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How to Make Your Girlfriend Happy? 20 Things That Always Work!

Relationships are hard work. It takes conscious effort on part of both partners to make it fulfilling and meaningful. You must be sincere and ready to be vulnerable with your partner. To make a relationship last, the spark must never die.

Commonly, couples make the mistake of taking each other for granted and stop being romantic when they confirmed each other’s feelings, become exclusive or start living together. This is bound to make both parties feel unloved and unsatisfied in the long run. That’s why take action today and learn how to make your girlfriend happy with these thoughtful gestures.

Get to Know Her Love Language!

This is a relatively less-known phenomenon but it can be extremely helpful in determining how to make your partner happy. Developed by Dr. Gray Chapman, an American bestselling author and relationship counselor, this method reveals how different people give and receive love. Here are the 5 different Love Languages based on his book.

Acts of Service

For these individuals, actions are more important than words. They appreciate it when their lover does things for them. For example, a short girl will appreciate her tall boyfriend getting things off the shelf for her. Similarly, a girl will feel loved if her partner helps her do house chores like laundry or cleaning, etc.

Quality Time

People with this kind of love language appreciate when they spend quality time with their loved ones. Whether it is having a new experience or simply sitting together and having a nice conversation over tea. They’ll be very hurt if you look distracted or lord forbid, pull out your phone during a date with them.

Physical Touch

Physical touch doesn’t just mean sex, although yes having quality sex is very meaningful to people with this love language, but more than that, they feel loved over the slightest of touches. Holding her hand while walking, putting your arm around her shoulder in public, or simply touching her face lovingly is bound to make her the happiest of person alive.

Words of Affirmation

These individuals feel valued when their partner admires them and encourage them through words. Words are really powerful. You can hurt a person or make them feel ecstatic. These people seek your support and feel loved when you communicate sincerely with them and verbalize how much you love them.

Receiving Gifts

It doesn’t mean that these people are materialistic and want you to give them expensive, branded gifts. Not at all. Actually, it could be a small birthday gift that reminds you of them. They’ll feel instantly happy if you give them something that lets them know that you love and care about them.

Depending on your girlfriend’s personality, you can choose any number of things that make her feel the most appreciated and loved.

20 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Happy

Couple Cooking

It goes without saying that all of the things on this list are not guaranteed to make your girl happy. It depends on what kind of person she is and her personality. A considerate boyfriend will make sure that he understands the likes and dislikes of his partner and only do things she’s inclined to like. Regardless all of these are nice things to do for your girlfriend.

1. Tell Her How Beautiful She is

Girls love hearing their men tell them how beautiful and attractive they are. The good thing is, there are numerous ways you can tell your girl how beautiful she is. You can compliment her facial features, her hair, her body, the way she dresses and everything in between.

2. Declare All the Reasons You Fell in Love With Her

Saying “I Love You” is meaningful but saying it again and again gets boring. Instead, you can confess all the different ways you came to like her and eventually fell in love with her.

3. And All the Ways She Makes Your Life Better

She will feel immensely valued and appreciated if you tell her how she has changed your life for the better; how you’re a better man because of her and how blessed you feel because of her presence. In short, sincerely communicate your feelings and all the value she brings to your life. Lack of communication can be a real killer of relationships so pay special attention to this.

4. Take Her Out to Events She Likes

A girl always feels special if you take her out but if you truly want to make your girlfriend happy then take her out to events she likes. This could be anything like Comic-Con, museums, bookstores, parks, farmer’s market, etc.

5. Try New Food Places With Her

Sharing food in itself is a love language. There is something so satisfying and endearing about sharing a warm meal with your loved ones that makes you feel deeply satisfied, content and safe. Going to new restaurants and trying out interesting foods could be a wonderful experience.

6. Buy Her Favorite Snacks

Who doesn’t love snacks? But if you pick up your girlfriend’s favorite snacks on your way back from work, then I guarantee you she will be ecstatic. She’ll feel loved and remembered.

7. Make Her Dinner

We always hear that it’s essential for a woman to know cooking if she wants to become a better wife. But the same is true for the husband or boyfriend. Cooking something delicious for your partner is bound to make them happy and feel cherished.

8. Take Care of House Chores While She Works

Although house chores are the responsibility of both partners, it wouldn’t be wrong for you to do them in her stead while she’s busy. It doesn’t have to be a thorough cleaning, simply washing the dishes, vacuuming the floors or doing laundry will do.

9. Get Her Car Tuned Up

It’s a general consensus that women tend to be less enthusiastic about cars. Getting their car serviced or taking it for regular tuning up or maintenance never crosses their minds. They’re satisfied as long as it runs. But this is where you can be the man in the relationship and do these things for her. Trust me, she’ll feel extremely grateful to you.

10. Fix Up Stuff Around the House

Likewise, if there is anything to fix around the house; any heavy lifting to do – it’s your cue.

11. Help Her Unwind With a Cup of Coffee or Tea

There’s no person who wouldn’t appreciate someone who brought them coffee while they’re too busy to take care. It’s a very thoughtful way to show your care towards your partner, and make encourage them to complete their tasks.

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12. Pamper Her With a Luxurious Massage and Bath

Baths are particularly a woman’s thing. There’s nothing that makes a girl feel like a queen more than a luxurious full-body massage and a fragrant, hot bath. So, this winter treat your girlfriend like the queen she is with relaxing self-care time.

13. Rub Her Feet After a Hard Day’s Work

If you don’t time the skills for a full-body massage you can simply rub her feet after a work day. Trust me, getting foot rubs after being on our feet all day, especially in heels, feel like heaven. Your girlfriend will greatly appreciate you for this.

14. Take Her Shopping

All girls love shopping. It’s not a stereotype. They love looking at new products and going window shopping. It is super exciting and thrilling for them. It doesn’t have to be expensive shopping at brands; you can simply take her shopping for things she likes. For example, if your girl likes knitting or crocheting, she’d be over the moon if you take her to a yarn store.

15. Buy Her Lingerie

Healthy sex life is paramount to a long and happy relationship. Buying your girlfriend lingerie is a perfect way to be romantic to your partner. Plus, it’s gratifying for you too so, a win-win situation.

16. Go to Music Concerts Together

Music is another thing that helps people bond. The experience of listening to live music is indescribable. It is moving and touches your heart. Moreover, headbanging to her favorite songs at a concert will be deeply de-stressing for your girlfriend!

17. Plan a Picnic Day

Another way to relax and make your girl happy is to spend time in nature. With all the Cottage-core craze around these days, I bet she will adore a picnic.

18. Surprise Her With a Weekend Trip

Everyone gets drained and exhausted toiling away day after day. It is important to take a break and time for yourself. You can give that to your girlfriend by surprising her with a weekend trip to the mountains or the beach. Camping and stargazing while the bonfire is lit, is super romantic and will make your lady feel like a heroine in a romance novel.

19. Make Her Laugh With Stand-up Comedy

Marilyn Monroe once said, “if you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” there’s no doubt about the benefits of shared laughter in a relationship. It strengthens your bond, relieves stress, and makes you happy. So, take her to a stand-up comedy night and go nuts laughing!

20. Show Your Love Through Texts

Not all couples can afford to live together. Some are separated by long geographic distances. However, you can still make your girlfriend happy and have a successful long-distance relationship. Real-time communication is the key. According to a study, love talk, or affectionate words increases relationship satisfaction in long-distance couples. So, do not underestimate the power of regular texts and telling your girlfriend loving things.

Key Takeaways

There are countless ways to make a girl happy. Whether or not they will make Your girlfriend happy is a different matter. Earnestly, it depends on her personality and love language, which acts she will appreciate more and be happy for.

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