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10 Most Fundamental Long Distance Moving Tips!

Everything Packed and Loaded for the Long distance move

It is time to say goodbye to your hometown friends and family. You were hired at your dream job and it requires a move. However, that is easier said than done! Moving long distances requires patience, organization, and more patience. Since you are stepping into the professional phase, it would be wise to practice practicality to familiarize yourself with future challenges. Thus, we present a checklist of long-distance moving tips.

Moving Tips, Tricks and Hacks Explored

Below are some of the best long distance moving hacks you should try!

1. Contact Utility Providers

Before you officially begin the moving process, let’s begin the list of moving tips for long-distance with an obvious entry. We advise you to pick up the phone and intimate utility providers and postal services that you are shifting residence. Assuming you are moving across the town, then a simple transfer is applicable. However, moving to a different city is completely different.

Furthermore, the USPS advises you to intimate the relocation process at least two weeks before moving. Otherwise, important mail would be delivered to your now-old address and you might miss out on timely payments and instead pay surcharges.

2. Do Not Delay!

Procrastination is never your best friend and the situation is not any different when packing for a move. Instead of waiting until the last second regarding moving across the country, we suggest you take charge and start early. A professional moving company advises you to do the same. And since they are experts in the field, we will listen to them.

Unlike a motorcycle road trip, begin planning your move early and categorize belongings. Moving hacks are not helpful when you wait until the end. Furthermore, you might forget things in a hurry too. Starting early will give you peace of mind without feeling overwhelmed. You can even adhere to the remainder of the long-distance moving checklist smartly too.

3. Create and Adhere to a Long Distance Moving Checklist

Plan your move by creating a schedule. Create a thorough preparation list and revise the list daily or weekly. Assuming you are feeling behind. In that case, complete the task that is necessary first. The list will give you a clear sense of direction.

Some of the Additions Can Include:

  • Going to the post office to revise the address
  • Contacting a professional moving company
  • Save on moving by purchasing boxes in bulk or selling stuff you do not need
  • Contacting the present and next landlord to keep them updated
  • Which boxes to unpack first?
  • Enlisting necessary items for kids and pets during the relocation drive

4. Sell Unnecessary Items

The best way to move long distances is to eliminate things you do not need just. There is no set-in-stone rule you must take everything with you. The professional moving company will charge according to the size of the moving vehicle, the number of employees, and time. You can save on moving by donating or arranging a garage scale before moving.

If the above logic isn’t as convincing, consider yourself in the situation. Repeatedly packing, moving, unpacking, and unboxing can become very overwhelming. Additionally, it is time-consuming when you also need to accommodate work or family. Therefore, consider selling old belongings on digital marketplaces to make extra money and reduce the burden.

5. Contact a Moving Service, Maybe?

Once you have decided which belongings to take with you, it is time to hire a professional moving service. Convey your new place of living and the possessions you take with you to the service. This can be done by phone or by requesting the quote feature on their website.

The service will do their individual assessment and provide you with a cost estimate. They may charge extra for heavy equipment or transport delicate items such as paintings. Furthermore, the cost is also dependent on parking at the new residence. However, one thing is for sure—no stress and sweat!

6. Who to Hire?

One of the moving hacks is understanding which resources you need to successfully move across the town. There are professional moving companies you can hire that will perform everything for you. The service will provide you with the necessary materials for safe transportation. Furthermore, they will also dismantle and assemble wardrobes and kitchen cabinets too.

However, if you decide you want to do it yourself, moving tips for long distances suggests asking friends and family for help. Fair warning; do not ask them to help you on the last day before moving! They are your dear friends, so don’t think of them as employees.

7. Prioritize Packing

We cannot stress enough to not avoid packing until it is the last day, so much so we have decided to give it a separate paragraph. Assuming you have sold unnecessary belongings. In that case, there are still possessions to pack. Furthermore, there are items in the daily routine you just can’t pack early. Therefore, keep them separate.

Packing early will prevent the surroundings from filling up with clutter and unorganized boxes. Furthermore, it will give you enough time to pack the fragile ornaments, making sure moving across the country is a success.  You can pat yourself on the back later for successfully employing moving tips for long-distance.

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8. Efficient Allocation of Funds

Save on moving by finding free supplies. The keyword here is “free,” so don’t beat up yourself if you are unsuccessful. Packing for a move involves scavenging behind grocery stores or other marketplaces. Furthermore, you can even negotiate with the vendor to provide you boxes for free or a very small price.

You also need bubble wrap and tape which are easily available in discounted stores. Furthermore, instead of separately purchasing wraps, use old newspapers, bed sheets, towels, and rags to prevent the delicate items from breaking.

9. Decide When to Move

Moving tips for long-distance are useless if you decide to move across the town on the wrong date. An ill-scheduled move will increase the moving expenses too since the vehicles will consume more fuel. Furthermore, the professional moving company will also charge you overtime. Therefore, we suggest avoiding moving during the festival or holiday season.

Consider moving on summer’s day. The days are long with fewer chances of rain. As for the day, move in the middle of the week to avoid weekend traffic. Furthermore, it will ensure the availability of equipment and trucks to relocate furniture and appliances.

10. Pack Necessary Items Separately

Lastly, before you move, ensure you back a box with your essentials in it. You do not wish to arrive late at the new house and start opening boxes if you can’t find the bedsheet. Therefore, pack hygiene and immediate items separately. It will save time when you do not know where everything is.

Common items in this bag can include shampoo, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste. You can also add over-the-counter medicine, prescription pills, and a portable first-aid kit. Apart from the hygiene items, including a plate, spoon, and glass too. Whatever you do, do not forget the coffee or tea brewer. If you are a hot beverage lover, you know it is very difficult to fight the urge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answer The Question

Can I Move Across the Country Myself?

Of course, you can. It is about self-belief and time management. This is not performing a hip replacement or restructuring your house. Moving is a very intimate experience and you do not need to hire specialized services to make it successful.

What is Requesting the Quote Feature on Mover’s Website?

A quote estimate is a cost estimate that heavily relies on the information provided by the customer. It is based on inventory such as furniture and other personal belongings.

When Should I Contact a Professional Moving Service?

There is no official timeline to contact the service. However, when you begin to plan your move, immediately hire a service with the date set in advance. Give the company and yourself at least 2 months as a lead time.

Are there Tariffs Present in Household Moving?

A tariff is a list of regulations imposed on moving in the form of service charges. These are applied to motor vehicles that are transporting household items. Inquire about them in detail by contacting the moving service you wish to hire.

What if an Item Breaks Through the Move?

The secure way to move long distances is by creating a checklist and immediately reporting the broken items to the moving company. They will note it down and give you a claim form. A third party is sent over to inspect the damage and provide an estimated value for the liability caused.

How Many Miles is a Long-Distance Move?

If you are moving more than 400 miles away, it is considered a long-distance move. Further indicators involve crossing boundary lines of the state or province.

Are You Excited About Your New Home?

The brain takes four and a half months to adjust to new settings. You might miss home and the scents will trigger past memories where everything felt safe. The point is; don’t be so hard on yourself. A move is never easy, so allow yourself to adjust organically. Hopefully, the list of long-distance moving tips helps you in the process.

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