Most of us don’t visit our doctor unless we think there’s something wrong. It makes sense, after all, there’s no point popping in for a chat if you feel perfectly well – or is there? Some health problems have very few if any symptoms, so unless you have a routine health check-up, you may not even realize you’re ill.

Health Checkup

Of course, it could be spotted when you visit the doctor about a problem you are aware of when tests for the symptoms you have described reveal there is something else going on as well. But it’s better not to leave it to chance or fate and get yourself checked over regularly.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure

This is probably the most well-known illness that has virtually no symptoms to alert you to a problem. Considering how harmful the condition can be, it seems surprising that it’s not more obvious there’s something wrong. It will almost certainly go unnoticed unless you get a check-up, or use a self-service blood pressure machine if there is one available to you.

Although it can cause heart and circulatory problems, high blood pressure can be treated successfully with medication, so it will make a big difference to your future health if you get it diagnosed earlier. To find out more about high blood pressure treatments, click here.


type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is becoming more common, especially in older adults and those who have weight problems. It isn’t symptom-free like high blood pressure, but the symptoms often present themselves so slowly that you can fail to spot them, or just put it down to the normal aging process. Feeling thirsty more often, needing to visit the bathroom more frequently, and sometimes feeling tired, lethargic, or a bit lightheaded isn’t the kind of symptoms that would have most people racing for the doctor’s surgery. That is what you may experience in the early days of being diabetic, and again, the earlier you get treatment started, the better your prognosis.

Heart Failure

Heart failure

Often the first sign that there’s anything wrong with your heart is the excruciating pain of having a heart attack. This is obviously not the best way to get a diagnosis, so having a regular check-up will enable you to keep track of how well your heart is functioning and allow your doctor to spot any early warning signs.

Having a heart attack can prove fatal, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. Even if you look after your heart and lead a healthy lifestyle, you aren’t immune to heart disease, so just because you feel well, don’t assume your heart is functioning well and that you aren’t at any risk.

The chances are good that when you have your check-up, everything will be fine. If that’s the case, you can be happy and relaxed knowing all is well. If the check-up does identify any problems or potential issues, you’ll be much better placed to be able to deal with them and get treatment before they get any worse. So, don’t delay, get yourself an appointment and put your mind at rest.


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