Many homeowners long for more space in their home, but believe they are restricted to their property’s size. Yet, they don’t have to be. Thankfully, there are a range of ways you can transform the space. Read about the different options to extend your home.

Extend Your Home

Rear Extensions

Homeowners often turn to property extensions to expand their home’s size and boost the value of their property. Depending on the size, you may have to apply for planning permission to extend your property, which you should discuss with a reputable local builder or architect. Many turn to extensions to enhance a kitchen or dining area, and you can choose between a traditional or modern design.

A Two-Story Extension

Do you have a large budget? If so, consider extending both the ground and first floor. It is the ideal solution if you require more space but don’t want to move out. You can therefore create a larger home that will provide more freedom within the home, while adding a considerable amount of money onto the property’s resale value. Yet, it can be challenging to receive planning permission, which is why you should consult an experienced architect to create a design that will be accepted.


Do you live in a property with rather high ceilings? If so, consider incorporating a mezzanine into your home. The new space could therefore be ideal for a new bedroom, entertainment area or home office. It’s often a cheaper solution in comparison to extending a property and you may not require planning permission unless the property is a listed building; however, the construction must comply with building regulations.

A Juliette Balcony

Boost space and natural light within your property with a sleek and modern Juliette balcony. You could even take the design to the next level with folding full-height glass doors, which will give the illusion of more space while offering unobstructed views.

A Side Extension

Do you have a small back garden? You probably don’t want to impose on the garden’s size more than necessary. It might therefore be a wise idea to add a side extension onto the home. Many properties often feature a long, narrow area at the side, which will provide next to no benefit. A side extension could therefore be an ideal solution, but you will need to apply for planning permission. It’s the perfect option for those wanting to enjoy a seating area or create an open-plan kitchen and dining room.

An Attic Extension

Do you have a loft that is going to waste? Transform the space into a new bedroom, bathroom or home office that will allow you to enjoy a bigger and better home. An attic extension could be cheaper than moving to a larger property, and it can also increase the property value.

Have you successfully extended your home? Are you set to expand on your property? Share your informative advice and stories in the comment section below.

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Brides have so much to worry about on their wedding day, from coordinating the little details of the ceremony to making sure all of their guests are happy. The last thing a bride wants to worry about is whether or not a giant zit is going to appear the morning of her big day.

Get the Perfect Complexion

Though many of us like to believe that acne is something only teenagers go through, it just isn’t true. Sometimes, acne will stick around for a very long time. When does acne go away? We hate to say it, but sometimes it never does. Which is why you need to prepare for the worst and do everything in your power to ensure that acne isn’t going to rear its ugly head on your special day.

Prepare WAY in Advance

If you want to get the perfect complexion for your wedding, you should start preparing your skin at least three months in advance. This is when you need to start thinking about your skin, what you are putting on it and what you should be putting on it. Heck, you may not even be engaged yet (you may not even have a boyfriend yet), but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t jump on the skincare bandwagon early. If you have any major—or minor—concerns about your skin, address them now by making an appointment to see a dermatologist or an aesthetician. They can help you create the best action plan for your face and even work out a schedule for you to follow.

Work On Your Diet

South Beach Diet

What you put in your body makes a big difference on your appearance. While there are plenty of myths out there about the connection between eating certain foods and having breakouts (such as greasy foods—unless you’re rubbing them on your face, you’re probably fine eating that plate of fries), but a lot of the tips out there are completely true. Take water, for instance. You should be drinking tons of water to help your skin stay hydrated. Water will also help with weight loss and clearing toxins from your body, so staying hydrated is a win on many levels.

While we literally just said that eating greasy food won’t cause a breakout unless you touch your face, a cleaner diet can still have amazing impacts on your skin. What you eat will have an impact on your hormones, which in turn has an impact on your complexion. Trying your best to eat clean and healthy will only provide positive effects. Try adding more things like almonds, chia seeds, salmon and/or tuna, vegetables (and lots of them) and fruit to your diet.

Exercise Your Butt Off


Just like eating cleaner, exercise is another one of those “good for the entire body” tips that can make a big difference when it comes to your skin. Exercising will not only help regulate your body’s glucose, insulin and leptin levels, but it will also release those feel-good chemicals that help combat depression. All of which is definitely needed to help your peace of mind before the big day. Specifically though, going for something like resistance training will help tighten your skin and give you a more youthful look. Even the act of sweating is actually helpful, since it causes your pores to open up and push out all of that trapped dirt and oil. Just be sure to thoroughly shower right after working out, so you can get rid of it all for good.

Set Aside Some Serious Money for Facials

Facials can do wonders for your complexion, so if you haven’t started investing in them now, what is the hold up? With countless types out there that are design to address a wide range of needs and concerns, regular facials can help clear up congested pores, even out skin tone and help with scarring. Facials might even reduce the amount of makeup you have to wear on your big day.

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Halloween is the best right? You don’t have to stress about finding your family and friends the perfect gifts, there isn’t an obligation to visit family that you would rather avoid, and you don’t have to worry about cooking the perfect five-course meal. On top of all the things that you do not have to do, the things that you can do are totally awesome, like dress up in a cool costume and eat however much candy as you like.

Office Halloween Party

As amazing as Halloween is, there are people out there who are not a fan of the spooky day, so if you just volunteered to throw the office Halloween party at work, there are some things you should think about before getting started. After all, a successful party is one where all attendees have fun—even Paul from cubicle 10 who hates clowns and cringes every time the subject of a Halloween party comes up.

Set the Tone

Parties are meant to be fun, so make sure to set a positive tone for your Halloween office party. Make sure to review the company policy beforehand, especially if the party is to be thrown in the office and not an outside location. You may want to send out an email and/or put up some flyers in shared spaces, like a lounge, to let all of your coworkers know that while they are going to have a blast, they need to also remember that they are still, technically, at work and they need to behave appropriately. Encourage everyone to choose costumes they would have no problem showing up to a work meeting in, which should eliminate anything too inappropriate.

Offer Paid Time Off

If you are the boss and the party is being thrown at the end of the work day, like two hours before people typically leave, make sure those two hours are paid. And respect the wishes and beliefs of anyone who may request time off on Halloween, since it started as a Christian holiday and was originally called All Saints Day (or All Hallows). You can’t just give some employees time off to party and not give employees time off to opt out of the party.



Once the logistics are settled, you better get you decorating hat on. While you don’t have to go crazy and hire a professional, you should still put a little effort into decorating for the party. Buy some orange and black balloons, get some Halloween themed party supplies for eating and drinking, find some spooky ghosts and zombies to set around the room, and put up some fake cobwebs (complete with little plastic spiders). It really doesn’t take much to set the mood.

Offer Costumes On-Site

Not everyone will have time to go looking for a costume or make their own, so you should have some things at the party for people if they want to join in the costume fun. Grab easy looks to put on, like masks and capes, and put them all in a box that people can go through. You can even throw something simple like Halloween sweaters in there, for those who don’t really want to dress like a vampire but who still want to join in on the festive spirit. Trust us, everyone will appreciate the effort you made.

Don’t Forget the Tunes

Music can make or break any party, so you had better pull everything out for Halloween. You might want to get started with the music list a month early, as you will want nothing but the best. Mix classic Halloween tunes with music that is not Halloween-based but has the right tone and sound. Invest in a JBL portable speaker so you can take the music wherever the party moves.

Limit the Alcohol

If you don’t want to offer alcohol at all, that is fine too, but if you are planning on offering booze at the party, set up some sort of system to limit how much people drink. After all, no one wants to be that person who got so drunk that they will be forced to endure videos of what they did the morning after. This is a work function. You can set up a drink ticket system where everyone gets two drink tickets, make sure the supply is low, or avoid hard liquor. Plus, if you offer alcohol, make sure that everyone is drinking responsibly and that no one will be driving home. Set up Uber rides to ensure everyone gets home safe.

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Birthday party can be a hassle to plan, but if you know what you need to do, you can arrange an unforgettable gathering for yourself. Here are top 7 tips for your convenience:

Plan an Amazing Birthday Party

1. Decide a Theme

Having a theme for your birthday can make planning it much easier allowing you to arrange your decorations and menu according to that. Choose a trendy theme and even go a step ahead and ask your guests to come dressed up according to your theme. Some entertaining birthday party themes include Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Paris, Floral, Sports, Costume, Unicorn, and so on.

2. Estimate the Number of Guests

Having an idea about the number of guests you would be inviting will be crucial while deciding the venue for your party. For example, you can arrange your birthday party at home if you intend to invite 10 people or less. On the other hand, if you like to invite lots of guests (50+ people), entertaining them at home won’t be a wise choice.

3. Choose a Venue

Your venue is an important part of the preparation because it will set the mood and atmosphere of your party. The selection of the venue should depend on the number of guests you intend to invite and the time of your party. You can have your birthday at a local club, restaurant, at home, the local park, a bowling alley, and so on.

4. Find a Caterer

The food needs to be exquisite for your guests to have a memorable time. The easiest way to serve food is choosing the buffet style.It is cheaper compared to an a la carte style service. Catering in Sydney by Flavours is the perfect option if you are looking for quality service and a variety in menu. Your menu should follow a common theme; for example, making half of the menu Chinese and the rest as Italian would be confusing. Moreover, it is wise to choose at least one vegetarian dish to cater to any vegetarians in your guest list.

For an outdoor party, setup a grill for a cookout or cook food at home and bring that along.

5. Think of Ways to Entertain Your Guests

If you are having an indoor party, you can arrange for different games and activities, like Truth or Dare, dancing, charades and so on. For birthdays in restaurants or other similar venues, you need to promote friendly conversation. At an outdoor venue, you can arrange fun games, like football, races and so on.

6. Pick a Cake

The birthday cake is always the main attraction because it is what marks it as a birthday party. When choosing your cake, do not just decide on what you prefer, consider what your guests would like the most. Do not choose a strange flavour, liked by you only. If you are good at baking, consider making your own cake instead of ordering it from an expensive bakery. Try your hand at any one of these recipes.

7. Envision How You Want to Decorate the Venue

The way you decorate your venue should reflect your theme. If you are aiming for a fun-loving look, use balloons and banners. For a classy look, employ best birthday floral arrangements.

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The healthcare industry is booming, and it’s an excellent time to jump into the field. If you have a calling to help others, there are thousands of jobs opening up every year that you can discover. If you’re thinking of healthcare career, here are a few things you should know:

Healthcare Careers

Don’t feel distraught if you can’t afford medical school; there’s a job for everyone in healthcare. The healthcare industry involves more than just doctors and nurses—it encompasses a wide variety of jobs that deal with the human body, medicine, and wellness. Therapists, pharmaceutical salespeople, medical technicians, psychologists, and even hospital administrators are just a few of the many healthcare positions you can explore. Choose a career in healthcare that utilizes your unique skills and experience.

You’ll need an Education

Not every position requires that you have a Ph.D., but you’ll probably need some level of formal education. Some professions only request an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, and other careers want additional certifications. Get a better idea of your job’s educational requirements by consulting a site like

Colleges and career schools have tailored programs to help you succeed. Do you want to earn your nursing degree fast? Explore accelerated nursing programs here. Are you already working fulltime? Research night or online programs that help you earn your degree without quitting your job. There are many options that allow you to fulfill your obligations while still working toward your future.

Don’t Forget Interpersonal Skills

A technical education is important, but interpersonal skills are vital to a healthy work environment. As in every profession, you have to master basic interpersonal skills in order to keep morale high and help the team move forward in the health care industry. Abilities to observe, communicate, listen, compromise, and respect others are all essential tools that help people get along. Your career can become stressful and relations can become strained, but you can diffuse situations and solve problems by implementing these skills.

Medical Professionals


Things won’t always go as planned, so you need to be flexible. Whether you’re in the operating room or the front desk, changes will arise that you’ll have to be patient with and adapt to.


Written and verbal communication is essential. These abilities help build relationships with coworkers and raise work performance. Clear and direct communication between coworkers and leadership helps prevent mistakes and misunderstandings. Learn how to communicate better through a program like Toastmasters.

#Conflict Resolution

Conflict arises at some point in every business. Solving issues between coworkers constructively shows that you’re emotionally intelligent and that you want to promote a collaborate workplace.


Everyone has to take on a leadership role at some point, even if you’re not a manager. Leadership abilities are about more than promotions; they also help bring people together to support a cause.

#Problem Solving

Before you complain to your boss, take a moment to reflect and create a solution. If you approach your boss with solutions instead of criticism, they’ll take notice.


Success in business rarely happens because of one person; it takes a team of people to work together toward a common goal. If you want to succeed, you have to think outside of yourself and strive for the good of everyone. Learn how to appreciate everyone’s talents and lend a hand when coworkers need help.

It’s Difficult, but Rewarding Work

You have a passion for helping others, but there might be times when that passion becomes a burden. If you work closely with patients, you’ll experience the highs and lows of their treatment. Your job allows you to see patients recover and return to healthy lives, but there will also be times when you’ll witness their health decline outside of your control. If you work beside patents, you’ll soon learn that you can’t save everyone, even if it’s not your fault. You still have the opportunity to help hundreds of patients throughout your lifetime, and you can cope by confiding in coworkers or joining support groups.

The healthcare industry is rife with diverse career opportunities. Consider these important tips and you’ll be on your way to a rewarding healthcare career.

When you buy something from the aisles of your local store, you have the presumption that they are safe. But that is not always the case. In fact, thousands of injuries and deaths result from defective products every year. When something goes wrong with a product, who is at fault? Product liability law is the specific legal area that deals with dangerous or defective products purchased by unwitting consumers. It is different from other areas of law and in how those who are injured are compensated.

Product Liability Laws

In legal terms, product liability is when you hold a seller or manufacturer liable for a defective product and distributing it to consumers. If a product harms or injures a consumer, then it is the manufacturer’s responsibility to pay for the injuries, but there is a chain of responsibility that lies with the seller. The law requires that any product that is distributed and sold to the consumer has the expectation that the average user will not be harmed. If the product causes injury to a consumer, then an argument can be made that the consumer’s expectation of not being harmed was not met.

Currently, product liability is a state’s right issue. There are no legal standards at the federal level. There are theories that states use to guide their product liability specifications, and they are either a breach of warranty, negligence, or strict liability. Each state has their own version of the Uniform Commercial Code which dictates their statues.

Who are the responsible parties?

If someone wants to initiate a product liability case, then the product in question has to have been in the marketplace for consumers to purchase. It is an unwritten “contract” legally termed “privity of contract” that exists between the injured person and the supplier who sold it to the consumer.

For most states the requirement may no longer exist, and the individual who initiates the product liability suit does not have to be the original purchaser of the product to receive compensation for damages. If someone could have foreseeably been injured by a defective product, then whoever is injured has the right to sue for their damages if the product was sold to anyone, first-, second- or twentieth-hand.

For a product liability case to be initiated, the defect can lie at any point of distribution of the product including:

  • The manufacturer of the parts of the product
  • The party who is responsible for installing the product
  • Any wholesaler responsible for distribution
  • Any retail store that sold the product
  • The product manufacturer directly

For any person to use the strict liability clause for a product liability case, the sale must have been made in the supplier’s course of business. If someone sells the product via a different route like a garage sale, then they will most likely not be held liable for product liability.

Who is responsible for product liability issues?

There is a doctrine in product liability law called “res ipsa loquitur.” It means that the burden of product liability cases lies with the defendant. Translated into English, it means “The thing speaks for itself,” which means that a defect does not exist unless someone who uses the product is negligent in doing so. In a court of law, the responsibility is not on the product manufacturer to prove that a defect of the product was not the cause of the injury, but rather the plaintiff has to prove that it was a defect that caused their injury.

Product liability follows the justice system in America: innocent until proven guilty. If you are injured by a product defect, it is important to have a professional on your side to plead your case. When it comes to product liability cases, the law of strict liability is typically the precursor. That means that the plaintiff does not have to plead that the manufacturer was negligent in any way, but merely that the product was defective.

When you are hurt by something you bought, then there is a good likelihood that someone along the chain of supply is responsible. Hiring a defective products lawyer is the best way to determine who is responsible for your damages and injuries.

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Weddings can be difficult to dress for; the last thing you want to do is offend the newlyweds with your attire, so it’s important to find the perfect outfit. There are several different types of weddings, from white tie to beach casual, but the one that is one of the toughest to decode is semi-formal wedding. What does semi-formal mean? There’s a lot of room for interpretation, and unless you are close to the bride or groom, you probably don’t want to harass them with detailed questions about what to wear. Consider this your cheat sheet for the perfect wedding guest ensemble.

What is semi-formal Wedding?

All weddings are considered semi-formal unless the couple says otherwise – meaning that you don’t want to show up in a ball gown or tuxedo, but you shouldn’t attend in shorts and thong sandals. You should never wear denim, tennis shoes, or revealing clothing.

Appropriate Dress


For the ladies, hemlines should never be shorter than just above the knee. This makes chic cocktail dresses and skirts a popular choice. You can still wear floor length dresses, but they shouldn’t be as formal as an evening gown. You should avoid wearing clothing that’s too revealing, so save the bandage dress for the night club.

When in doubt, pick one feature you love and show it off. If you love your arms, try a sleeveless dress with a longer hemline. If you love your back, choose a backless dress that has coverage in the front. You might already know that you can’t wear white to a wedding, but that doesn’t mean your outfit can’t stand out. Try on bold colors and patterns to find an outfit you love.


Accessories make the outfit, and what you choose should depend on the clothes you’re wearing. Your accessories should enhance your outfit, not distract from it, so choose wisely. If you wear your hair up, consider statement earrings that provide a little extra sparkle. If your dress has bare shoulders or a deep V, try a delicate necklace. Now is the time to wear your heirloom jewelry, so dig into your jewelry box and flash your grandmother’s old gemstone ring. If you need to update your jewelry collection, head to BaubleBar and find a new staple piece.

Don’t forget the shades. It’s still important to blend fashion and function. Whether the wedding is in the blistering summer sun or on a snowy Christmas day, sunglasses help protect your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays. It’s likely you’ll be standing out in the sun while the happy couple takes their wedding photos, so shield your eyes with glasses while you’re sipping your champagne. Browse sunglasses for men and women at MVMT for a pair that combines fashion and functionality.



You can go with high heels, cute strappy sandals, or a pair of dressy flats, but keep comfort in mind. If you don’t mind dancing barefoot at the end of the night, then a pair of stilettos maybe perfect for you, but if you want to last all night without risking a broken ankle and sore feet, you should consider your options.

If you have a pair of heels you want to wear, make sure you break them in first. Walk around the house in them or wear them out once to make sure you can handle wearing them at the big event.

Spray Tan

You have the right to embrace the skin you’re in, but there’s nothing wrong with a little tan. If you want a tan, a spray tan is the safest option that will keep you from damaging your skin in the sun. It’s also an easy way to get an even skin tone. You should visit a salon about a week before the wedding to get the perfect spray tan. This allows the tan to seep into the skin and slough off any extra cells before the big day.

Dressing for a wedding should be fun. Follow these tips and you’ll be dressed appropriately for the happy couple’s big day.