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10 Effective Ways and Tips on How to Be a Better Husband!

Do you feel that your wife is becoming distant? Are you afraid that you might lose her forever if you don’t change? Try these tips on how to become a better husband so that you may rekindle that spark once more that brought you both together.

How to Be a Better Husband

You found the right woman, proposed to her and made her a part of your life. Now what? Marriage is an equal responsibility of both partners. When you both put in the effort, only then it works. Usually, women are taught beforehand what to put in and expect from a marriage.

Men usually have no idea or they lack certain parameters of a solid relationship, eventually, they fail to be better husbands.

A study shows that marriage sustains when the husband understands his female counterpart more. However, being a good husband is no rocket science. It usually involves tiny, little things that strengthen your relationship with your better half.

Productive Ways to Be a Good Husband to Your Beloved Wife

Being a good husband is not about picking the stars for your woman. Instead, it is about the blood, sweat, and tears you put in a relationship. It is about how much you cherish your wife and what you do to keep it that way.

Here are a few tips on how to become a good husband to your wife. Let us dive in!

1. Love Her And Show It:

Show  Love For Her

It might be a no-brainer, but loving her is like the oxygen for your marriage. It won’t- it can’t- exist in the absence of love.

But loving alone is not enough. You have to show it; flaunt your love to your partner and the world. Kiss her mornings and nights, bring her flowers, show little gestures for her, take her on dates, care for her. Wish her every birthday regularly and do some memorable acts on this day.

2. Be Respectful of Her:

Respect is about accepting your partner as her own. A good husband understands and accepts her as a person, respects her beliefs, and honors her dreams.

One way to be a better husband is by respecting your wife’s opinions and wishes. Never force her to give up her dreams or goals to follow yours. It is always better to talk and work out a middle ground for both.

As Erica MacGregor, a psychologist, says,

“It’s so important to be respectful and understanding to your spouse. If you are critical and judgemental, it usually ends in defensiveness and resentment.”

Respect is mainly about subtle acts. Listen to what she is speaking about, pay attention to her, and value her time and efforts.

3. Speak Her Love Language:

Be Romantic! It's top secret

Gary Chapman- author, speaker, counselor- introduced love languages in his bestseller The Love Languages. He opined that a person likes to receive love in one out of five ways: Words of affirmation, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, or receiving gifts.  

What is your love language might not be of your partner. Learn her language: whether she likes words of affirmation or spending quality time with you. And, show your love to her in that way.

4. Communication is the Key:

Don’t just Assume. Ever. Assumptions often lead to conflict and stress. You might think that you understand your spouse so well to know what they are thinking. But, that’s not always true.

Therefore, it is always better to make clear lines of communication. Being open and willing to talk is crucial in strengthening a relationship. Whether you want a favor or you have a disagreement, communicate it with your partner. 

Never lie to your wife. Ask her questions. Get as much information as she is ready to share. This way, you steer clear of confusions and misjudgments in your marital life. 

5. Don’t Be a ‘Fixer’ For Her- Always!

Men usually tend to jump in right away and fix things whenever someone shares their problems. Do not do that- not always anyways.

Learn how to be a better husband emotionally instead of being a fixer. Whenever your wife shares her problems regarding work or friends, listen to her calmly. Allow her to pour her heart out and offer emotional support.

Problem-solving is not bad either. Ask your partner if she wants a solution, then go ahead with it. The idea is to help the way she wants, either by just listening or doing something.

“Psychologically, the best way you can engage with your partner as you listen to them is to truly understand what they are feeling in an emotional sense.” ~Nancy Lee, a relationship coach, and a psychologist.

6. Little Appreciation Is Always Good:

One way of how to be a better husband lies in appreciating your wife. When you live with someone for a long time, their good habits and gestures become part of your life. And, you often forget to acknowledge and appreciate them.

Do not do that! Always appreciate your wife for who she is, for what she does for you. It makes her feel good, automatically making your marriage a good place.

Whether it is a personality trait, a habit, or what she did special for you- appreciate her fully and openly. Frequently tell your wife how much you love her and how lucky you are to have her.

7. Date Your Wife:

Date Your Wife Like Your Girlfriend

Just because you are now married does not mean dating should stop. Keep dating your wife. Take her out every weekend, spend quality time with just you two.

Be curious about her like you were in pre-marriage days. Keep doing adventures with her, and experience new things. Romance her like she is still your girlfriend, and see her bloom like a flower.

You can also gift her things here and there to surprise her. It does not have to be something expensive. A flower or chocolate is just an equally good gift- they will make her happy enough.

8. Share Her Responsibilities:

Women might not show it, but they go through a lot. They have tons of things to manage- home, kids, work.

Take her load off whenever you can. Whether she asks or not, help her in little chores. Do the laundry, clean the pantry, put kids to sleep, or whatever she needs help with.

9. Support Her:

Support Your Wife in Daily Chores

Supporting your wife selflessly is another way to be a better husband. Be it her passion for painting or her new job, support her wholeheartedly. For this, you must kick out the bad things from life. When you back up your spouse, it builds up their confidence.

Make her believe that you will always have her back. When things get tough, she can lean on you. Support her, help her, be there for her- emotionally and physically. When your life partner feels low, do something creative to make her feel awesome.

As Ellen Chute, a clinical psychologist, says,

“Happy marriages are based on a sense of connection.”

10. Be An Active Parent:

Learning how to be a better husband and father is essential for your comfortable household. Research shows that men who witnessed their wives giving birth were nicer with their wives than men who did not.

It is far-reaching to support your woman through motherhood. Whether pregnancy, childbirth, or upbringing, your constant input is essential. 

No Marriage Is Perfect!

No marriage is ever perfect. There are always good and bad times in every relationship. Also, women are fairly difficult creatures to deal with.

But if you have found the right woman, cherish her, love her, and value her. Learning how to be a better husband is no big-car-and-big-house. Instead, it lies in little gestures, compliments, smiles, and i-love-you.

When you have a good relationship with your wife, you have a good connection with yourself.

As John Gottman puts down in his book, The Man’s Guide to Women

“You may struggle at times to understand women, but understanding them, and loving them, is one of the greatest adventures life has to offer.”

How to Become a Better Husband
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