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10 appealing ideas on how to be romantic to your wife!

Naturally, romantic flare fizzles out in a marriage after some time. Then one needs to get suggestions on how to be romantic to their wife. So here are some ways to make your wife feel that you care for her, that she holds significant importance in your life and that you treasure her the same as the day one.

Often, it is not the expensive things she needs. Talking to her on a calming afternoon while sipping coffee, cuddling and hugging her especially if she is petite, taking her out on a candlelight dinner, and doing the house chores for her when she is tired is often enough.

A few moments of attention and caring gestures keep the romantic spark alive.

Here are some of the most loving and caring gestures to make your queen realize that you still care for her and prove yourself as a better husband. Take notes!

Husband and wife are having romantic time

1. Gift her flowers and chocolates

Women always love to get surprised by flowers or chocolates. Treat her with a beautiful bouquet or chocolate ice cream. Or just a fully bloomed rose in the morning will make her happy. You can clip a hearty note with it to thank her for being in your life or praise her beauty.

2. Plan a surprise picnic for her

Your wide would thank you for making her escape the house and work. Planning a relaxing picnic on the beach or camping in the countryside for a day or two will take her fatigue away. Do not forget to take a camera to capture these moments to look back on later in life. Switch off the phones and keep all your attention to make this trip memorable.

Or if you proposed to her on the beach a few years back, you can recreate the event and live those precious memories again.

3. Take her to a date or candlelight dinner

You both went on lunches and dinners when you were dating. But as life progresses, you both get busy balancing life, work, and responsibilities. And you both forgot to spend time with each other.

Reminisce those moments again and plan a candlelight dinner in a luxury restaurant. A perfect time to confess your love again and say those three magical words – “I love you.”

4. Make her dreams come true

Maybe she wants to learn music or pursue her career, whatever her dream is; as a good husband, you should support her in doing what she loves. This is one of the most heartfelt ways to make her feel worthy and loved. When you help her reach her destination, she will understand how much you adore her and want her to get success in every sphere of life.

5. Be well-mannered and respect her

When couples start living under one roof, they sometimes get into an argument or a fight. The sign of a healthy relationship is not to disrespect your spouse. Being generous and courteous to your wife is the kindest and most loving gesture you can show to your wife. All the differences aside, mannerism is the most crucial thing in the relationship and respecting each other boundaries enhances love and harmony in the home.

6. Pamper her

Buy her a spa treatment. Take her to the salon or to the cinema to watch a movie. Go on a long drive to show that you still care for her. Give her some me-time to do whatever she wants. Do regular chores and let her be free from every responsibility for some time. Let her spend some time with her friends and family if she wants. Giving space to her will increase your worth in her heart.

Learning her love language is the most beautiful thing you can do to please her.

Gary Chapman – a renowned author and speaker said in his bestseller ‘The Love Languages’

Every person has 5 different love languages. We can generally categorize them into quality time, physical touch, acts of service, affirmations, and receiving gifts

So notice what your wife loves. And how she wants to be treated.

7. Compliment her

Women love to get praised. But juggling regular work and life, they often feel ignored by you. Why not spark the love again by complimenting her beauty and grace?

Just saying a few sweet words when she gets dressed will make her feel special again.

8. Be a responsible father to your kids

If you have kids, handle their chores and tantrums for a little while and let her rest. Pick them up from school, solve their problems, play with them or make them lunch for some time. Meanwhile, make sure your wife gets proper rest.

9. Maintain yourself

Dress well and eat healthy to maintain a good physique for your wife. It is your responsibility too to be attractive to her.

Pay attention to your appearance like the way to do before marriage.

10. Communicate with her

You can’t understand women’s hearts anyway. No matter how much you understand them. So communication is the key. Ask her what she wants, what she is thinking, and what are her dreams, hobbies or adventures she wants to try. What are her strengths and insecurities, and fears? And try to solve the problems she is facing. Communication is the problem half-solved.

As Ellen Chute, a clinical therapist and social worker said

All marriages go through several low points. And couples can only come out of it by focusing on the positive side. So just talking things out can rekindle the love again

Summing up:

In a nutshell, the spark or romance in the relationship fades away because spouses take each other for granted. It is not that tough to ignite it again and romance your wife, but you have to put in some more effort, anyway.

Who you marry, which is the ultimate partnership, is enormously important in determining the happiness in your life and your success and I was lucky in that respect

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