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10 Mind-Blowing Stunt Driving Videos

1) Ken Block Gymkhana 3:

There are a lot of reasons why the Gymkhana stunt videos by the racer Ken Block are totally amazing and spectacular. If you are looking for precision driving, and truly very close calls then this is the video you should be watching. This video on YouTube was shot at racecourse in France. This is far less rigid and definitely much wilder than a lot of other videos shot within a city. What you would love is the breathtaking drifts at high speeds and some unbelievable slow manoeuvres.

2) Pneumatic Lever Car Flip:

If some nasty car flips make you slide to the edge of the seat, then you cannot miss this video. The car which looks like a drag old model is actually a beast modified and designed especially for the dangerous stunts. Featuring the roll cage and many other safety mechanisms, this is the car that one can truly afford to flip. Taking the innovation a few notches up, this car utilizes a pneumatic ram to get the flip you see in the video. A dangerous mix of art and science you can say!

3) Baja Truck Madness:

How would you like to fly over some really beautiful chicks sitting on the stairs? It would be fun, isn’t it? Not really if what you are flying in is a heavy duty machine designed to roll on the roads and not fly. Trophy trucks, especially engineered for the Baja 1000 race, are a true example of mechanical craftsmanship. Their powerful suspension can withstand virtually infinite jumps. Baldwin bouncing and flying his powerful truck on the Ensenada streets is one of the most eye pleasing things you could see.

4) Big Rig Drifting:

When you take a semi truck to the racetrack which has been especially designed for the high-performance cars, what do you get to see? An incredibly spectacular sight of stunts and out of the world performance. The video is the testimony to the fact that if you are truly a drifting expert, it wouldn’t matter even if you have to veer a ten-thousand pound heavy-duty machine; you will still do that with precision.

5) Hot Wheels Jump:

The people at Hot Wheels really have some tough job. They are everyday trying to bring those stunts to life that you performed with your Hot Wheels toy cars as little kids. Tanner Foust created a record when he jumped his vehicle in 2011. But his video was shot a month before the record was made when Foust was practicing. This video is a perfect example of what can go wrong when the conditions are not really perfect for the jump.

6) Spiral Jump of Chevy Sonic:

Who will ever forget the unforgettable Astro Sprial jump of 1970 from the bond film when even a mediocre AMC Hornet looked like a top-class vehicle? Rob Drydek, who is not just a top-shot skateboarder, but also a well known stuntman, replicated the spiral jump with a Chevy Sonic. The vehicle is launched off a strategically installed ramp, over a huge skateboard, spirals in the air once and then lands to safety on a platform.

7) 18-Wheeler Jumps Over Speeding F1 Car:

The first look at this audacious jump (which features two in one) and you would think it is straight from the film Fast and Furious – but it is not. The hauler manages hardly 83 feet above the ramp and yet finds itself creating a Guinness World record. However, what really sets this stunt apart is the fact that the F1 car is being driven alongside the semi, but the moment the truck is in the air, it veers right under it.

8) Robbie Maddison’s New Year’s Eve Jump of 2008:

This is one of the most breathtaking and perhaps the dangerous stunts ever performed. Robbie Maddison, known for his passionate stunt riding, did something beyond human in Last Vegas on the eve of 2008 New Year. He took his bike little over 120 feet in the air and winded up on top of the 100 feet high Arc de Triomphe. But that is not it! He then rode off the edge and dropped nearly 80 feet below.

9) Rhys Millen Truck Back Flip:

Undeniably, Las Vegas has proved to be the abode for the stuntmen. But there are some stunts that go beyond the human limits; like the one Rhys Millen pulled off in 2008 when he back flipped his off-road truck.

10) Top Gear Record Car Roll:

In the 13 years of their career, Top Gear brought to us many unbelievable stunts. But the one that stands out is the record car roll. Is it possible to roll a deadbeat Ford station wagon? Well, it definitely is when the stuntmen are Top Gear.

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