For decades, the fashion industry as a whole, and modeling specifically have been skewered for promoting images and standards that simply were impossible for the average woman to achieve. They produced models that were so emaciated that they looked as though they could fall through cracks in the floor. Once technology advanced, they began manufacturing images of women that were clearly airbrushed and photo-shopped in such a way that the women looked more like dolls than human beings. Eventually, the media began to catch on and TV shows began to mock the fashion industry for their dishonest practices.

Today, the fashion industry has begun embracing women who are considered “plus-size” — which traditionally means size 8 to 34. In reality, these women are actually just average women that appeal to the typical customer who isn’t a model. You may not know it, but the average size in America is 14! These new practices have given new life to women in such a way that encourages them to feel positive and embrace their bodies instead of aspiring to achieve the impossible which would encourage unhealthy and even dangerous habits. Instead of perpetuating a culture that would encourage anorexia and bulimia, women such as Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday have produced attractive swimwear for the average woman out there. Ashley has teamed up with online retailer swimsuits for all to offer an exciting new line of plus size swimsuits that combine comfort and confidence.

While the industry has embraced plus size women, it will take some time for popular clothing and swimwear to show up in your typical department store. Styles take time to change, and even after innovation, it takes time for clothing to reach the shelves. Your best bet is to shop online where the trendy fashions first become available. All of these popular brands and companies that manufacture specifically for plus size women post their clothing online. In addition, many times you can view what the clothing would look like on an actual plus size model — often in 3D — to see what each swimsuit looks like from all sides. Online retailers allow you to quickly and easily find that perfect bathing suit for your next vacation or cruise, whether it’s winter or summer.

It’s important that women have flattering and trendy plus size swimwear instead of trying desperately to fit into clothing created for an unrealistic standard. Currently, high-waisted bikinis and tankinis are very popular because they offer adequate coverage yet still leave something to the imagination to optimize sex appeal. This allows people to see women in their most positive light.

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone, not just models, is free to show off whatever they feel is appropriate. In fact, you can read about Tess Holliday and what she’s done for plus size women if you’re looking to be inspired. The industry has finally caught on to this idea, so take advantage and make yourself look better than ever!

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