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How to Make Him Miss You? Strategies You Need to Know

It’s funny how love works. It’s like you want your guy to miss you, but you’re not sure how to convince him that he should. You may search for tips on how to make him miss you, yearn for you, and text you frequently to express these emotions. There aren’t many ladies who know how to make a man need them if they’re not around.

Men are naturally more inclined towards short girls because they find it sexy when their girl asks them to grab a jar from the top shelf as it’s too high or when you open a lid for them. These little feelings of need make a man feel more masculine and needed. Experts call this need and desire, the hero instinct.

Although all humans act according to their instincts in a relationship but it is particularly true in the way men approach relationships. According to relationship experts, distance makes the heart grow closer. We mean who wouldn’t want their man to feel their absence, right!

So whether you’re committed to a relationship, want to make your ex jealous, or want to find new love, the key is to make him feel your absence. But how can you make him feel that is the real question.

Effortless Ways to Make Him Miss You

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To help you in this regard, today we’re going to share some effective strategies tried and tested over time that actually work like magic and make your man yearn for you in no time.

1. Let him take the lead

When you don’t make the first move, he will contact you. Furthermore, you’ll stay in his thoughts all the time! In terms of dating, men love a chase. So, if you want to oomph up your game, make him come after you.😉

The no contact rule is one of the best ways to get your ex back (or attract a new partner). By severing all contact with your ex, you are making them want to get back together with you. By modifying this technique to your current situation, you can make the guy you are interested in miss you and fall in love with you.

Providing him with the opportunity to pursue you will be both beneficial and advantageous. He’ll be interested in you, and you’ll be able to tell that he’s sincere about wanting to be in a relationship with you. Furthermore, you will give him a chance to express his wishes. When he consistently comes to you for dates and connects with you, that’s a sign he’s serious.

2. No Need to Reply All the time

Although it’s a no-brainer, it’s incredible how many people forget about it? Whenever your S/O message you, you can’t stop yourself from replying straightaway, right! I mean, we understand that controlling yourself by not looking at his text is a tough job but hey, you have to be strong if you really want him to realize your worth.

So, turn up your game, put your phone on silence, or move it out of sight if you can’t keep your hand off it. Every now and then, make him wonder what you’re doing and why you don’t respond. Doing this will not only signify your importance in his life, but it’ll also strengthen the bond between you.

3. Leave your belongings at his house

Another effective tested and tried technique over time is to intentionally leave your things at his place. Try leaving your scarf and sunglasses behind after sleeping at his place. You can even use a simple hair clip to leave in his pocket as your mark! It’s the little things that keep guys on their toes. Remember that it’s the little things that make men miss you.

4. Make him Court You

Different studies have shown that men love a good chase and they find women who are hard to get more desirable. Therefore, if you want your man to desire you more, make sure you are not available for him all the time. Because trust us, if you become available too easily you’ll lose your worth.

Remember that things that are hard to get are more valued, the same goes for humans. If your man has to work hard to get your time then even a few minutes together will become more precious to him than spending hours together. However, the trick here is balance, don’t overdo things, be busy, but don’t disappear completely. You do not want to send him running for the hills and think he has no chance.

Keep this up, and he’ll be proposing to you in no time.

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5. Let Your Presence Be Known

One thing that makes any man yearn for you is the way you let your presence known. Instead of announcing that you’re there let your man know your presence in a unique way. It can be through your favorite fragrance, way of dressing or speaking. Let him now you’re there without actually telling him. When your man starts feeling your presence he’ll start missing you in your absence. In fact, this way you’ll definitely stay on his mind even though you aren’t physically present with him.

One of the most common ways of letting your presence known is by using your signature fragrance. Studies have shown that scents can trigger memories to come back. You must have experienced it yourself too, that sometimes when you smell a dish it brings back the memories of your childhood.

The same principle applies to fragrances, when you always wear the same scent, it’s natural that the brain of your partner associates that typical fragrance with you. In short, the next time a person wearing the same fragrance passes by, your man unknowingly remembers you.

6. Let Him Help You

Men like to be heroes. Because of this urge to feel important and irreplaceable men tend to solve the problems of women. They believe it’s their duty to rescue women in their time of need.

Even though you can do most of the tasks without the help of your man but if you involve him, he feels more valued. And as per psychological experts, the more valuable and needed a man feels in a relationship, the more committed he gets to it. Because of this reason, we recommend that you should let your man help every now and then.

7. Don’t Be Over Possessive

Men don’t like to be controlled. Therefore, if you try to be extra nosy, possessive or controlling your man is most likely to run away from you. Instead, if you want him to be head over heels for you, consider giving him some extra space.

This is something that most women don’t realize but the concept of personal space or ‘me time’ varies between men and women. For women, it’s normal to respond back to their men while chilling out with their friends whereas men usually can’t manage both simultaneously.

Because of this reason, men usually need more personal space than their female partners and if you really want him to miss you, you’ve to cut him some slack. Let him go out with his gang for a night out or two and trust us, this will greatly increase your worth in his heart and you’ll become the girl he’s afraid of losing.

The Way Forward!

We hope that these strategies discussed above will help you in learning how to make him miss you. However, before you practically implement them, we recommend that you must understand the way men think. Although you may think that your man doesn’t care or he’s indifferent towards you but who knows maybe that’s the way he is. Therefore, instead of giving up on him, it’s always better to talk it out. Who knows this way he might become a better partner and both of you will grow even closer!

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