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The home is a place where we’re supposed to be able to relax in a safe environment. We certainly don’t want a home that’s going to get us sick or start collapsing around us. Or one that leaves us open to danger. Personal health and safety in the home is important. Not just for our own health, but our family’s and even the health of a home. After all, we tend to put a lot of money into our homes, we don’t want it suddenly becoming worthless. We have lives, families and even businesses we need kept safe. So here’s how to help our home protect us.

Safer Home

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Mould & rot

One of the most common and recurring problems in modern households is the potential for mould and rotting, mostly due to moisture. Letting this problem go too far can result in serious structural damage and might require total renovation. Insulating the inside of the house from the outside is key. It’s often cracked or missing roof tiles that can cause a lot of water to seep into the home. Stay vigilant for mould in your home. Left unchecked, it’s a serious health hazard.


It’s not just mould and damp that can eat away at your house. Some very common creepy crawlies can do the exact same. Pests are another regular problem. Some can be an annoyance and force you to throw food out. Others can eat at the very house itself. It’s best not to take your chances. Don’t let ants take over your home. If you’re having recurring visits, get someone to control it, or take it into your own hands.

Fire Alarm

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Your alarms

There are other dangers that might pose a much more direct threat to your health. We’re talking mainly about fires and carbon monoxide here. Of course, every home needs alarms for sending these threats. But not enough people carry out the checks and maintenance they should be. Install alarms on each floor and test them regularly. Once a month isn’t too much of a hassle for peace of mind.


There’s also the very real danger that other people can pose us and our home. Break-ins can cost us a lot more than money in stolen possessions and damaged homes. Even if we’re not put in physical danger, the emotional damage it causes can be deep and long-lasting. Deter break-ins by making sure your home looks well inhabited at all times. Neglecting how your home looks from the outside can easily make burglars think no-one has been in it for a while. If you’re travelling, get a neighbour or friend to do it for you.

Allergens and irritants

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Allergens and irritants

There are more invisible threats that we should be more careful of. Especially since we’re the ones who normally introduces them to the home. A lot of allergens and irritants come in cleaning products we use. If you’re concerned about what you’re inhaling, look close on the labels of detergents and bleaches you buy. Natural, much more friendly alternatives are available.


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