In a world ruled by technology, connecting your small business to the world has never been easier. Modern tools can be used to improve organization, optimize marketing, and even help you find the best additions to your team. If you’re looking to bring your company into the 21st century, read on for four tools for small business you should try.

Small business tools are extremely important for business growth. Having the right workforce and correct tools contributes directly towards the success of the business.

And helps the small business grow!

 Best 10 Small Business Tools For Your Company’s Success

Small business tools helps to cope up with changing environment. As we all know business environment is dynamic thus to keep up with the changing environment business requires necessary tools to secure their position in the market.

Moreover, Starting a new business and then running it all together is quite difficult and expensive. One thing you can do is take risks because if risks are taken timely, it directly contributes to the success of the business. But small businesses are usually careful in reviewing their decisions and they have to be.

In this regard this article will talk about the necessary small business tools that you must be using!

1. Square Card Reader

Square Card Reader

Small businesses are no longer ruled by the confines of cash.

In previous years, taking debit and credit cards required expensive equipment, and cost an arm and a leg in fees. Fortunately, Square has made it easy for companies of all sizes to accept various forms of payment (thus expanding their clientele).

Square is both affordable and simple to use. Business owners can sign up for free, and the only cost you’ll pay is a small fee (2.6% + 10 cents) per transaction. The Square card reader can be plugged into any of the following devices:

The money you earn with Square is securely transferred to your account within 1-2 business days. This service offers digital transactions for online retailers as well.

2. Wix Website Builder

Wix Website Builder

Every small business needs a website.

Unlike other free website creators, Wix gives users the ability to customize their layout. Rather than being confined to a preset template, Wix users can choose from tons of different features to make their site more personalized, including:

  • E-commerce tools
  • Custom domain names
  • Mobile and desktop optimization
  • Personalized logo maker
  • 500 different templates to work with (blogs, portfolios, stores, etc.)

Though it used to cost a pretty penny to get a professional website up and running, Wix makes it easier (and more affordable) to give your company the digital platform it deserves.

3. Shareable Background Checks

Shareable Background Checks

A small business can only afford so many employees. That’s why it’s crucial to make the right calls in your hiring process.

However, Shareable For Hires makes small business background checks fast and thorough. The information you get from a Shareable background check includes:

  • Criminal record
  • Driving history
  • Previous employment
  • SSN and identity verification
  • Credit report

You want to hire people who are safe, trustworthy, and qualified—and a background check is a sure-fire way to make that possible.

4. Nextdoor Tools for Small Business

4. Nextdoor Tools for Small Business

If you’re not familiar with the original concept, Nextdoor is an app that connects neighbors within their local communities for various reasons (borrowing things, making friends, asking questions, etc.)

Nextdoor has recently made the leap into the professional world, with their new offshoot tool: Nextdoor for Business. The way this service works is simple:

  • Step 1 – Make a business page. Whether you’re just starting out or more widely known Moreover, there’s a category that will work for you when you sign up through Nextdoor.
  • Step 2 – Connect with members of your community, like neighbors and other business owners.
  • Step 3 – Advertise your services on the Nextdoor dashboard and gain new customers.

Marketing can be a pricey endeavor, especially for a small business. Using Nextdoor is a great alternative to other advertising strategies, because it specifically broadcasts to people within your area.

Equip Your Business Toolbelt

Passion and hard work can only get you so far. If you’re truly dedicated to running a thriving small business, you’ll want to get a little assistance from these innovative tools.

By utilizing the affordable services at your disposal, your small business will be able to compete with larger corporations. Remember that technology can be your friend, so long as you know how to use it. So, get out there, equip your business toolbelt, and start making those sales!

5. Collaboration Business And Communication Tools

 Collaboration Business And Communication Tools

Once your business starts growing, you need to take into account the growing numbers of employees, your investors as well as service providers.

However, Communication is necessary among the employees and business must choose the best way of communicating tasks to avoid loss. Below mentioned tools will help you to communicate effectively as well as saving time.

Google docs:

Google docs is perfect for sharing files and this tool works best for collaborating on files.

This tools helps you to arrange conference calls. Multiple users can be present at the time of the call. This really helps to save time as you can communicate your message to many people at the same time.

ERP business tools:

This is expensive but as your business grows, it gets difficult to keep the record of inventory and sales. Thus ERP helps to digitize your sales and inventory efficiently and it saves plenty of time.

6. Business Tools For Automation

6. Business Tools For Automation

One thing in that happens in small business that costs extra time is getting in touch with your customers. You have to wait for their messages and then reply.

However, This can be solved too! You just need to automate your business processes and this will save a lot of your precious time.


IFTTT stands for IF THIS THE THAT, this is a very simple small business tool that you can use to automate your systems. This combines various apps to generate automated process for various things.

7. Email Business Tools

Email Business Tools

Email is widely used by small businesses for communication purposes and is considered as one of the most effective way of communication. Many small business tools helps you to arrange your emails in an effective way so that you don’t miss out on anything and keep record of everything.

Mix Max:

Keeping track of our emails gets annoying especially when you have cluttered inbox. But Mix Max is a perfect business tool that helps you arrange your emails in sequence and keeps reminding you about the latest mails you receive. One drawback it has is that you don’t get this for free.

8. Small Business Management Tools

Small Business Management Tools

As your business grows, your team grows and thus it gets difficult to manage them effectively. You need to monitor your employees all the time. This takes a lot of time, thus you need to have a proper management plan for your business.


Asana is one of the small business tools that helps you to manage your staff, it allows you to keep the record of assigned duties of your employees as well as can create tasks for the employees too!

All the tasks created and duties assigned remains in a single dashboard thus making it easy for business to check and assign duties.

9. Small Business Tools For Analytics

Small Business Tools For Analytics

Small businesses must regularly check how their business is performing. And if it is not performing up to the mark where change is needed?

You need to check this online and keep the track of your sales.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics is one of the best small business tools that your business can use to keep a record of your customers online. This tool allows you to see the customer demands and from where the customers are usually purchasing your product.

It also allows you to develop appropriate marketing strategy if your product is not doing well in the market.

10. Small Business Tools For Designing

Small Business Tools For Designing

This is another important business tool that allows you to create various designs for your website to attract customers and make your website more appealing.

  • Canva:

Canva is one of the business tools for designing purposes. As we all know recruiting a graphic designer initially proves to be quite expensive. To avoid this expense you can create your own design using this app.

Canva allows you to create outstanding designs for your website, it is also super easy to use and you can make any kind of banners, presentations with it.

Why Small Business Tools Are Important?

The above mentioned tools are some important business tools that small businesses must use in order for their company to grow and make higher profits. Using right tools for the business is extremely important.

You must first identify your goals and objectives and then choose the best tools that you need for your venture. You should also monitor everything to avoid any kind of losses.

Final Take:

Using Small business tools allows your business to operate more effectively. You can use small business tools for almost everything! Starting from assigning tasks, to managing your team. Developing appropriate Marketing strategy, managing your money all requires business tools to work efficiently.

Moreover, Using Small business tools also saves your time and contributes more to the success of your business. Once you start using small business tools you will see how fast your business will grow and how successful it will become.


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