Golf is, infamously, a very frustrating sport. It can take years –– if not decades –– to sharpen your game and to improve your overall performance. However, the good news is that it is possible to become a better golfer through hard work and a little ingenuity.

The Key Ways Are!

Today, we’ll list 12 key tips that will improve your golf game and your golfing abilities –– regardless of your skill level or ambitions. Check them out here:

1. Keeping the Ball on the Ground

Correct Position For Improving Your Golf Game

The smaller the swing or stroke you take, the less time the ball spends in the air and less is the chance of error. Your game shot selection is very important and it is one of the quickest ways to improve your technique. It should be in the following order

  • Putt
  • Chip
  • Flop/Pitch

You should Putt whenever possible. Go for Chip in circumstances when you cannot putt. But make sure you keep Pitching as your last resort as it requires a greater swinging motion and hence, carry more risk.

If you follow this order, there will be lots of room for error. Chances are high that your mistakes will go completely unnoticed by your partner!

2. Know When to Play Safe

Know the Time For Hero Shot

Nobody can play golf without making mistakes. But you can certainly improve your golf game if you know exactly when to be aggressive and when to back off and play safer.

Let’s suppose, during a golf game, you are in a location where you cannot make it without giving your HERO shot. If you find yourself at such point in a golf course, it is better to play your ball into a spot that leaves an easier shot.

Obviously, trying to make a hero shot is fun, but it often leads to huge blemishes when it comes to your scorecard which clearly isn’t fun at all. So avoid such mistakes to save your scores.

3. Look After Your Health

Health Is Improtant

Have you ever tried to golf with a tight hamstring? How about with an aching shoulder? If so, then you know just how difficult it can be to do anything when you’re not feeling at your best. As such, it’s a good idea to schedule regular appointments with your doctor.

Remember, doctors can use sophisticated equipment manufactured by companies like Greiner Bio-One to diagnose and treat many common conditions that could be bothering you. For the good of your overall health –– and your golf game –– make it a point to visit your doctor on a consistent basis.

4. Diet & Exercise

Regular Diet And Exercise

It can be easy to overlook the physical aspect of the act of golfing. While much of golf is a cerebral activity, it is still important to be as fit as possible if you want to bolster your golf game. So hitting the gym to improve your strength and stamina should enable you to drive the ball farther and maintain focus throughout an entire game.

If you ever find yourself getting winded on the golf course, then start going to the gym more often and consider altering your diet. You can try different exercises to improve your golf game as well.

5. Make Use of Your Favourite Club

Use Favourite Golf Club

How do you feel when you are unable to hit the ball like you are supposed to? And what happens when you are struggling with hitting the ball at all?

Our advice is simple; use your club more often! Try practicing all different kinds of shots in advance. From half club shots to bumps and runs, this will help you be prepared for things when they go south.

Furthermore, by leaning on to your favourite club, you will boost your confidence and make yourself a better player.

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6. Play with Better Players

Play with Players

One of the most effective ways to get better at anything is to surround yourself with individuals who can provide you with helpful feedback and advice. While it might be fun to beat your friends or colleagues on a regular basis, doing so won’t help you become any better at golf.

Instead, seek out the best players at your club or in your community and ask to play with them from time to time. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to watch instructional videos from professional players either!

7. Aim Diagonally Into Wind

Aim the Point Properly

When the weather is windy, hitting the ball diagonally into the wind will make a huge difference in your ball curving less. Practicing this will improve your golf game a lot.

If the direction of the wind is from left to right, tee off from as far right as possible. This will automatically cause you to aim left. Aiming left will give you an angle which will be directly into the wind. Hence, wind itself will have less curving influence on your ball.

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Another simple way to remember this rule is to notice where flag is located. If it on the right side, you will tee off from that side. This will help you control your ball fight rather than being at the mercy of the wind.

8. Practice Practice Practice

Practice Makes Man Perfect

At the end of the day, the only way to seriously improve your golf swing and technique is to practice consistently. Go to the driving range, practice your short game at home, and envision yourself playing well as often as you can.

The more you practice, the more you can improve your golf game. It may not be a secret, but practice is still the best way to achieve any ambitious goal!

9. Calibrate Your Carry and Total Yardages

Celebrate Golf Distance

Another really important thing to consider when you want to improve your golf game is to calibrate carry and total yardages.

Golfers mainly make 2 mistakes when computing yardages. First, their club yardages are computed based on when they hit the ball really well. Second, they only consider their clubs total yardage, rather than actually knowing carry yardage as well.

Calculating yardage is very important. So if you’re thinking to even write them down, it is worth spending time. Not to mention, it will help you save a lot of shots.

10. Utilize the Power of Technology

Technology Made Golf Life Easier

With huge advancement in technology, there is so much great tech out there which you can utilize to navigate your golf course. This doesn’t mean you use them on every shot.

But certainly there are times when having such guidance can help you actually improve your golf game and shave strokes from your score.

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11. Reshape Your Expectations

Relocate Your Expectations

Having the right attitude towards your game can be as beneficial as your talent alone. Trust me; it is the one of the fastest ways to improve your golf game.

When facing really difficult par 4, rather than treating it as such, you can think of it as par 5. It will surely produce better results and help boost your confidence as a golfer benefiting you later in the round.

12. Carry one High-Bounce Wedge

High Bounce Wedge in Golf

There are many outstanding sand wedges out there to choose from with a high amount of bounce. This makes it easier hit bunker shots and pitch that don’t dig or get stuck in the ground.

Having a sand wedge with a high bounce will also help offset minor mistakes you make. This includes the shaft leaning too far forward at impact or closing the face slightly.

Bottom Line: Take Yourself Less Seriously

The more you accept that every single shot is not going to be ideal, the better it will help you improve your golf swing.

Golfers who fly off the handle when they hit a bad shot do no good to their game. Believing that it’s completely okay and the nature of the sport will only make you more realistic and calm. Unfortunately for some golfers, it only takes a few bad shots to self-destruct themselves for the entire day.

The most significant thing to remember is to manage this adversity by staying calm or reacting in a calculated way. Not that you will achieve a perfect score but at least you will still have some success.

So next time you catch yourself reacting to a bad shot, wanting to get mad, try saying to yourself ” oh well ” and just move on. It is a learned skill and will surely be hard at first but the more you do it, the more you’ll end up enjoying the game.

Golf Game Tips

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