types of rubbish will be reused or recycled instead of being deposited into a landfill. So, an old appliance may be taken in for repair and sold as a used appliance in a resale shop. The same happens with old clothes, toys, furniture, and other household items.

These are always good news stories to promote because it rewards businesses and individuals who are doing the right thing. It also shows everyone, by real example, a better way to deal with rubbish removal.

Thirty is a big year in most people’s lives. For many, it signals the end of an era. In your 20’s, you tend to have time and energy to explore the world. After you turn thirty though, responsibilities increase. Many people get married, settle down, have kids. And as a result, the opportunities for fulfilling, exciting adventures dissipate.

Fortunately, you can make the most of your youth so that you transition into middle age with grace and aplomb. Here are five worthwhile things to do before you turn thirty –– so you can look back on your 20’s with fondness instead of regret:

Invest in a Fledgling Company

The older you get, the riskier the stock market becomes. But when you’re young, you can afford to be more cavalier in your investment; after all, you’ve got time and energy to make money back should you lose it. That’s why your 20’s is the perfect time to invest in a small company that you believe in. Who knows, it could strike big with a little extra capital that you can provide.

Visit Another Continent

Having children doesn’t make travel impossible –– but it does make it more difficult. That’s why it’s important to see the world while you can. Overseas trips to Asia, Europe, or Africa can provide amazing moments; but such trips aren’t really feasible to take with small children. Enjoy these chances to travel while you still can.

Go Back to School

Whether you take a biology class and learn how to use 8-tube strips in an experiment, or fulfill a lifelong ambition to dance the Flamenco, taking a class at a community college near you is a fabulous way to broaden your horizons in your free time.


Sometime in the future, you might not have the expendable income that you enjoy right now. That’s why it’s critical to maximize your resources while you have them. Don’t be afraid of buying an expensive dress or enjoying a night out at a sophisticated restaurant. You’ll regret it if you don’t.

Follow a Dream

We’ve all got dreams that we haven’t lived out. For one reason or another, lack of time, money, practice, many people never get the chance to meet their ambitions. However, youth offers us the chance to follow those dreams. Spending time doing something you’re passionate about –– even if it’s not profitable –– is time well spent. Remember that, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying a vibrant and meaningful life before you turn thirty.