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How to Pay Off Debt Faster? 6 Creative Debt Pay Off Methods

If you have a large sum of debt that’s worrying you, you’re not alone in this puddle. According to CNBC, the average American family is down $155,622 in loans. However, no matter how big or small your debt amounts to, it’s essential to know how to pay off debt faster. It can improve your credit score, help you reach your savings goals, and prevent financial insecurity.

Achieve financial freedom learning how to pay of debt faster

A Few Hacks to Free Up Cash and Payoff Debt

While learning how to pay off loans faster, you need to be very vigilant and consistent. You should

Ways To Pay Off Loans Faster

Luckily, we’ve some practical debt-paying strategies and methods you can put to good use. Let’s check them out!

1. The Snowball Method

Imagine rolling a small snowball on the ground and watching it get bigger and bigger while it gains momentum. Paying off debt with this method works in a similar way.

Start by arranging your list of debts from smallest to largest balance and paying off the smallest one first. With each subsequent payoff, you will earn more momentum.

Keep sending any extra cash to your smallest debt until it’s fully paid, and remember to keep paying the minimum on the rest of your bills. Then, simply repeat this method with each debt.

The snowball is one of the best and quickest debt payoff methods. It will help boost your confidence and provide encouragement from the very beginning because you see instant progress.

2. The Avalanche Method

Another great method for learning how to pay off debt faster is the avalanche. Instead of ordering debts by balance, you’ll order them from highest to lowest interest rate.

Like the snowball method, focus on paying off the first debt on your list while completing minimum payments on the rest.

Once you pay off the first largest interest debt, it will considerably lower your entire interest amount. You’ll be able to free up more money and pay the rest of your debts.

This strategy will suit you if you’re trying to reduce your overall interest. It’s also quicker than other methods like the “snowball” since it eliminates a more significant part of your debt first.

3. Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation involves paying off all your current debts and transferring them into a new, single loan amount. You can create a personal loan or a separate balance-transfer credit card to achieve this.

If you’re wondering whether it is a suitable method for you or not, start by calculating your blended interest rate. It is the combination of all your current loan interest rates.

Once you know your blended rate, compare it with the debt consolidation rate. If a debt consolidation loan gives you a lower interest rate than what you already have, you should implement this strategy. Debt consolidation is one of the top means to learn how to pay off debt faster if you do not plan on using credit cards or obtaining more loans.

The method is also advantageous if you have trouble keeping up with your due dates and required payments. With a single loan sum and fewer payments to make, the chances of late payments are minimum. It may also let you save more money in the long run.

4. Pay More Than Minimum

If you do not seek a big debt payment strategy, you can learn how to pay off debt faster with a more straightforward approach, as well. Taking out more than your minimum amount requires you to contribute extra toward paying off a particular debt.

This way, you can save on the interest amount and get closer to paying off debts quicker – only if you do it consistently.

For those looking for a simple, straightforward method, it is the best way to go. However, check your loan terms and agreement for any fees or penalties regarding prepayment. You’ll also need to confirm with your lender whether the extra payments will go to the total loan amount or not.

5. Pay Twice a Month

One of the more uncomplicated steps to get out of debt includes going beyond the once-a-month payment requirement. Instead of one payoff in a month, you can opt for two or even more. Again, make sure to check with your lender first if you can opt for this approach.

Adopting this strategy will require consistency, and you’ll need to figure out ways to free up cash so you can make those extra payments.

6. Balance Transfers

The balance transfers strategy is one of the most creative ways to pay off debt, specifically for credit cards. With this method, you can shift your credit card balance to another card.

For example, take an account with a greater interest rate and transfer the balance to another card with a lower rate. It’s like you’re using one credit card to pay off another, giving you an overall lower interest rate. Balance transfers are a handy solution if you’re deep in credit card debt and want to pay it off quicker.

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