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Finest Summer Moving Tips When Season at its Peak

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What time of year is the best to move? It is hot in summer, cold in winter, rainy in spring and autumn. Choosing the perfect season to move is difficult. However, let’s dwell on the summer because the probability of rain is low, the bright day is longer, and you don’t have to insulate equipment and plants. You can follow these important summer moving tips and have a breezy move.

Summer is a time when most of the people plan their move as their children are on vacation. All the rainy and snowy winter days are over and finally, your family is free enough to shift an entire house! In simple words, it means that the moving season has officially started and you need to grasp some summer moving tips before you plan on shifting.

Even though moving in hot weather is preferred over any other season, it’s not as easy as it sounds. There’s a lot of planning and preparation required before you actually start moving. Most importantly, you need to figure a way to deal with all that sun!  

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Below we have a list of some amazing summer moving tips which will definitely help you have a breezy move. So let’s get started!

1) Hire Movers Beforehand and Get Ready to Pay More

The first thing you must keep in mind while planning your move is to decide whether you’ll do it on your own or hire a professional for this job. Even though doing it all by yourself will save you a lot of money, but you need a lot of nerves, energy and most importantly time for it.

In the USA, most moves take place in the summer. Since this is the peak moving season, you need to contact the movers ahead of time. Order apartment moving services weeks before the start to book the right date and best movers. Due to the workload of companies during this period, summer becomes expensive to move.

If you decide on hiring a professional, you must do it a bit early. This is because it’s a peak season for shifting and movers are the busiest during this of the year. Most of them will be overbooked and will only offer you charges which will surely break your budget.

So don’t be lazy. If you are actually planning on moving. Consider this as the foremost important summer tips. You will save money as well as get the best possible services all at once.

2) Try Shifting Early in the Morning

Ealry Move in Summer is Best

During the summer months, early morning is the coolest time. Organize and order moving services exactly in the morning. This will facilitate the work of movers. You will have enough time to start arranging the space.

Organize and pack things at night, and order your moving service in the morning. This will not only save you from heat but will also facilitate the workers to move easily. Furthermore, you will have the entire day to start arranging the space!

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3) Don’t Forget to Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is Life

Summer is the best season to move, but considering the unbearable hot weather, take care of the coolness and water balance. Take many bottles of water and a variety of snacks on the road. Store them in a portable refrigerator.

Moving in summer means there is definitely going to be a lot of heat and you will certainly be thirsty. Water is very important for surviving a move in summer heat.

Be kind to offer water to movers as well and anyone else helping you move. They will surely thank you.

4) Go With Whites and Neutrals

Dress Light in Summer

This is something very straightforward, but still we need to mention. Mainly, because people will still make this mistake. When moving in summer, make sure you wear breathable and lightweight clothes. It would be best if they are loose fitting!

Synthetic fabric will make you sweat more so we will suggest you to stay away from them. If it is possible, wear light colors like white and pastels. Black and other dark colors absorbs sunlight so avoid them.

However, this doesn’t mean you should start wearing flip-flops or something similar and not look classy. Apart from all the things mentioned above, make sure you don’t wear non-slippery shoes and white clothes that cover most of your body. After all, you need to save yourself from sun as well. This is one of the best tip for moving in hot weather to prevent moving injuries.

The heat brings its own adjustments and clothing choices. Do not use heavy fabrics but wear light-colored clothing. Do not forget to use sunscreen products.

5) Pre-Cooling with Air Conditioner

Turn On AC

The exhausting heat makes it difficult to focus on important matters. Make sure the air conditioner is turned on in your new home before moving belongings. This important point will make it easier for professionals from home moving services who will unload things. You will feel more comfortable as well. 

Furthermore, take extra precautions when moving and packing electronics during summers. It is very easy for these items to get overheated and get ruined entirely. Electric items do not fare well in hot condition either it’s your smart phone or TV.

You can pack them separately and keep them in air conditioned environment at all times if you want them in tip top shape. One of the ways you can do that is by placing them last on the truck and take them off first when you arrive. Another important thing is to pack them in waterproof bags to prevent water damage from a summer shower.

Don't Move in Weekend

6) Avoid Holiday Weekend

When you plan on moving in summer, avoid holiday dates. This is a weekend period, which means that there will be traffic on the roads, and moving companies will be closed.

7) Don’t Forget to Apply Sunscreen

Use Sunscreen

Whatever you do in summers, never ever forget applying sunscreen. Apply it to the parts of your body which are not covered, including your arms, face neck ears and legs.

Use sunscreen which has SPF of 30 or higher to protect you from heat. Try getting a waterproof sunscreen because you will be sweating a lot.

8) Be Careful with Packing

Be Careful While Packing

If you really want to save time and money, consider packing your personal items by yourself. We will advise you to do this a couple of days before so that when your movers arrive, they can help you with rest of your belongings. This includes all the bulky furniture.

To pack such items, you will only need some cardboard boxes, packing paper and plastic wraps and you’ll be done.

9) Take Help From Kids 

Take Help From Kids

Its summer time and most probably your kids will be at home on their vacations. But the questions rises, what to do with them while you’re moving? One option is to arrange a baby sitter or you can have them go to their friends place.

In many cases, it’s good option. But, another amazing summer moving tips is to involve them in your shifting. Even though it’s a difficult transition for a lot of kids, but having them help can surely give them a sense of ownership.

10) Hire a Pet Sitter and Be Relax!

A Pet Sitter Can Guide You Better

The last thing you would want while moving is your dog and cat to get loose. It will definitely add extra stress to the day. Make sure you give them to a pet daycare or maybe have a friend watch them for the day.

Don’t forget to chill around after you are done packing. Relaxing and unwinding in between is very important. Moving is a lot of work, but that certainly doesn’t mean you rush it. Try getting some ice-cream or get yourself a slush. You can also go to pool and enjoy summers a bit. After all you’ve earned it!

Ready to Move this Summer?

Regardless of all these tips for moving in the summer mentioned above, it is very important to hire a professional to help with heavy lifting. Find the best moving company to handle your stuff move. We Hope these summer moving tips prove beneficial for you. Good luck and happy summer moving!

Hiring licensed and insured companies will assure you that your move is in good hands. Just choose the one that fits you best. Save yourself the hassle of moving in the summer by following these best tips for peak moving season and seek help from professionals. They will pack things efficiently and quickly, load, transport, and unload them. Your task is to provide comfort when moving to both yourself and your employees. Good luck and happy moving!

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